hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’re new welcome my name is christine today we’re here to talk about
skin I will put on the screen what my skin look like a week ago and this is
after I went swimming back in Seattle and then my experience when I had like
this crazy breakout on my forehead but this is what my skin looks like today
you can see the texture of it looks really nice it’s nice and smooth it’s
back to normal I want to talk all about skin and some of the skin issues that I
have with water lake water hard water versus soft water there’s just a lot of
info in this video so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started so
the first thing I want to talk about is hard water versus soft water not a lot
of people know but actually 85% of households in the country have hard
water but where I live back in Seattle actually had really really soft water so
I never had any issues with water until I moved to LA and when I moved here at
hard water just made my skin break out so bad the reason I found out about it
was I started getting these eye bumps on my scalp and it was like a little bit
itchy and I just thought maybe it was a shampoo that I was using so I would
switch shampoos and then the bump started creeping down onto my forehead
kind of talking to my hairdresser about it he was like maybe you should check
your water maybe your water it’s too hard I went and got a soft water filter
for the entire house and now all the water that comes into the house all the
water that comes out of the faucet so washing machine everything as filters
everything in the house is soft water and then after I did that I just found
that all of my breakouts my texture went away so it was definitely the soft water
filter that really really helped my skin if you have found that your skin has
been breaking out and you have a little bit bumps from it it might be the water
so I found this article on a go ahead and link a couple articles that I found
that are really helpful as well dr. Dennis gross he says that hard water is
a term for water that is high in calcium which is good for stronger bones but not
so much for your skin bathing in hard water may cause redness
and dry skin because the calcium settles on the skin and changes one’s own oil
chemistry which compromises the skin’s ability to moisturize itself it also
leads to large pores acne rashes itching and rosacea long story short I would
check the in your area if you want to just be safe
you can get a soft water filter for the rest of your house I use culligan and I
love them I think it’s around thirty to fifty dollars a month but is a little
bit expensive but I found that it makes such a big difference in my skin when I
do laundry I don’t have to use this much soap when I do the dishes there’s no
more residue left on the plates and the glasses my hair feels healthier plus we
have a couple people in the household brand and I live with some of his family
so it’s kind of nice that all of us get the benefit and so it’s worth it for us
and the other skin condition that I want to talk about is swimmers itch so this
is so disgusting but let me pull up information that I have on it swimmers
itch is an itchy harmless rash caused by tiny parasites and freshwater lakes
symptoms of swimmers itch is itchy skin rash begins within two hours of swimming
in a fresh slate small red spots appear within one to two hours and these spots
appear at sites where a parasite has gone into the skin so I’ll go ahead and
put some screenshots on the screen if you guys want to read more into it as
soon as I got home I’ll go ahead and put clips over what my skin look like the
day I got home and then some photos of my skin over the next few days so that is just like my whole experience
what I learned from this is that if I want to go swimming in the lake shower
right away wash my face right away because it’s just not worth it all of my
other friends that I was with only a couple of them got the red the little
bumps one of my girlfriends got it all over her body but I have such sensitive
skin as soon as I eat a hot cheeto or as soon as I like touch my face I’ll break
out there so I’m not surprised that none of my other friends experienced the
bumps that I got and then let’s go ahead and get into the skincare and some of
the things that I found work best for my skin I wanted to preface this video
really quick by saying that it is hella and organized and I had a whole ass
outline okay earlier in the video when I was talking about hard water versus soft
water that caused something that is called contact dermatitis and I’m not
even exactly sure that’s what it’s called the photos that I show you are
actually from swimming in the lake water and that is called swimmers itch so that
is a completely different thing but the two are exactly like the same bumps that
I get when I shower in hard water all these products you can use and apply it
to whatever skin issues you have and these are just the things that really
helped for me to clear my acne so the number one tip that I have is do not
over exfoliate especially when I first got home and I saw all the bumps on my
skin the first thing I wanted to do was get like a physical scrub and kind of
just scrub away all the little bums me wanting to pick up my skin all the time
I get such a bad habit for me I went to the bathroom and I started popping some
of them I feel like that made my bumps even worse and made them more inflamed
and angry and especially just because I had so much all over my face that when I
