How to organize your bathroom cabinet (4 steps)

I get a lot of requests for a video on how to declutter a bathroom cabinet so that’s what I’m going to do in this video and this is my bathroom cabinet behind me now I’m going to confess I’ve actually messed it up for this video it’s not in its usual state I what I’ve tried to do is replicate the sort of thing that I see when I work with people in their bathrooms so let’s have a look so you’ll see but it’s kind of messy inside there’s a combination of medicines and toiletries and cleaning materials and so on and something fell out when I open the drawer and it’s all messed up inside and we need to sort it out so the first thing to do as always is to get everything out so let’s do that now [Music] so there we go it’s amazing how much one bathroom cabinet can hold and less there’s one thing in it because it’s leaked a bit and it needs a wipe and the second thing to do is to give the whole thing a wipe out so it could be drying ready for stuff to go back in it once we’ve sorted it out so I’m going to do that now [Music] all right now let’s start going through all this stuff space is a little tight here so I hope you can see what I’m doing I’m gonna use these two baskets to Korell some of the items it’s a really good idea to Korell some of your items inside the cupboard I’m going to use one for medicines and I’m going to use one for some of the toiletry cosmetic items that I can lie down what I’m doing here is I’m going through and sorting out the medicines and putting them into this red container I’m checking each one to see if it’s still in date and if it’s badly out of date I’m going to get rid of it I’m gonna take it to for example that is very badly update so I’m gonna take that to a pharmacy that’s the best thing to do with them in the UK is to take them to a pharmacy for disposal and it’s a bit different in the States you need to look that up on the FDA’s website as to what the best way of disposing of medicines in your area and by that this one it is one of those you’re supposed to take it and it stops the cold starting and I don’t actually think it does anything so I’m actually gonna get rid of that it was a bad Buy and that’s going to go and now and the yellow crate which is here it’s a bit short of space here but the yellow crate which is just off camera here that’s where I’m starting to put toiletries rather than medicines and I’ve also got lots of toilet rolls now they’re going to go I’m gonna put them in the section of the cupboard there once it’s dried out so I’m just going to move them to one side to the wind that’s drying I can put them all in one shelf of the cupboard I’ve got several containers of talcum powder here you only need to keep one spare of each thing I’m gonna keep these still I’ve used them up but I’m not gonna buy any more talcum powder until I’m down to the one that’s in use and ones fair and then when I start using the spare I’ll add two talcum powder to my shopping list so I’d always have one spare so I don’t actually run out [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right I changed my mind as I was going through there and I’ve ended up putting in this container medicines most of my medicines are in there and that containers gonna go up there and then in this container is it still medicines but it’s I found I had an awful lot of I too much from one basket and I had a lot of the same kind of thing which eats this front section it’s all kind of painkillers ibuprofen paracetamol and so on so that’s what’s at the front there and at the back there is spared to things like a spare toothbrush head toothpaste and floss and that’s gonna go there okay and then that leaves me with the toilet rolls which I’m going to put back in that bottom left hand corner and the other stuff that I’m left with is stuff that I use often and so I’m going to put that at the front of the cabinet and stuff that needs to stand up and so it needs to coat in a high section like that and I’m going to put right at the back the stuff that I don’t use very often so for example I don’t use coffee makes you very often but I want it when I need it so it’s gonna go to the fact behind this pipe where it’s not that accessible but I can get it if I need it and it will stand up safely and won’t get knocked over as I get other things out of the cupboard again as I fill this section I’m putting towards the back the things that I use less often and the things I use more often a good way towards the front [Music] there we go tilt the camera back up alright there we go you can see that’s much neater now I can access things much easier when I get need to get medicines I can go to one of these two containers when I need toilet rolls they’re easily accessible my other stuff is easily accessible stuff that I use there on the top right and I’ve got a few things to get rid of and that’s my bathroom cabinet all organized in terms of moving on toiletries and cosmetics that’s example if I don’t want this bubble bath if it’s completely sealed it’s got a seal across the top then you can give it to a charity shop or a thrift store but if like this one it’s actually open inside because they can’t sell them they can’t take them usually so the best thing to do with those is to put them on your local freecycle group I find a mixed bag of toiletries and cosmetics tends to go really well so they go toys and cosmetics in your bathroom cabinet and medicines all organized I hope you found that video helpful like share subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video


  1. I would put toilet paper wrapped in plastic bag, or would use a plastic container in case there is a leak under the sink. I also recommend not to store medication in the bathroom- it could be too humid. I only store band-aides and first aid stuff in the bathroom because it is convenient to treat cuts there. Also, it is ok to have 10 lotion bottles which were bought on sale, but it is better to store it in a designated closet area, but not in the cabinet in the bathroom where you only have items you use constantly . I personally have one body lotion I currently use, but when it runs out I get another one from my stock pile. If i get tired of it , I put it back in the stock pile and get a new one. If something is really bad, or if I had allergic reaction I would get rid of it immediately.

  2. Most doctors and pharmacists say it is very dangerous to store you meds in a bathroom or a place with high humidity or drastic changes in temps. NOT a good idea. Put in med cabinet or a closet in a dark place.

  3. Not necessary to have a spare for everything. If you use it all the time, just buy the spare when your first product is half way thru. Waste of money and time.

  4. What if under sink doesn't have any shelves. This is only for people with 3 shelves. Mine has NO shelves, so I only keep the trash can and bathroom cleaners under. There is no room for all that you have. Put in a hall closet instead, or on outside shelves in the bathroom. This does not help everyone, Sorry again.

  5. Great video, as usual Rachel. Thank you. Here in Spain we take out of date or unwanted medication to the farmacia too. x

  6. Really, that was the state you your cupboard? Or did you have to dis-organize to show us how to re-organize? It's really good though!

  7. Good breakdown of organization
    I like to categorize as I remove things from a mess like that and put them in boxes or baskets
    and wipe them off that way I can see how many of each thing is without scattering them all over the floor
    I do keep the toilet paper in the original packaging so I can keep the rolls all together
    that's how it works in my cabinet anyway but they're very handy
    and I definitely do the basket idea because that works really well and you can actually stack them if you need to

    in regards to the bubble bath that you wanted to discard if you like the scent of it I would use it for hand washables it works for that or put it in a pumper and use it for hand soap otherwise as you said just Freecycle it
    thanks Rachel

  8. I would advise keeping medicines out of reach of even very rare occasional visiting children ( curious creatures they can be|) for families recommend locking cabinet mounted up high)

  9. Just found your videos. I like to organize too. Do you ever go into someone's home the visit and look around and immediately think this could be organized better or they need a good organization but you don't want to hurt their feelings?

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