How to Measure Interpet First Aid Treatments

The following video will show you how to correctly
measure Interpet First Aid treatments using the tools provided. You should always refer
to the specific treatment instructions for details like dosing, re-dosing, and requirements
like removing filter media or testing for levels of pH. Visit the website for diagnostic
tools and additional advice When you open up your treatment box you will
find the treatment bottle, measuring cap and pipette Thoroughly shake the bottle and work out your dosage using either the instructions on pack
or our online calculator to measure large doses use the measuring cap
for smaller doses use the pipette which measures 1ml, you may need to do this several times. Roughly measure ½ a litre of aquarium water in to a jug
Add the treatment at the required dose for your aquarium into the jug to help spread
it evenly through the tank After completing any instructions mentioned
on the treatment pack, pour the mixture carefully across the surface of the water
Pouring gently so as not to disturb your fish. Then continue to observe your fish for signs
of improvement


  1. I have a interpet cf3 cartridge filter what parts of the 3 slots shall I take out before useing ? Thankyou

  2. Does the white spot Interpet treatment containing formalydyde and methanol effect filter bacteria I heard elsewhere it does but on the bottle it states its plant safe and filter friendly

  3. This nearly killed my whole tank…. followed instructions on bottle to the letter…. had to do massive water changes my fish were in a coma withing 2 mins of using this!

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