How to Organize Your Small Bathroom on a Budget

Hi everyone. So in this video, I’m going to show you how
I organized my bathroom cabinet inside of the guest bathroom. So a few months ago, I showed you guys my
master bathroom and I showed you the cabinet and how I got stackable containers to maximize
my vertical space. Well, it has been a few months since I did
that cabinet and I just love it because it’s easy to grab everything. It’s accessible. It maximizes space like the stackable bins
just work beautifully. So I wanted to do the same concept inside
of this cabinet when I was tackling this space but I wanted to do it on a smaller budget
because – yeah, I just wanted to do it in a smaller budget. So for this project, I went to Dollar Tree
and I went to HomeGoods and I shopped the house to try and see what I could find to
spend like minimal amount of money. And I did this whole project for $19 and I’m
just so excited to share with you what I’ve done. All right. So let’s open up the cabinet. OK. So I’m just so excited to show you guys. OK. So the stackable bins all the way in the back. So this is the same concept I showed you in
my last bathroom video where you just stack containers from the floor all the way up to
just use like the otherwise dead space which is up here so you just get things off your
horizontal space on to your vertical space. So I found these stackable containers from
Dollar Tree like I couldn’t believe I found them. I went to Dollar Tree last week and they apparently
just came in. They’re brand new. I bought all of them. They come in three different colors, pink,
blue, and green and they work great and they’re a dollar. So I bought five for this side and five for
this side and I just stacked them and I sorted everything by category. So inside my last house, I had all of my bulk
items, medications, travel products, hair products, all that stuff inside my linen closet. But since my linen closet is so small in this
house, I had to take everything out of shoe boxes and just figure out a new system. So what I did here was put all the bulk items
on this side so like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipes, tissues, plugins, tampons, soap. Store them by category, put them in stackable
bins. And then on the other side over here, I put
all of the medications sorted by category so like cold relievers, cough drops, first-aid,
ointments, and then stomach stuff. And then in the middle right here, I put all
of the medication bottles. They’re just like bottles and not pills or
they’re not creams or whatever. And I just found – like this was a Lazy Susan
that I wasn’t using in the kitchen so I just grabbed this from my spare organizing section
in my house and put that right in the middle. And then this jar right here is from IKEA. I just reuse this from – like I bought this
last year and I just never used it. So I reused it for all the cotton balls. And I think that was like $2 at IKEA. All right. So something else I want to show you is on
the medication side. So one of the things that really annoys me
is all of the medication boxes like the box that Tylenol comes in and these boxes, so
when it’s an actual box, I feel like it’s just like so flimsy. It doesn’t really stand. It doesn’t really stack. So what I did here was I flattened the box. I taped the sides and then I put all of the
medication into a Ziploc bag just like this like what I had in the kitchen, put the cover
in the very front and then I did that for all the medications. So it just like takes up less space and then
I put them inside of one bigger Ziploc bag just like this. So when one of us is sick, we just come to
the cold reliever’s bag and we grab cold medication. And then this just stays nice and compact
in one of the stackable containers from the Dollar Store. So this was reused. It didn’t cost anything. Stackable bin costs a dollar. So that just goes there. So it just goes to show, if you just shop
the house, you can find things that aren’t necessarily for organizing products but you
can reuse them as organizing products. So I did the same thing for all of the cough
drops. Flattened the box, put the cough drops in
here, put them in a baggy and put them in there. The same thing with the first-aid, I took
them out of the box and put them in here. Ointments are the same thing in the back of
the cabinet. So I have an extra blow dryer so I’ve been
having like a lot of bad luck with blow dryers. They keep breaking on me. So I’m keeping a backup one just in case inside
the guest bathroom cabinet. And what I did was I just hang it on the bathroom
pipe. So I just wrapped it and then just hang it
right here and it’s not really interfering with anything like it has been there for a
few months now and it’s not like damaging nay pipes or anything. It’s not too heavy. So that’s just like kind of a built-in hook
that I’m using. So I like that. And then on the doors, I found an over the
cabinet door hook which is like so hard to find. I found it at HomeGoods for $2 and I was so
surprised I found it because it was a named brand and it’s just a really nice hook. And so yeah, so I just put it right here. I put a little bit of Museum Putty behind
it so it doesn’t move, it doesn’t swing, and then I put all of my travel size cosmetics
inside of my travel cosmetic bag. So basically, I just used my travel cosmetic
bag as an organizer itself, stored everything inside of it just like this, and then it just
hangs nicely on the over-the-door hook right here. And it doesn’t interfere like opening and
closing the cabinet. It just stays nicely in the hook and yeah,
out of the way. So then you just maximized your door space
by adding something right here. So that just opens and closes really nicely. OK. And then on the other door, I found this over
the cabinet door baskets from HomeGoods also and it was $7. So it was a little bit more expensive but
it was still less expensive than if you would have paid full price for this. So this is also a named brand. The brand of these two products is Inner Design. Inner Design makes a lot of organizing products,
a lot of hooks, a lot of baskets and stuff and they’re all really well-made. They last. They hold up. They’re a little bit more expensive but you
can find them cheaper if you shop at like HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx and Marshalls and stuff. So this was $7. It just clips on to the cabinet just like
this. What I did was I put a little bit of Museum
Putty. Museum Putty is just a putty that you put
behind something or underneath something so it doesn’t move. So now this basket is not going to move because
the Museum Putty is in place. And you can buy Museum Putty on Amazon. You can buy it at The Container Store. I don’t think Target has it, The Container
Store and Amazon. And then I just put all the bulk bottles like
stuff that I’m not using just yet but I bought extra because it was on sale and stuff. So that goes there. And then I think that is everything. Oh, OK. So on the sides of the stackable containers,
so you guys know I love to label things and I love to just like know where things belong
so when like this basket or this container is empty, I know what to refill it with. So I want to label everything. But the front of these baskets, they’re not
really labelable which means you can’t really stick a label on. I mean you could but I feel like it wasn’t
the right size. It’s going to be too small. It’s going to get lost. So what I did was I added labels to the sides
of the baskets in this nice really big font. It’s like hard to miss. And I used a clear tape with a white font
so it would just like standout. So now when something is empty, I just look
at the side and I say, “OK. The cough drops are right there.” Now I know that I’m out of cough drops and
I can go out and buy more if I need more. All right. So that is everything that I did here. So as you can see, I have totally maximized
my space. Like I still have empty space right here,
I still have empty space right here, this goes up here. If I wanted to bring in like more bottles
or if I didn’t want to buy this because I don’t want to spend $7, I can easily put these
bottles in the back of the cabinet like a permanent side to the cabinet and I would
still be fine. OK. So something else I did here was I put Museum
Putty behind each of the baskets so they’re kind of like sealed – not sealed but kind
of glued to the back of the cabinet. And I also did it underneath the bin so it
won’t move. So for example, when I reach in here to grab
like a toothbrush, suppose I’m like shuffling around then the baskets don’t move because
they’re puttied down and that like frustrates me when they’re not puttied down and they
just like shift and move and stuff. So I did that with all of the baskets so nothing
is going to move in place. So it’s just like one way to relieve some
frustration when you have bins that easily move. OK. So that’s how I’m organizing my bathroom cabinet
inside of the guest bathroom. So it just goes to show that you don’t have
to spend a lot of money to organize your space. So for example, I spent $10 with these stackable
containers from Dollar Tree, $2 for the over the cabinet door hook and then $7 for the
over the cabinet basket for all of the extra bottles inside the cabinet. So total cost of this project was $19 which
means it’s under $20 to organize a whole bathroom cabinet and set up a whole organizing system. So it just goes to show, you can work with
a limited budget, you can shop the house, you can get creative, and you can still get
organized. So I hope this video was helpful. If you want more organizing videos or more
organizing tips, you can visit my website at Alejandra.TV. I’ll see you next time. Bye! 3


