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  1. Are there any foods that can prevent having colds etc.? Like,foods that can improve the immune system? If it is a legit question,it would be great to see a video about it!

  2. Getting sleep isn't the cheapest and easiest thing to do on your list. What is the easiest and cheapest is to stop taking vitamin supplements. Not buying supplements = more $ so you actually make $ out of it + those who take vitamin supplements who have to put in on their list of buying more. Not any longer. Don't walk across the isle or go to a different store to buy them making your groceries take like 2 less minutes maybe even 5-10 if you have to go to a different store entirely to get them. so your actually saving both money and time. 😀

  3. I have been sick like 3 times in the last 2 years. Sick for a week or a little less and that's it. Fever, stuffy nose, cough. That's that. Basically it's that the colds come when I am finished with being stressed and finally relax, so that means, I get sick when the school holiday starts. 😂😂😂

  4. I feel like this title was a little too vague and a little too misleading, which was followed by superficial content. This is why a DO let’s patients down, because it obviously influences how u think and treat in a bad way.

  5. How come then I have never had the flu but have also never had a flu shot? Ive had maaany friends who have never had the flu before and have never received a flu shot. They eventually did get a shot and got the flu, but I am not sure how long after. How can this be!? (I am a big fan of statistics and this just doesnt add up to me).

  6. 'stop making me laugh.' who else loves the bloopers at the end? not so easy to make a channel, but this is very encouraging!

  7. You can help me prevent from getting sick he he he 😉

    I’m so sorry again…. I’ll leave now lol

  8. Yep, I clean my phone and phone case every night with alcohol wipes. Think about how often you touch it after touching other stuff

  9. Please can you address the hypothesis that taking antibiotics during a virus stops opportunistic bacterial infections taking advantage of an immune system already at war? That might really help some people to stop taking them during a virus.

  10. Is it also healthy to just look at you and smile,,,, 😂😂 i was smiling the whole vedio without realizing it

  11. I was hoping to hear- there is no such thing as "not getting sick". Because getting mild fever and body aches is a sign from your body that you need to slow down and take some rest.
    But.. This video has good info too. Maybe it should be titled- "how to not get sick frequently"

  12. What I've learned from your videos is that if I drink a cup of green tea with honey every day I'll live forever. (:

  13. I have a question can you get sick if you go outside with wet hair when it is cold out? I have had people tell me that that is an old wives tale.

  14. Lol, when you talked about getting cozy in the winter time, I volunteer on the labor and delivery floor and we are busiest in the summer because of people getting "cozy in the winter" lol could tell you they're not getting sick

  15. I am watching this while I am sick . But I will use your advices for the next time thanks.😍😘

  16. 4:47 As someone who has had the flu, thank you! Good god, I thought I was going to die. I couldn't breathe properly. 'Just a cold' no way. A £100 note could be on the floor in front of me and I wouldn't have had the energy to pick it up. I felt sick for months. People need to take the flu more seriously

  17. How can I sleep more if I keep binge watching your videos. Basically your fault you’re making such fun videos 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. Everyone is different. But ever since I've taken Apple cider vinegar with J.Crow's solution. I've NEVER gotten sick again. This is from someone who get's sick all the time. Also vitamin C helped me before I started this.

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