How To: Medicine Ball Push-Up

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to show you how to do a medicine ball push up First thing you’re going to need is a medicine ball and what you’re going to do is you’re gonna put a diamond-shaped stance on the ball So put your hands like this Go on top of the ball like that, your hands may slide down a little bit But you want to try and keep this close together as you can When you do this exercise, you’re going to come down over your chest like this. And you’re going to notice It’s really going to hit your triceps. But it’s going to blow your chest up too, so get straight Keep your body stiff as a board Come down like this. Breathe out on the way up Just like that It’s a great exercise to include in your chest workouts. I like including this exercise at the end of my workout when everything’s already beat up Make sure you go all the way down. All the way up That’s how you do a medicine ball push up more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys


  1. @FitnessFAQ God that's so pathetic how people don't even care what the video is about, all they want is to say "first". Like honestly try and use your brain to come up with a few more words. Possibly something to do with fitness.

  2. @Tukket im saying does he ever get scared that they would im 15 and not gay so if u think im one of them im not

  3. Hello Scott, I didnt want this to be seen as a rude comment because i always watch your videos but, do you or have you ever taken muscle gainers or steriods or is it all natural. Sorry if that sounded rude x

  4. @NickGallardo520 its more tricep and alil bit of a dif part of pec, wouldn suggest u do that as a starting excercise its more of a finisher

  5. @myfavgeets if you really want to do it, u could try it at the end of ur next chest tricep workout and see how it feels

  6. @iliamgillan

    Scott has been training for about 12 years. That explains his current physique. It is possible to get that big in a lot less times with steroids but the risk involved is probably not worth it especially if you've never lifted before. Different people react differently to steroids and some people may have autoimmune problems. It is just the result of hard work for a long time and it pays off. I am currently 5 months into working out and so far enjoying it all the natural way.

  7. hey Scott, any tips on strengthening wrists? coz everytime I do diamond push ups I end up hurting one of my wrists….maybe its due to the way I place my hands? idk

  8. @TheDarkKnightMo Hello my friend. This message is super late but you ca find them at SEARS brotha! 🙂 ope that helps!

  9. Hey dude, thanks for these videos you post. Its really going to help me for my demonstration I have coming up for my college work.

  10. These are a KILLER for the TRICEPS. I think people will be surprised. They hear "push up" and think their pecs will be involved. THINK AGAIN. I started out in the full, straight pushup position and couldn't do any. Finally, I got on my knees and hunched over the ball so I could get some reps. Don't forget to do some BICEP work to keep up with the HUGE triceps you're going to get.

  11. Thanks for the how-to video. I just bought a slam ball and am putting together some simple exercises to get back in shape. My desk job has deflated my upper body over the years.

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