  1. I have a friend that lost her daughter due to medications being left out.  Please, if you have kids, if you have friends that have kids that come over, don't leave medications here.

  2. And I hTe when people talk to much and won't get to theire vid like get to the point u are one of those people

  3. Yeah… Take the stuff out of the box, throw it away and buy new plastic shit to store the stuff and kill the environment… OMG!

  4. Love your videos and your happy personality! I have a small bathroom and what solved most of my problems was a canvas shoe holder. It is hanging on my bathroom door on hooks I bought at a dollar store. It is not see-through and that's wthat I wanted, but you can lable each pocket if you wish. You can put everything in there.. mine has 20 pockets and I think I also bought it at a dollar store (can't remember, it wa a long time ago). And for under the sink cabinet, I bought larger plastic units with drawers for my make-up and it works great for me. I even had enough space to put another open container on top of the drawers for some other stuff. Now, my bathroom is all neat and tidy and easy to clean. 🙂 Hope my solution will help some of you out there! Keep 'em coming, Alejandra!

  5. Having watched all your videos I have some thoughts.  

    You love retails stores (discount ones) because its a place where you can go where everything is separated by product type, presented well and in a grouped fashion.  The discount stores means you feel you can feed your obsession at a justified cheap price (you price up everything in your videos).  Retail outlets make you feel that you can go somewhere where care and attention has been given to make your experience uniformed. 

    Question – why are you reorganising a cabinet you did 2 months ago?  Probably because you've done everything else and you need a project to feed your obsession.  When you've done it, your so desperate to show people, you film it and post it to the internet – why? This is again why your mention pricing so much.  Your saying –  look guys, I have done this for 19 dollars, why don't you do the same?  It's easy and cheap – please, please give it a go.    

