How to Remove Skin Tags With Tea Tree Oil : Health Care Answers

hello my name is dr. Stacy Mobley I'm a ninja practicum physician that believes in blending the best of mainstream and natural therapies to help you transform your health reenergize your life and renew your mind today we are talking about natural and easy way to remove skin tags skin tags are non cancerous benign tumor that grows calmly on your face neck back and armpits tea tree oil which is used for centuries by Aborigines in Australia as an antibacterial is a common essential oil that can be used to remove skin tags so I'm going to go into the steps of natural and easy way to remove the skin tag here is your essential kit that you need at home to complete this process we have the teacher Yule which we just mentioned can be purchased in any natural food or vitamin store we have a straw or use a dropper whichever you have on hand band-aid cotton ball and a little bit of water step one is to make sure that the area around the skin tag is clean so we're going to take in warm soapy water and just wash around or rinse around the skin tag area and make sure that's dry step two would be to take a cotton ball like this dip it in a little bit of water make sure it's damp but not wet so we're going to squeeze this apply wanted to drop to the teacher role on the cotton ball like so I'm going to take the cotton ball place it over the skin tag that you just clean dab it on there mixture is nice and wet with the skin with the tea tree all after so you're going to remove the cotton ball and place the bend aid over directly over the skin tag right here all right and stuff the next step would be just to be patient with this process it can take two to three weeks for the skin tag to fall off you will want to apply or repeat this process two to three times per day during that timeframe to make sure that the skin tag falls off I'm dr. Stacy Mobley I believe in treating the whole person using treatment options that are right for you to learn more about me and my practice visit my website dr. spelled dr Stacey Mobley calm


  1. Great video indeed. For the beauty enthusiasts willing to try new products, follow this link!

  2. These gypsy, medicine man, witch doctor remedies do Not work. Have a dermatologist do it right the first time. Oils and ointments are a damn waste of money.

  3. My farther use to use a slice of garlic on it and put a bandage tape on it then it burned the tag off his face but yea tree oil sounds good as well I used it on my keloid from my helix piercing in my ear it went away tea tree oil is good for many things and it’s good for the skin but you need to dilute it with water so it won’t burn the skin to mich

  4. Would this be safe for head of penis?
    20 yrs ago I burnt the head of my penis.i was ironing my work clothes and the iron just bearly got tip of penis.the first 12 yrs it was flat over time it's a hard peice of skin on top of penis.about the size of a grain of rice.
    I am afraid a female might think I have when I went to my doctor she thought it was a wart.i had to explain to her.but by her thinking that it only confirms what a female might think.she gave me some cream,it did nothing.i think it's a wart cream.well it's not wart,so I am thinking that's why cream didn't a date next week.i am thinking of using ice to freeze and use a razor blade to cut it concern is if it bleeds and how to close cut.butter fly tape or liquid glue.if not able to heal right it will come back in time also.penis skin stretches a troll..

  5. I just man up to them bothersome nasty tags i just cut em off deal with some blood for day sore for couple days then no more..

  6. Doc Mobley, ma'am, dont think those are skin tags per say, I have had them since i was a teen, had them frozen off, nipped off, etc…and they ALWAYS came back. Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (also known as DPN) is characterized by small brown or black spots that are on the skin around the cheekbones and eyes. The dark spots may also be found on other areas of the face, neck, chest, and back. Some people with dermatosis papulosa nigra have a few, isolated spots while others have hundreds of spots. The spots may be flat or hang off the skinlike a skin tag

  7. I'm kind of scared of needles, I saw a video, guy had a big one on his but cheek, the doctor gave him a shot and then cut it off, and then stuck an artificial scab on it. Now I don't know that seems like to much to go through. I have two big ones, one on my inner thigh and one near the but crack, so I wonder will the t tree oil help with these because I really don't want needles in those two sensitive places. Can someone please give me their unbiased opinion on what I should do. Thank you!

  8. You should always use 100% tea tree oil mix with coconut oil, they are both (not excluding honey) one of nature's purest antibacterial sources plus the coconut oil moisturizes and makes the tee tree oil not be so potent. Tea tree is a great essential oil but many people don't know this but since it's so powerful you must always diluted with coconut oil and I wouldn't use it on my pets specially the feline type but never use tea tree oil around orifices like ears, eyes, rectum or urethra. "FUCK THE MEDICINE DRUG CARTELS AND KEEP IT ASTUTE "

  9. I'm glad I visited the channel couple of weeks ago. My skin Tak naturally fell OFF after apply tea tree oil… Please note, for you to achieve positive result you must be patient as it may take up to 3wks to 1 month before it will actually fall off… Thank you every I'm now a happy man.

  10. I had a pale mole like growth on my face for years. Dabbed tea tree oil on nightly for 2 weeks. Amazingly now cant see it.

    Been there for years, if someone else would if told me this I wouldn’t of believed them lol …..

  11. For the first part of the year I have tried anything from tea tree oil, to trying to cut my tags off myself. Viewing this skin tag remover strategy “gasu fetching site” (Google) makes me think to go for it. The day after I put it on a tag on me, I discovered it turning black that I could simply pull it off.

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