do you have trouble with anxiety I'm going to give you a really quick tip to help you get rid of your anxiety as quick as it actually comes up whenever you get the feeling of anxiety what happens physically what happens is that your heart starts to race the cortisol levels in your brain actually raise in your brain prepares for something that's about to happen let me give you another example though when you get excited about something what happens your heart starts racing the cortisol levels in your brain raise and your body prepares for something so the secret to getting rid of your anxiety is to trick your brain into feeling something different and I know this sounds crazy but this is scientifically proven to work inside of your body and inside of your brain your body is reacting exactly the same the heart the cortisol levels everything is exactly the same but you are in charge of the emotion that you attach to the feeling and so what you do is this whenever you start to get anxious you close your eyes and you repeat to yourself over and over and over again I am excited I am excited I am excited I am excited and your brain starts to actually think that you're excited versus anxious in 2010 the University of Rochester actually did a study on this and found out that people that had anxiety they told them to say that they were excited before they went into a math test and the people that said they were excited scored better than everybody else that thought they were anxious and when asked to speak on camera the excited participants scored better as being more confident being more persuasive and they actually spoke longer on camera than the people who did not tell themselves that they were excited so what this is is anxiety reframed as excitement so next time you start to feel the feelings of anxiety creeping up tell yourself I am excited over and over and over again and your brain in your body will actually start to think that you're excited which will help you perform better under any circumstance so if you like this video do me a favor click the like button give it a thumbs up and drive to my channel as well you


  1. I give you another tip to remove your anxiety: remove the cause of your anxiety. That is e.g. if you are anxious because auf a roaring bear, kill that bear with two shots and the anxiety goes away really quick. That is scientifically proved. No more trouble with anxiety with this tip.

  2. This video lacks any scientific validation. I can showcase you 55 different studies that prove the opposite of what you're saying. You're comparing healthy anxiety to anxiety disorder. Please don't take advice from untrained professionals about your mental health.

  3. If I feel anxiety and stress for a few minutes I don't let these negative feelings get worse,instead I think why should I bother about these things right now if in the future they won't matter no more? I am sure many of us feel anxious all the time,do you remember right now for example the anxiety you had back in July 2017? If you feel happy right now that moment it doesn't matter in the present,the same will be with the anxiety you feel right now in the future. Just be present with all your conscience every day and live the momentum,time is limited so make the best out of it.

  4. Hi sir, your videos are very useful. Pls make more videos and help people like me to become a better version of what we are today. Regards.

  5. I had open heart surgery (OHS) just 3 weeks ago. The weeks and days approaching I was not nervous and had very little anxiety instead I was excited. How? I educated myself and watch other people's OHS experience on YouTube. I joined a web site where other people who had gone through or who where about to go through OHS, we shared experience's and supported each other. I shared with most everybody I know I was going to have OHS. Some people cringed but I enthusiastically explained the tremendous medical advances in patient comfort and recovery and the lifetime benefits of having my valves repaired and 1 replaced. It was exciting to share with others and it put me in a positive Mental state of mind. And of course I had complete faith in the Doctors and medical staff because I knew they were experts and would take great care of me.
    This wouldn't be complete without mentioning faith in God. Absolute trust in God sets your heart and mind at ease.
    Great video. Thanks.

  6. Me when I feel anxious I just tell myself "it's going to end just after few hours/days and it's going to be just a life story for the future".

  7. Till now i suffering ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญbut I donโ€™t give up.because of my loving family.but I have lots of medicine.

  8. Great video ,how do I curb my anxiety while driving? I dont drive at all due to having panic attacks behind the wheel , I drove into the gate at work & into another vehicle while I was trying to PARK!! and I was driving our company car!!! PLease help me

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  10. If you want to progress do this . When you feel anxiety, find a secure place ( your favorite sitting place) sit down and lettje emotion flow . As bad as it feels . After a moment , 1 minute , 2 , 5 , 10 or 20 , if you realy let your anxiety get all the place it needs at the bottom of your stomach , suddenly it will drift, like a balloon. Why ? Because emotions are realy like anything living on earth. Emotions come, grow and after a while disappear for a new one . But only if you let it live .If you don't it will comecoming back . It will be harder and hardert to push it apart. And , after a while you will need pills to freeze them. Behind anxiety is a hidden message that your subconscious wants you to know , a very precious message , a message your mother or father or someone else never wanted you to know because you would feel better , you wouild know their hidden secrets, because you would succeed better in life . And , for many mothers and fathers , even though they say other wise , a son or a daughter that is more successful than them is a reral threat to their way of living . They don't want to change . They want to keep every piece of the mobile in place which is not real life . Real life is flowing.

    Dare give this to yourself !

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