    You need to get on top of this now, its an obsession that has taken over your life.  I bet you find it hard to go to a place/house that is not well organised?  I bet you have friends who are intimidated to come to your place and you theres, hence the many trips to discount stores.

    Your a beautiful, model looking girl.  It looks like you have a good guy in tow if some of the pictures in your videos are anything to go by.  Thats where you should be concentrating your efforts. 

  6. Hi Alejandra! Thank you so much for all your videos.

    Two things: Firstly, you mentioned that your hair dryers keep breaking on you. I noticed that you had wrapped the cord around the hair dryer. This is a bad idea for two reasons. One is that if you do it too soon after use, the heat from the dryer can damage the cord. The other is that simply wrapping a cord around an appliance can cause internal damage to the cord or the connection between the cord and the appliance, and you won't be able to know anything is wrong until the device stops working. My grandpa worked in electrical and engineering type business, and he used to lovingly tell me off about winding cords around their appliances. If you do, you need to loosely drape them around the item, or loosely wind the cord around itself (instead of around the item) and use a twist tie or a velcro strap to secure it. You may find that your hair dryers live longer this way. 🙂

    Secondly — and others may have pointed this out already, so please excuse me if I'm repeating this — storing medication down low is dangerous if you have little ones, or if little ones visit. It only takes a moment for an adult to get distracted and a child to get into the medicines that are often brightly-coloured and look like lollies (some even taste like lollies). My sister found some mothballs when she was about eleven months old. To her, they looked like Cool Mints. They didn't taste like them, though, but by then it was too late. She had to be rushed to hospital, where they pumped her stomach and fed her charcoal to absorb anything left behind. By the time all was said and done, she looked like she had been dragged out of a fire. It was really stressful. (She's in her twenties now, so all is well. lol) Of course, you can always store medications down low, but only if you can childproof the cupboard or the container in which they are stored. Kids are quick, quiet and smart at figuring out how to get to what they want. They're like poopy ninjas who don't yet know the consequences of their actions!

    Anyway, thaks again for your wonderful videos. They help inspire me to keep going on my own organising mission!

  7. I used your medication with ziplock bags and I used a slide in shoebox and organize the meds and put expire date on bag so I know when to toss.

  8. You are an inspiration to me.  I love your ideas, and you make organizational ideas accessible.  I am not a tidy or organized person by nature; my DNA is missing the crucial gene.  But I watch your videos and seek your tutelage, and it enables me to make our home a much nicer place to be.  Thank you.  I hope you will continue to post your awesome ideas.

  9. Alejandra, do you fly to locations and help people set up their home spaces? I appreciate all of your creative ideas. I bought a new house and I am so grateful but with my full time job and exchaustion,I am haveing a hard time setting up my home and now I am unhappy with myself. Please, maybe do a video on steps I can take or something that can get me through this time. I would appreciate your support and look up to you. Thank-you

  10. You have a wonderful personality I love the way you thoroughly explain each thing, you have taught me so much thank you for sharing!!!!!!!

  11. Great tips! But it was actually a total cost of 22.05 if you account tax for .05 cents. It might be a little bit more, as a result of tax being more.

  12. Thank you so Much!!!!! You have helped me tremendously!!!!! I cant wait to get my house organized. This is perfect for me!!!!!!

  13. Omg. I need these videos in my life, Im so glad I randomely found them! You are awesome, and I go to dollar tree all the time. And I get called a clean freak, OCD…etc because I like to stay organized. And these tips are so so great for helping me re-organize my apartment since we've added our daughter to the mix, we are running out of room. But I feel like all these organizing videos will do us a world of good at giving us some more space back! (-: thank u soooo much!

  14. I wish we had dollar trees here 🙁 my house would be sooooo organised! I buy a bunch of stuff off ebay but I would love love love to to on a major shopping spree and just get like hundreds of $1 storage and organising items. Young single mum here so I really can't afford even $20 for something like this it all goes on bills but my oh my I wish I could do the things you do. I have to be SUPER creative. I was cleaning my bathroom and the clutter around the sink was driving me mad so I decided to make a makeshift wall mounted shelf. I used a little square canvas picture with a wooden frame and an old shelf bracket (I don't even know how it got in my house!) and now I have a little corner shelf to store the toothbrushes and things on! A bit dodgy haha one day I'll be able to afford better but being poor certainly does make you more crafty I am very resourceful!

  15. Hi Alejandra, great use of vertical space. I also have those stacking bins, and I found another product at Dollar Tree that I can use with them. Its called a bacon rack. It's a rectangular plate that I found in white or light green(it might come in other colors I'm not sure) that if you turn it upside down it sits on top of the stacking brackets to make one more layer!

