hey everyone today I'd like to show you how to place an IV line using the BD s AF T intima 24 gate needle system after the tourniquet placement and thoroughly cleaning your insertion site with alcohol you are now ready for the venipuncture process make sure to have a very good grip of your needle bevels up and just advance the needles into the vein once you see that there's blood returned it is a very good indication that the tip of your needle is inside of the vein now point the tip of your needle upward making sure that you're not going to poke through to the posterior wall of the vein secure your IV line with hesitate and remove the needles and the stylus with one straight pulling motion after that you're ready to test your IV line flowing ability connect to your drip and let it flow baby at this point make sure to communicate with your patient asking for any burning sensation or checking for any swelling around the insertion site if none of that is happening you're all good to go make sure to secure your line it is a little more difficult placing your IV line at the cubital fossa because patient can just bend their arm and your line is a little bit compromised so make sure to communicate that part with the patient for infusion that doesn't last very long this is acceptable I hope this video is helpful to you thank you so much for watching and good luck

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