How to repair or replace Cabinet Hinges (European Cabinet Hinges)

Hey guys its Mike from The Geek Pub, and on
this episode I’m going to show you how to repair these saggy cabinet hinges. Now you
could go down to your local big box store and buy new pair for about 5 bucks, but on
this particular project I think we can repair the ones we already have. But, if you need
to replace yours follow along and we’ll show you how to do that too. To repair our saggy european style cabinet
hinges, the first thing we need to do is remove he door from the cabinet. Just remove all
four screws. Be sure to support the door while doing this. Now with the door removed, lay it on a table
and remove the rest of the screws, two on each hinge, and then remove the hinge from
the pocket. Take each hinge and disassemble it by removing
any screws or other hardware and then it should slide right apart. If yours has a quick release
mechanism, remove that as well. Using an air compressor, or canned air, gently
blow the dust and cobwebs out of all of the pieces. Using a wire wheel remove any debris from
the hinge parts, if you don’t have one a toothbrush will work. When you’re done everything should look brand
new and be squeaky clean. Now using a lubricant, spray all of the joints,
and then start the reassembly process by attaching the hinges back to the door. You might be wondering what all of these screws
do? Well they allow you to adjust the door to make it fit square and level. For example,
this set screw pulls the cabinet door closer to the frame, or pushes it away. You’ll want
to adjust these to get the perfect fit. My hinges also have a quick release that makes
them a snap to install. So we’ll leave them in two pieces while we install them. Go ahead and re-attach the other half to the
cabinet face. I recommend using new screws, and tossing the old ones. Then, take the cabinet door and align it with
the cabinet face, and gently press on the quick connects. They should pop right into
place. And that’s it. No more sagging hinges. It
works like new, and didn’t cost anything more than a little time. It’s really quite a simple
repair job, that many people just don’t know how to do. Well, now you do. Well, thanks for watching, and if you like
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  1. UPDATE:  Originally I planned to make a whole channel of DIY Home Improvement videos, but it turns out I just don't have enough time.  So I moved them here to DIY playlist to preserve them, and deleted the old channel.

  2. If u have to replace hinges on overlay cabinets…what are the specs/measurements needed to find the right replacements? Grass 830 hinges specifically.

  3. Hi! At about 0:40 you remove the hinge from the door by unscrewing and pulling. I am able to unscrew but when I pull the hinge will not come out of the door. Do you have any tips?

  4. How do you know what the replacement hinges are if the manufacturer has discontinued the original ones? If any replacement has the holes on either the door or the cabinet that are not in alignment with the new hinges, would there be any damage to the door to close the existing holes and making a new one?

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