How to Organize the Bathroom Under Sink Cabinets – Home Organizing Tips

How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets – Home Organizing
Tips Hi there, how are you? So I am here today and itÕs our bathroom
and I am going to show you how I organize the space under the cabinets, under the sinks
and I hope this helps you. This is a tight space in many homes and the
best way to organize it to create storage for everything you need really is grouping
everything you have by types. I always say everybody has a family and every
family has a home. So letÕs try to see, how I did that. So here we are. I organized everything in bins and I buy this
Target I really like them. They have severed us well for many years now. I brought them at least from the last home
in Maryland at least for four years now with us. And here are my personal use items like cotton
and here I have all my hair products organized in this basket. I have travel sizes and I have the big jugs. They are cheaper than buying in small sizes. And here I have again a little mug that I
didnÕt use in the kitchen but I didnÕt want to let go. So I use it for blades and the shampoo for
the children. And here I have soaps from Brazil, I am a
big Brazilian soap fan. And I always buy both in Natura and Phebo. And they are my favorites. So here I have a quick basket for nail care
and if I want to just clean up and touch up so I have my favorite color and I keep it
here. Back here I have some makeup that is not of
my daily use but it is too ok for me to save. And I keep it all here. So as you can see it is very simple and easy
to store things when you group them together in small containers and then you limit also
how much you going to have because your containers can only hold so much. And I like that rule because there is only
so much that you can use as well. So moving forward here to the other doors. I keep our medicines here and I sort them
by creams and ointments, like my Nova Era, a Brazilian pharmacy and by pills and prescription
that stay in the back. And so these are baskets from Ikea and they
are actually for your dresser to hold socks and underwear but they were perfect for here. This is our hot bottle and some medications. My sweet Dad brings my husband always the
shaving cream that my husband likes so much from Brazil. So we store the extras here. Dad is not allowed to bring so much the next
he visits. And one more sets of towels that I have one
here and one in use and that makes it very easy to maintain as well. It doesnÕt take that much space. Right, I am going to show you now, how to
organize the drawers because that is another area that gives us so much grief right? So as you can see here you have this container
that holds everything in place. So nothing is dangling around when youÕre
opening and closing the drawer and nail clippers and because we live in earthquake prone area,
I keep whistles for an emergency in certain areas of the house. Again here itÕs our travel size storage,
because sometimes we travel my husband more than I do and glasses care and all my homeopathic
medication and some Bach Floral medication that I use regularly. So itÕs emergency care and all I do really
is group everything by type. And this boxes are again from Ikea, they are
super inexpensive and they last a lot. And down here itÕs what I called a daily
use booboo kit and it has anything from band aid – that solves all the issues in the world
when you are five. And a cough homeopathic medication for kids
Neosporin and Advil and Tylenol so things that I may use more on a frequent basis I
donÕt keep with the others containers I showed you. And up here itÕs my drawer and thatÕs all
I use really. This is from my great grandmother and I keep
it here, it is the safest place in the house I figured out to hold. And a pair of scissors, I like to have scissors
handy and a flash light and my hair clips. So up here it is the medicine cabinet and
as you can see, I keep just my daily use products like facial products and hair products and
some quick medicine for the kids if they have a temperature or something like that. So that is pretty much it and as you see it
is very simple to organize the space as long as you are keeping only what you need and
that you are willing to take care of everything on a weekly basis. I am always trimming and always reviewing
things. I donÕt let anything pile or accumulate. So I hope this trip helps you a lot. Alright, have a great day. Page | 2 00April, 2014


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