How To Relieve Stress Fast. Stop Anxiety Attacks Fast. Energy Medicine For Stress & Panic.

did you get triggered how are you feeling anxious panicky out of control in this video you’re going to learn two simple energy medicine techniques to repattern your stress response and interrupt your feeling of fear energy medicine is really the key to repass in your energies for positive change hello my name is Nicola I’m an energy medicine coach and consultant welcome to my energy medicine Channel thank you so much for watching please subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified every time I post a new video my intention is to help you raise your vibration one day at a time this video is going to look at how do these techniques work what are the benefits we’ll set the intention and then let’s do the moves firstly let’s consider this your body is your mind that’s a quote from an amazing neuroscientist called Candace pert let’s think about that your body is your mind it’s also true that your body is a molecular structure in a rate of vibration if I ask you the question right now how do you feel your answer is going to reflect your conscious awareness of the vibration that you’re actually in right now we are going to work with that and change your vibration use your body to influence your mind my energy medicine training is led by the incredible healer Donna Eden but her husband is the renowned Nicoll psychologist David Feinstein David has been at the forefront of energy psychology and has served on the faculty of leading universities like the John Hopkins School of Medicine his clinical research and input on these techniques is world leading and totally invaluable it is just now being backed by government research in the UK and I’ll put more links to that below if anyone is specifically interested so how does this work the first move is connecting into your energy systems through points on the head called neuro vascular points neuro means nerves or nervous system through the nervous system vascular means blood vessels your capillaries these points linked to your nervous system through your blood vessels they are powerful emotional gateways and they’re called neurovascular points they’re located here on the temples those the ones we’re going to use and also on the forehead then we’re going to use another powerful point but Kahn’s your fight-or-flight response and it reduces or interrupts activity in the amygdala your amygdala is like your personal alarm system and it’s located in your brain when you experience fear trauma anxiety or panic the amygdala is triggered and your body is flooded with cortisol and cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone what are the benefits of these two simple techniques it’s about re-patterning your stress response and keeping blood flow in your forebrain when we experience panic or anxiety blood leaves the forebrain which means we can’t think clearly we are free facing a different physiological biochemical response to the same situation or trigger this gives you the ability to respond different differently to the same situation how incredible is that it’s interrupting your brain signal your electrochemistry and it brings calm we can drastically reduce or eliminate any forms of distress that you might be experiencing now let’s set the intention this is really important I connect to a part of myself that brings calm say that again I connect to a part of myself that brings calm and now we’ll do the moves do these moves with me in real time connect with me here and with these self-care techniques if you’re able to do them now this will take about five minutes don’t rush it let’s slow it down tune into yourself now and check where you are take a moment to be in your body and we’ll take a few deep breaths and then begin breathing in through your nose get comfortable and out through your mouth or more in through the nose really breathe deep into your belly and now the first move we’re going to make a circle with our thumbs and index finger take the pad of your thumb put it over the nail of your index finger this connects to meridians that are important for psychological and physical aspects of structure and then we’re going to connect these with these neurovascular points connecting into our nervous system and these can be found the ones that we’re going to use in this instance are on our temples just here on either side and take that circle pads of the thumb on the nail of the index finger pop that on the temples and then with the pads of our fingers bring those to our forehead anywhere that’s comfortable for you it doesn’t matter and this is always a light touch and then we’ll start to breathe breathe deeply at your own rhythm depth that feels comfortable for you but know that when we feel panic and anxiety our bread our breathing can be quite shallow so accessing a deeper breath is really beneficial here and as we are making circuits and connections through these points on our body what we’re looking to experience is a feeling under the pads of our fingers on our forehead that tells you the blood is coming back to your forehead after a minute or two or maybe it might be even longer for some of you and that’s okay that light touch of your pads of your fingers on your forehead you’ll start to feel a pulsing sensation from your forehead that means the blood is returning strongly to your forebrain and that is what we are looking for you can hold this posture for as long as you like but certainly I recommend for a minimum of two or three minutes or even longer if you are experiencing more severe anxiety or panic a few more deep breaths here and no as the blood returns to your forebrain it means you can think more clearly lovely and that’s the first posture you can do this as many times as you like a day it’s super simple and really powerful to repass in a physiological response of your blood leaving your forebrain the second posture we’re going to do is called the fear tap and this is engaging a points on a Meridian related to your fight-or-flight that interrupts the signaling in your amygdala so take either hand and place that on your heart center and we’re going to tap in between where the little finger and the ring finger are you feel the groove there so to start we’ll take a couple of deep breaths and do some tapping quite firm again tune in to what feels right for you it may be different depending on how you’re feeling or what day it is so breathing deep and tapping and after a couple of breaths just relax there stop tapping and just allow a moment allow a pause for your body to register that interrupts an interruption in your electrochemistry take a deep breath here and then we go back to tapping on that point for a minute or two whatever feels right to you again breathing at your home rhythm deep breaths interrupting that fear response signaling back to your amygdala and changing the pattern and then relax take a deep breath and then we swap to the other side bring your hand over your heart send to the other hand find that groove in between your little finger and your index finger tap for a couple of breaths before we pause and then pause for another breath allowing your body to register that change being gentle with yourself and then we go back and tap for another minute or two whatever feels right to you whilst you’re breathing here and tune into the sensations in your body notice any changes experience a change in vibration from this physical action and then finish and bring both hands to your heart center take a deep breath and we have our hands on our heart center because when we’re stressed the electrical and electromagnetic resonance of your brain and your heart are out of sync when there is a coherence it’s called the heart coherence between heart and brain it means you have a stress resilience and you can feel calm when faced with situations that may have triggered you previously so by doing this we are also in training our heart and brain rhythms and those are the two simple techniques but now we’re just going to finish with something called the hook-up you may be familiar with this this is a powerful way to cement these moves and just solidify the changes in your energy fields take your middle finger and put it in your belly button take your other middle finger and push it in between your eyebrows push in pull up and take two or three deep breaths here we are connecting a powerful circuit down the midline of the front and back of the body and this extends out into your aura your invisible electromagnetic field around you so we’re just bringing structure and stabilizing the changes that we’ve made lovely and I would encourage you if you have been experiencing more severe anxiety or panic to hold that final move the hook up for longer we’ve got the two main moves that work on your stress response and then the hook up is just a closing sequence to bring that all together now tune into yourself check where you are now how do you feel and is it different than at the start of these postures as I said you can do any of those moves for longer also check out my video calming your stress response this has some additional and hugely beneficial techniques and info that you will find helpful if you’re also interested in this video I would love to hear from you what are your experiences with those moves was there anything that really resonated with you comments or questions below like if you like please share with anyone who may find that useful and do sign up on my website for tips and techniques that you won’t get anywhere else let’s go on a journey together


  1. Great tips as one of my best friends has panic/anxiety attacks at least once a week. I'll share this with her…thanks!

  2. You speak so clearly and this video is very informative. Your voice is so relaxing. Love the guided breathing. Cheers!

  3. Ah, I loved that. I felt deeper, calmer, heavier, more grounded. And I could feel the front of my brain – I became very aware of it actually working. Amazing. Thank you; another great tool x

  4. Merry Christmas 🎄 my sister ! Loved this video so much ! My favorite so far ! Your teaching abilities are so clear and grounding! All my love sister so proud of you !

  5. Could you name the first 2 moves again please? Will definitely try those since I get anxiety and panic attacks quite often and don't always wanna fall back on medication. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful video. Could you do one to stop and break habitual patterns. Or one for more ocd behaviour x

  7. Well done Nicola! Love your videos… sharing them with all my clients, friends & family. With love xxx

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