  16. Just want to say for any parents out there that if you'll store things like medicines and fragrance products (plug ins, oils, etc.), and of course cleaning products, PLEASE remember to install child-proof latches on the cabinet doors.  Otherwise, store these types of things in a high place out of reach.

  17. Can you tell me where you bought that pink bag? It seems to be really useful and have a lot of compartments. I've been searching for something like that for a long time. Great video, by the way

  18. wow!…this is one of my most favorite video's!…great ideas and lots of details I have been looking for!…we just got a Home Goods store so I will definitely look there for some of these products!….I haven't seen those exact containers at our dollar tree but I will go back and look again!…you used an over the door long clear organizer in another video you put office supplies in, can you tell me where to find one of those? Thank you for a great video!

  19. if you need a blow dryer, try Super Solano. they are amazing and lightweight. I'm a hairdresser and use mine everyday. I've had it for 6 years! and I broke the backing of it by dropping it 3 years ago, and it still works!!! you'll spend around $200, but it's worth it vs. $40 every six months for something that breaks.

  20. Ms. Alejandra I noticed that 5 mins & 33 Sec. in to this Vidieo When you show the hook the Camera light, Lights up the inner of the cabnet I was wondering Ever thought about puuting one of them Batterie opperated anti hesive lights in there to light it up in the dark? Say the power gose out and your sick, but you cant find a flash light you can just click the button and it lights it up under there. …. Just a thought 🙂 not sure if you understand What I am talking about though but if you Let me know if it's a Ideal you might use 😀

  21. this video has inspired me to get my bathroom organized… I can't find anything under the cabinet… lots of expired stuff that needs to be thrown out… ty for your series. Also, new subscriber 🙂

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  23. Just a reccomendation, but as well as tampons, I feel like you should have pads and panty liners just in case guests prefer different things.

  24. Wow! That's really neat how the kids have 2 crawl inside the cabinet in order 2 get a pad, tampon, or a frigging cough drop. I love how none of u have thought of putting plastic bins under the b. room sink 2 organize. It's anal, stupid, & OCD 2 putty the bins in place… in the back of the cabinet. This witch needs help. I bet she's got thousands of bottles of sanitizer… from the dollar tree of course!!!

  25. Sorry ,but I dont think its wise to put creams and Medications that low.. Children love to rummage and it wouldnt be safe for them.. One of our Reli's did that and the child ended up in hospital.. apart from that..Love the way you're organized.. Im tryng to get there.. thx for the tips 🙂

  26. Hi Alejandra you speak about museum putty can you  use blue tack to do the same job ? Luv your video's please keep making them …..big hugs Katie from Glasgow , Scotland in the UK  xxx

  27. Bonus: By flattening and keeping the medication boxes, it shows the expiration dates of each. Kudos! Love your videos, Alejandra!

  28. I like the idea of hanging a bag that's already organized with what you use on the back of the door! Thanks for the tip!

  29. I love this idea. However, both of my bathrooms are very small and have pedestal sinks. The only "cabinet" I have is a tiny medicine cabinet in each bathroom. And I am a product junkie, I know I need to cut down on the products first but can you do a video for what I can do for storage around pedestal sinks?

  30. I like the way you create spaces specific for families but also ways for single people who don't have to worry about little ones getting into things.

  31. My mom brain is going into panic mode seeing medicines in an easily reachable area, lol, I'm guessing you don't have kids

  32. Medications and make-up should be stored in a cool dry place, not in the bathroom and not under the sink, and medications should be out of the reach of children. I like some of Alejandra's ideas, but she's wrong about this.

  33. All of your organization videos are so satisfying to watch i can't get enough haha I've been organizing my closets and cupboards lately and i'm going to start organizing the bathroom this week so i love watching your videos to get ideas

  34. Hi Alejandra, I love all your videos, try not to tight the cord of the blow dryer to much, what I do is leave it a little loose on the part that the cord comes out of the dryer, then the rest I do tighter, that would make any tool break after a while, so u should do the same thing with a flat iron, curling iron, or anything with a cord on it. I am a hairstylist and my tools last me many years and I use them a lot, I hope this helps you 😀

  35. Seriously, this video could just be 5 minutes long. Talk less. Get to the important points. Organize your thoughts & words better. Don't need to repeat the same thing 3x in a sentence using different words. Eg. "The bins are puttied down so they won't move around" ; "Even when I'm shuffling toothpaste, the bins don't move around because they have putty" ; "I hate it when things move around when they are not puttied down" – all in a minute. What????

  36. I like the thought of flattened the otc med boxes for directions in each group of pills. I know you are told below that meds should not be in the humid bathroom, but I guess I am guilty of doing the same thing, as it's easier to get to for me and that is where I have more room for them. Guess both of us will have to re-think what to do with them other than the bathroom. LOL

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