How To Order A Pizza – Ordering a Pizza in English – Ordering Food in English

Let’s order a pizza for lunch today. Great idea Jacob. Which pizza do you want? I will have cheese pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms on it. I want olives and chicken on mine. I am Jack your waiter. What would you like to order? I want a pizza with olives and chicken. A pizza for me too. but with tomatoes and mushrooms. That’s two pizzas. Anything else? Yes, two glasses of fresh orange juice. Here are your pizzas. Enjoy! Thank you. Mmm… My pizza looks delicious. Mine too. It’s very tasty. Would you like to have a slice from my pizza? Sure, if you’ll have a slice from mine. The pizza parlor. What would you like to order? Hi! I want to order a large mushroom cheese pizza. Sure ma’am. What’s your address? Please deliver it to, 123, Acme street. Sure! Would you like any side orders? Yeah. Okay! Some garlic bread please. Okay. One large mushroom cheese pizza and garlic bread. That’s right. Your pizza will reach you in 30 minutes. This pizza is not very tasty. Yeah. It doesn’t taste fresh. They took a long time to deliver. I don’t like the pizza at all. Do you want to order something else? Yes! Let’s get some burgers instead.


  1. It's not 'parlol', it's 'parlor'. Does it sound like 'parlol' to you? That's not even a valid word!

  2. Fantastic, I am now working at a Western restaurant in Viet Nam as a waiter, it's very helpfull for me to serving customers, thanks a lot,

  3. Inside us don't tell it loud. I don't like pizza and the orange juice but anyway if you want never mind. Besides the only thing that i want is to be with you till the end of the day expecting the best!! Cheers from Mytilene and happy drinking.

  4. Thanks for your response. I like pizza and orange juice when i'm with a cute colleague in a break time from my work. Cheers!!

  5. thanak yu papa john i needed some help with my sodie pops and my chese bread

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