How to Put Medication in Your Dog's Ears

hi I'm dr. Mary Beth Morgan from Red Bank veterinary hospital and this is my technician Jess and this is just as dog Jasmine today we're going to show you how to put your medication into your dog's ears there's two types of medications your doctor may give you one is like an ointment type that will have a long tip applicator and the other one is a bottle that'll have drops so we're going to show you how to put both in what you want to remember is dogs have an l-shaped ear canal and particularly dogs like Jasmine we take advantage of their ear flap and will actually pull up on the ear flap to help lengthen that ear canal and make it easier to get the medication down deep where it's needed the first one we'll show you is the ear drops so what you want to do is hold up the ear flap you don't want to put the nozzle of the bottle into the ear canal you want to look for the little hole you want to put a couple drops in and then you want to feel for the ear canal which is kind of a tubular structure and just massage that for a few seconds to help get the medication deep down in that canal sometimes you're a little squishy noise that's it now the other type of medication the pointment you'll see has a different type of applicator it has more of a long nozzle and this you are going to place down into the ear canal once again you want to lift up on the ear flap you're going to put the nozzle into the ear you're going to give it a good squeeze now grant it you can't see because it's deep down in the ear canal but you want to get used to give good squeeze lift up on that ear flap give a little bit of squishiness to the ear canal there for a few seconds that helps to work it deep down in there and there you go so we're hoping that these hints will help you be able to medicate your dog's ears at home you


  1. NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG EAR MEDICATION FROM THE VET! I had 4 dogs with ear problems before I started feeding raw. 3 of them went deaf from the medication.

  2. Totally useless video. duh . How do you do it humanely on an 80 lb. pup with sore ears and avoid all the trauma especially when You have to do it several days in a row, and not get bit. He's a good dog and doesn't normally try to bite, but freaks out when I try to do anything to his ears. Could muzzle him but he doesn't like that either.

  3. Of course it's simple with a dog that doesnt move. This isn't helpful for anyone if their dog freaks out and moves too much… onto the next video.

  4. Lol, if only all dogs were this calm when getting ear drops, i basically have to wrestle my GSD"s head down to put in a few drops

  5. My dog can just see the ear drop bottle and freak out, he’s only 25lbs but it’s a struggle and I don’t want him to be a afraid of me so what makes it easier when there really fussy?

  6. I have a long leg staff if I put the whole nozzle down her ear could it make her deaf the nozzle is one inch long

  7. I have the ointment and i just can't seem to get it right…all the medicine just ends up greasing his outer (furry) ear and neck…help!

  8. Seriously why not do a video on puppies that struggle with this to help owners understand and prepare their dogs properly when they get older.

  9. I have to tackle my dog and hold his head down while he is berserk trying to eat me luckily its just 30kilogram dog.

  10. My dog has an ear infection and doesn't let me touch his ear how am I supposed to put the medicine in.? He is a 86 pound dog I don't wanna hurt him trying to stop him from jamming this stuff down his ear.

  11. Wish you would show a video of how to clean and medicate a squirming screaming Papillon who does not want his painful ears touched!  LOL Seriously can you make a video of that?

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