was pushing on one area I was pressing on these areas that were causing them to
be more irritated and inflamed so my number one tip would be to just be
patient don’t pick at it and don’t over exfoliate the thing that helped me the
most was I was using physical exfoliant definitely meant to say chemical
exfoliant I’m an idiot and my favorite one that I used was this taut your rice
polish calming face wash and so this is a foaming and Zen powder and so it has
ends in here that kind of chemically is fully
at your skin which is much more gentle I found that this really helped to make my
skin really smooth and soft rushing when you have something like this you want to
be really really patient with it I know the first thing that you want to do is
kind of scrub away at it so I found that using this at night every other night
really helped to smooth out my skin and soften up my skin so much when I wasn’t
using this I was just using like a super gentle face wash one that I really like
it’s a one by first aid beauty and they make a really good gentle foaming
cleanser and then Dermalogica also makes a really really good one my number two
tip is to use acids and you don’t want to overuse it either because you don’t
want to like irritate your skin too much or cause further breakouts to happen
some of the acids that I found really really helped me worth glycolic acid
salicylic acid and so there goes my legs instead of physically exploring your
face you want to use acids to kind of chemically exfoliate your skin and help
soften and smooth out that texture and also at the same time really helps to
target any of the bacteria that you have under your skin another product that
really helped me was this you to the people hea exfoliation power toner and
as you can see I am almost through it I love this this was so good and this
actually contains lactic and glycolic acid I really like this toner I feel
like it did a really good job of smoothing out my skin making sure that I
had all that residue off for me my skin can take the acid so I actually use that
toner every single night but if you have really sensitive skin or you’re new to
using a glycolic acid toner it’s really really strong so just use it every other
night another product that I found really helped was this Stan Marini bio
clear face lotion and I’ve talked about this in my nighttime skincare routine I
love this stuff and this actually contains salicylic and glycolic acid and
that one is just really really strong and it caused my skin to really dry out
so I only use that every other night but I found that that sitting on my skin
really helped to kind of fight the acne and bacteria that was on my skin so that
was really great for like nighttime use another serum that I really liked for
nighttime is this Sunday Riley UFO ultra clarifying acne treatment face oil acts
have an upcoming video with Sephora where I’m gonna be talking about this
but I picked this up for a campaign I started using and actually really really
loved it this contained 1.5% salicylic acid and I
just find that this is a really good treatment this one is even more gentle
than the Jan Marini just because this one I think has a higher concentration
of salicylic acid and it also contains guy colic acid so this one is going to
be like the power fighting mama this one will also help to kind of fight off the
acne and bacteria so this one I really like for like daily nighttime use and
this one’s really good because it really synced into the skin and I love that it
contains such a small amount sounds too like acid but just enough to be
effective ooo I also want to talk about this this
is the pharmacy honeymoon glow if you guys follow me on instagram I rave about
this all the time I also have a discount code christine 20 if you guys want to
get 20% off of all a pharmacy their entire website like forever i also leave
my discount coats down in description box as well but this has been so good
this is one of my favorite like exfoliating serums ever this is actually
a lactic acid serum if you’re new to lactic acids this one will be like
almost shocking when you put it on because it causes your skin to really
really tingle and sometimes it’s like a little bit uncomfortable but when you
wake up you just have the softest glorious baby smooth skin and so I loved
using this since it is really strong I only use it about two to three times a
week but it was really effective and really helped to smoothen out my skin as
well treatments that really helped is this bloom meltdown acne treatment that
one is a really good like spot treatment I really like using that one during the
day because it looks good under makeup and so you don’t have to worry about
like it kind of kicking up or pilling at night when I really wanted to spot treat
whatever like breakouts and blemishes that I have I really liked using the
peace out acne healing dots the only thing is these are kind of expensive
like it’s $20 for 20 of these but for me I was so desperate to get rid of
whatever was going on my face any of the big blemishes that I had I would use
these dots another cheaper alternative is hydrocolloid band-aids and I talked
about this in my nighttime skincare routine these are pretty much the same
thing as this but this one also contains salicylic acid so these ones are extra
strong I still will continue repurchasing them even though they are a
little bit expensive they are really really effective but if you don’t want
to spend that much coin these hydrocolloid band-aids are really really
