How to play My Silver Lining First Aid Kit | Guitar Lesson

Welcome to the tutorial How to play My Silver Lining, First Aid Kit. This video contains four parts. In part one I explain how to play the fingerpicking pattern. In part two I explain the chords. In part three I explain the structure of the song. In part four I explain how to play the pre-verse. The fingerpicking pattern is not too hard. The capo is on the 2nd fret. You play the pattern with your thump and these three fingers. The tempo of the song is pretty fast. I recommend to start easy, slowly. the original tempo is like this. You can play it less difficult. This is how. In stead of eight notes in one measure you play four. The chords of the song. There are four chords: the Em, G, D and the C. You read this schedule from left to right, and 1 to 13. In the pre-chorus, we play a strumming pattern in stead of a fingerpicking pattern. You also change the pulse. The chords we play are C, G, D, and C, G, E. The pulse is on the 1, 4 and 7. Instead of the 1 and 4. When we play the chords, it sounds like this. Originally we play it like this. I recommend you to practice with the song. Play it easy the first few times, and then try it the original way. You can use the overview in part three as a reminder/sheet for practice.

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