How To Reduce Injection Pain – Injection Pain Relief Rome Remedies


  1. Big lyk for this helpful share 😊you have shared a lot of info which is really worth trying and about the medication n all thanks again

  2. I inject subcutaneously into the belly with a 25 gauge needle yet I continuously get sore and times a small bump in that area. I switched to a 28 and it's not as bad now but the problem is the 28th is only 1/2 inch long. I don't have a six-pack but don't have lots belly fat. Is that good enough and if not you know a place that sells 28 gauge needles are longer? Thanks for all you do

  3. Your kids are so beautiful😍
    Yes, I don't like shots, I scream before they pinch me.
    Very educational video 💖👍
    Enjoyed listening!

  4. most useful information mate
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  5. Interesting video. I didn't know people had issues with this. It was so nice that you took the time to come to our channel. Your friendship means the world to us. Hugs CM

  6. Great info buddy!! Full watch and TFS 🌟 here to show you my support and much LOVE!! 🙌🙂 Have a blessed night and see you again soon!!

  7. I done a shot of Winstrol 4 days ago in to my ass and I’ve got a lump and it has not broke down and I’ve got a lot of pain , is this normal it’s a big lump. Will it pass or should I got the hospital..

  8. I got a huge lump from testosterone injection on my shoulder, I was in extreme pain for 4 days then the pain went away but the lump is still there, should I just wait it out or go see a doctor.

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