good so it just looks like this and I actually will just cut these up into
little like Nuggets they work the same as those acne dots so I do really really
like these as well they’re just not as powerful and effective as the acne dots
are but for smaller blemishes I think these do a really great job so those are
really good spot treatments this was really good for helping to fade my acne
scars this is the mirror ad in business car resurfacing treatment this is brand
new and I’m going to be talking about this in an upcoming video with Sephora
as well and I love this the texture of it is I so good for using morning or
night it doesn’t like pill up or anything like that and it really does
help to fade the look of the acne scars this is my bare skin right now up on my
forehead – you don’t really see any scars another tip that I have is to make
sure you are hydrating your skin especially when you have like acne and
breakouts you might think that like drying out your skin will cause the
breakouts and the blemishes to dry up that’s not the case I just find that
like properly hydrating my skin versus drying it out it doesn’t really make a
difference on like how quickly my breakouts go away I just find that my
skin scars much more easily finally a moisturizer that I really like to use
hot gel water cream and this one was so good because it has no other active
ingredients in it it’s just a super nourishing hydrating moisturizer and I
love using this morning and night and it’s great because all the serums the
face washes and toners I was using contains so many like Ajay’s in BJ’s I
didn’t want to overdo it with the moisturizer another tip that I have for
you is to make sure you are masking and I probably masse about three to four
times the week that I had the crazy breakouts and some of the mass that I
really love this is the dr. roebucks daintree AJ brightening mask and this
one was so good for chemically explaining my skin there’s no like
nuggets in here to help like physically exfoliate your skin this is all chemical
exfoliation pretty much does the same thing as
honeymoon glow and the Jan Marini serum but she when I had that flare-up on my
forehead I don’t want to do anything to scrub my skin especially after the first
two days I just learned that picking out my skin just made it even worse
I put it all over my face but especially on my forehead I kind of put a thick
layer on and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes and then when I rinsed it off
I just felt like my skin was so much softer this is sold at Sephora I love
their brand and this is just such a good mask for really targeting a lot of the
texture that I had on my face another mask that I found really helpful was
this Aztec secret Indian healing play and I’ve talked about this in my OD
skincare video this is like the first ever video that I published on YouTube
ever this is my second type of it when I use this as a mask I will mix it with
apple cider vinegar together the two are just so good I really detoxing and
getting a really deep clean on your skin and I’ve read on Amazon that there are
so many people with like fungal acne cystic acne that found that helpful so
if you haven’t tried that mask I would highly recommend it you can also pick it
up at Whole Foods and I believe it’s like under $10 for this whole tub and I
use it as often as I do it still lasts me like over a year so this is a lot I
really like that mask the night that I used it I just found that the size of my
breakouts and my acne was way smaller but it was a little much to do to my
skin like regularly so I only use that about one to two times a week and then
lastly if you’re traveling to a place where you don’t really know if they have
a water filter or you don’t really know like what the water situation is gonna
be just bring water bottles I will wash my face in that water that way you are
sure that the water you’re using is just really good and it sounds extreme but if
you care about your skin as much as I do like it’s not that big of a deal anyways
so those are all the products that I found that were really helpful for
getting rid of the texture and like the breakouts are on my skin I’m no skincare
expert but this is what I found helped me the most and even if you have like
acne prone skin be sure to check out some of the skincare videos I have on my
channel because I kind of go more in depth about some of the stuff that
really helps when I have like acne or breakouts let me know down the calm
if you have any type of question or even if you have any advice I’m like at home
remedies that you use that may have helped you maybe you can help someone
else out that is going through the same thing anyways that is it I hope you all
enjoy thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye guys


  1. The YTTP Toner, Jan Marini bio lotion and Farmacy Honeymoon Glow are my favorites! I know I’m doing something right with my skin haha! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Girl I had swimmers itch in the beginning of the summer and researched it and literally almost threw up. So gross! But glad to know other people know about it, and that youre educating people about it! ❤️ great vid girl 🙂

  3. So helpfull christine , I have all the time pimples on my forehead😂💗Not acne but just pimples 😭 But since I follow ur skincare routine kind off but with some other products it’s getting better, Thank you so much Christineee xx Gwendolyn❤️

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