How to Market a Medical Practice or Physician

like any successful business owner you probably spend a good amount of time looking for ways to create a consistent flow of new patients and increase profits as well as getting a better return on your marketing dollars hi I’m Jeffrey Schmidt with web video 360 and I want to introduce you to a new method of capturing new patients that’s better more personable and more effective than nearly any other form of marketing video SEO or video search engine optimization is a powerful new method of capturing new patients by which you can personally deliver a message directly to your potential patients for example everyone knows that next to word of mouth recommendations the primary tool when looking for a doctor is online searches in fact according to google the phrase find a doctor or physician is searched over 4 million times each month imagine if your practice name appeared at the top of those searches in your geographic area or within your specialty using the power of video SEO it’s more realistic than you may think because search engines rank video higher than text and pictures utilizing video as part of your search engine optimization gives you a much greater chance to achieve the coveted first page on search returns making sure that potential patients see your practice name first at web video 360 experts and video creation and marketing produce in place a professional customized video online whereby you can communicate directly to each one of those millions of potential patients the same way I’m communicating to you now these videos are created not only to motivate patients to visit your website but to make the phone ring as well more and more of our physicians tell us that their patients are calling them directly after watching the video without ever going to their website you know how many new patients you’d like to have now let web video 360 help them find you call now or visit online at web video 360 com to get started and we’ll rush you this free report which details the specific words and phrases your potential patients are searching for call now to find out how web video 360 will help potential patients call you you

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