how to plant sunflower ,explaining the medicinal uses and how to use sunflower plant diy for kids

I bought this Sunflower seed in robinson. it’s known-you As you can see here. I don’t know how much it costs. That was easy We’re going to open it and see how many seeds Okay, let’s count It’s 13 seeds and I’m gonna plant it on the next video But now I’m gonna plant it but first we need to mix its raining lol lol lol no one can stop us!!! heheehhehe Okay, you may go inside thor. Actually, we thought it was sunny day but now okay “its raining” and then just go and plant stop talking Yes, okay Here we go again, lets talk about sunflower plant The sunflower plant is very common plant everywhere. The seeds of the sunflower are commercially used for food and for extracting edible oil There are many varieties of sunflowers. They are cultivated not only for commercial purpose but in many gardens as an ornamental plant You know, not only it is also used for healing. here are the medicinal use to heal wounds,bruises and ulcers It’s also for pulmonary diseases,bronchitis,cough,asthma,dysentery,whooping cough and colds relieves headache for treatment of nervous conditions Okay next how do use it You know, you don’t just smell it or something You need to know how to use it. So here’s the instructions. The crushed leaves and the seeds made into a poultice is used for application Over bruises and wounds and ulcers. The flowers and the dried or fresh leaves prepare as tea pulmonary diseases,bronchitis,coughs,asthma,dysentery and whooping coughs Okay now Also, the oil extracted from the raw seeds is recommended for chest diseases in doses of 10 to 15 drops, two to three times a day And also,the drink made from the seeds is good for headache,nervous conditions,pulmonary diseases and bronchial diseases and colds parts used: the leaves,flowers and seeds Also after that Let’s go ahead and look at the sunflowers, of course now we’re here at the garden. Here’s my sunflower seeds Let me count it. There’s one. There’s two – three – four – five – six seven- eight- nine-ten, and I think three is Okay, and it’s raining now, I don’t get it when we make videos it’s always raining because it’s rainy season and that’s not the perfect time to plant some flower of course and really?? heheh Yeah, see you guys

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