How To: Oblique Twist “Wood Chopper” (LF CAble)

What’s going on Hermanation? We’re here at the Life Fitness cable machine and I’m gonna show you guys how to oblique twist or as I like to call them woodchoppers It’s one of my personal favorite exercises to work the obliques and you’ll soon see, why First thing you want to do is you want to take the cables of pulleys And you want to raise them up to about hip level okay? So for me that’s 13 Hip level okay, and what you’re going to do is first adjust the weight that you can do and then you’re going to take the handle and you’re going to do a grip like this and interlock your fingers, okay? so have the handle I recommend if you have them use the nylon ones because if you use the metal handles it can kind of tear up your side your hands a little bit so you get just like this okay nice and tight grip and what you’re going to do is take a giant step So the weights aren’t touching the stack so when I come back to the starting position the weights aren’t going to bang okay now I’m going to do is going to take my toe toes and I’m going to turn them slightly facing away from the machine So I’m already starting off in a twisted position. You can see right through here. My body’s already twisted Okay this exercise doesn’t work unless you really hammer the obliques in a way you do that is by having a twisted body and now what’s going to happen is my head is always going to look in the same direction as my feet So I’m going to look this way and simply going to breathe out as I twist Okay, and as I come back I’m going to keep my toes facing forward and my hips facing forward and I’m gonna maintain a neutral spine I’m going to breathe in and you can see the weight pulling through my core as I keep my arms straight don’t bend your arms. Keep them straight the whole time okay? I’m going to do another set another rep Come back, and it’s going to look like this And when it gets really really heavy you’re going to have more pivot So what’s going to happen you’re gonna come back you might turn your foot like this and then turn and twist Come back pivot turn and twist As soon as you finish this side, simply going to just go to the other side and make sure also when you do this exercise that When you stand you want it, so that when your arms are straight The pulley is actually kind of straight too because if you’re out here, okay? You’re doing this exercise. See how the cables hitting my body. That’s not good. so you want to step back so when you do it the cable is away from the body when you’re at the middle position and that’show you do woodchoppers for more great information feel free subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys



    This is my all time favorite oblique exercise to this day! The feeling of ripping and tearing them with this always feels AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm new to the gym and I'm clueless on everything. I don't know if I'm doing things right so I just follow everyone else's lead. 😟

  3. Or u could get out of the gym and go help ur poppy chop wood in the yard!
    (; ・`д・´)💥🌴scotty quit bein so lazy and come chop this here wood!

    (._.`)not lazy i'm going to the gym

    (; ・`д・´)gym?! Why? U need to chop this wood! Pull ur weight abit will ya!

    (´;ω;`)i need to film an exercise video today though..

    (〟-_・)hm? What kind?

    (^^♪ax chopper oblique work out!

    (; ・`д・´)what?! U wouldn't know how to do that if ur life depended on it!

    (・ε・`)it's different in the gym.. u wouldn't understand pa

    ლಠ益ಠ)ლwhy u little!!!!

  4. Scott Herman my main man! I dont want regular people obliques,I want comic book obliques.Can you show witch workouts will definetly work? Mainly floor stuff is what im looking for.

  5. Hello!! Is there any way to develop abs while gaining mass.. I am working out for one year now nd thinking about developing my abs a little! But i am training for mass right now.. So is there any way?

  6. So trying this for the month. I did my last bulk and I got some annoying fat on my belly. My girlfriend who has nice belly – makes fun of my belly. Sooo. Now she says to me "Whos got your belly" followed by laughing then pinching it. lol.

  7. Go should go to Unflexal webworkouts if you'd like to learn more about workouts. Good new solutions for everyone I think.

  8. I've been doing a variation of this for the last couple months where I focus on doing most of the work with the delts and all those shoulder/back muscles that move your arm backwards. And it's not a horizontal movement, it's more like halfway between horizontal and starting a lawn mower. I'm doing this to build my body to better move my shoulder and arm about while keeping the ball in the center of the socket. I had begun to make a bad situation with what I was doing before.

  9. So funny to see a video you uploaded today in 2018 and then catch these ones when you are like 12 … haha!! Great stuff, man.

  10. I did these today! Def felt amazing. How many times a week during workouts do you recommend doing these??

  11. ╭━━╮

  12. Trying to figure out how to do this on a home gym. I have a lat pull down on it and wonder if I can have a higher angle but still hit the obliques.

  13. You can also do this without the equipment using a self stretch resistance method. Adopt same position and do one series with hand arm pulling and other hand arm resisting. Then do the same except one hand arm is pushing and the other resisting then the reverse.

  14. Hello. Thanks for this video.

    Only one position is sufficient for obliques ? I mean, a variation of the
    cable low/mid (as you presented it) /high isn't necessary ?

    Thanks a lot !

  15. Hi Scott, thanks for the video!
    Sorry to criticize, but the camera is to close. Would you please make future video with the whole body in the frame so it would e.g. be possible to see in which direction the feeds face.
    A static camera would also have advantages.
    Thank you!

  16. This exercise has changed my life!! It was very difficult to do at first (not that it’s an easier or fun now but I definitely struggled more) but now I look forward to doing these bc I see the amazing results.

  17. Hermannation? So cringe. No joke I actually clicked on this video opposed to others because the dude is hot but thanks to that statement the rest of the video was just for the info

  18. Thanks Scott,
    You are right on with your information and demonstrations. Your shoulder warmups have me feeling really good after exercising, also your comments concering elbow and shoulder positioning during certain lifts are helping me stay injury free. Thanks man.

  19. Anyone else getting wrists bruises from this? Am I doing it wrong? The handle is also hitting his wrists every time so I think it’s kind of inevitable?
    I need halo

  20. FINALLY GOOD FORM ON YOUTUBE. i was looking to perfect my woodchop form but found 3 vids in a row showing BAD BAD FORM. like they didn't know the meaning of RESISTANCE . you renewed my faith in bodybuilding and youtube. thanks

  21. I have never done these in my life, thanks for recommending them in the story section of YT Scott. My obliques are nonexistent so it’s time to start taking that area of my body seriously.

  22. Done this today from memory, got it all wrong haha. I set it up nearer to shoulder height and had my arms bent! Needed this refresher, even if it is 9 years old! Cheers Scott.

  23. If I feel more of a strain in my back leg while twisting, is the load too heavy for me to turn while maintaining my footing?

  24. I actually get this. Its pretty much like a batter's stance as if you were stepping to homeplate. Love your vids man. I've been getting lessons in proper form from you for a while now.

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