How To Reverse Hair Loss | Treatment, Shampoo, Medication

Can hair loss really be reversed and if so
how can you do it? Hi guys, how are you? I'm Robin. Welcome back
to my YouTube channel and welcome to this new video. Now, if you're suffering from hair
loss or you're worried about it then a key question I'm sure you're asking yourself is,
can this be reversed. Can I grow that hair back? Can I go back to a place where I felt
good about how I looked and how I felt? And this is exactly what this video is gonna answer.
Now, I know that a lot of you wonder about hair loss, thinning, shedding, falling, and
I see that on my blog on I've got a solutions page around hair loss
and thinning and I see all the clicks. I see where you guys are moving and I wanted to
cover this one off, but they're several causes of hair loss. It can be something as simple
as age. You know, on average 40% of men start losing their hair by the age of 35. By the
age of 60, 65% of men experience hair loss, while 80% will have lost it by their 80's.
Now, the question, can hair loss be reversed? Simply, yes. And it
can be reversed in certain ways by tweaking some of these factors to do with your health,
your diet, your lifestyle. It can also be reversed in terms of cosmetic factor, cosmetic
treatment. Looking at things like hair transplants which are expensive, can be painful and don't
always work. I would say there is loads going on in terms of hair transplants. I've got
a guy called Spex who does a lot of writing. He's a hair loss expert. So, so much going
on, you can check that out. But, really, if you want to reverse hair loss
you need to be looking at the root. Now dihydrotestosterone, DHT is an androgen. Now, this is a male sex
hormone. It really comes into play through puberty. It gives us our lower voices as men.
It changes our physicality down there, up here. It makes us bigger. It also gives us
hair on our bodies and there's actually no known benefit to it into adult life, but it
does attack our hair follicles and this is what can cause hair loss. Now, testosterone
enters the hair follicles, so really where the hair is growing from, through gateways
known as androgen receptors. Now, this is the science right here. When it goes in that
it reacts with an enzyme called 5a-reductase and in doing that it produces DHT which connects
to those receptors which then causes the follicle to miniaturize and then miniaturizing, it
means that the hair becomes weaker. It tends to fall out and it tends not to grow.
And now in order to reverse it, we wanna be looking at things called DHT inhibitors or
blockers. And what this does is to slow down the production of DHT in the body and also
to try and prevent them from binding onto that androgen of the hair follicle. Now, there's
medicines, there's potions, lotions, whatever and there's also shampoos. Now, shampoos is
the first thing I'm going to be looking at here. Now Hair Restoration Laboratories have
created shampoos, conditioners and treatment to optimize the quality of your scalp and
also support healthy hair growth. Now, unlike a lot of the commercial shampoos and conditioners
we see out there, these products don't contain any parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicon,
harsh chemicals and they also don't have any side effects to them. No their original strength
Hair Restore Shampoo, their professional version, and their Hair Restore Conditioner contain
DHT halting technology and are loaded with the maximum amount of amino acids, vitamins,
nutrients, and antioxidants, really support the growth of thicker, healthier and stronger
hair. And guys you can check out Hair Restoration Laboratories via the link in the description
below. I've linked it right there. You can check out all the products across the shampoos,
the conditioners, um, also the treatments that they've got. Read a bit more about the
ingredients, even their sort of most basic, their original shampoo has got over 20 ingredients
and these ingredients are things which have been proven to help block DHT. But I should
also say, you know, as with all products, do your reading, check them out, see what's
going on and if you're ever sort of worried or you don't know if it's gonna suit you,
then go and see a doctor and they're going to help you look into this. But some great
reviews online for this, and it's definitely something I think you should be checking out.
And going from shampoo into medication. And the most common one that I'm sure you'd have
heard of is finasteride which is sold as Propecia. Now, unlike the shampoos I've shown you there,
you can't just go online and buy it. You do have to have this prescribed so you'll need
to go and see a doctor. Also, if you stopped using finasteride, then the hair loss process
will continue. So keep that in mind. Also, there are side effects to it. Another one
within this, quite often when you talk about finasteride you'll be talking about minoxidil.
Now, minoxidil is more often sold as Rogaine and this is more like a foam. It's a foam
that you pop onto your scalp and it should help to grow the hair. Now, minoxidil works
by loosening the blood vessels to really get the nourishment, all the good stuff into the
hair follicle to allow it to grow. Now, although this is not really a DHT blocker/inhibitor,
it does have some great stats attached to it. One which I'm sure I can remember here
is that in male pattern baldness over 60% of men found it effective in growing hair
again. So, that is pretty good. Also, the other thing about this, it's not prescription
so you can buy it online, you can buy it in a store. So that's something else to keep
in mind. So, you know, again, you can go extreme. You can do stuff like hair transplants or
micro pigmentation which is really tattooing onto the head to give tiny dots to give the
appearance of hair. But I always think that with anything in terms of your own health,
go back to the core, you know, where this is starting and that generally will be the
DHT. So if you can use something like the shampoos which I've spoken about – again,
linked – or you wanna be looking at medication, then that's definitely something that you
should be doing. But guys, again, everything is on those solution pages, loads of articles,
stuff about products, and that'll be constantly updated. So, for me, that's really my sort
of go-to. So you can check that out there. Again, everything linked, and also it'll be
up in the cards there. But thank you very much for watching. I really hope you've enjoyed
this one. If you have and you're interested in this sort of stuff – lifestyle, grooming,
hair, style – then please do press subscribe right now. The button is just there. There's
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in my next new video, buh-bye.


  1. What water temprature you usually drink refrigerated or room temprature btw really amazing and peerless content

  2. Mine grew back on its own after I treated my seborrheic dermatitis…I had huge gaps in my hairline (the inflammation was mostly located there..probably because of me playing with argan and castor oils for weeks), it's all good now

  3. I changed my diet, worked out, solved big problems in my social life or the lack thereof, work, and emotional well-being. Started brushing my hair and applied nutrient rich hair tonic to my scalp. Stopped wearing hats and only put hair wax on special days. I'm seeing good slow and steady regrowth for almost a year now. My hair strands feel much stronger and smoother. Even the color is darker and shinier.

  4. Little disappointed in the product placement – I mean, do you endorse the Hair Restoration Shampoo? It's super expensive and i can't tell if they just pay every reviewer or if it's good/bad etc. Should i buy it over Nioxin?

  5. Bit of an annoying ad, UK based channel pushing a US product which likely costs a fortune to ship to UK, and then import duty on top.

  6. DHT is the main androgen responsible for male features (v-taper, deep voice, hairgrowth, facial hair, jawline), it also works as a CNS stimulant giving you energy and drive. In other words you are basically suppressing the main thing that makes you a man by taking drugs like finasteride. Would be very careful when fucking with it. For some side effects can be permanent.

  7. The only active ingredient in hair loss shampoos is ketoconazole. That’s what dissolves DHT crystals/buildup at the base of the hair follicle. Saw palmetto and other stuff like that in a shampoo isn’t necessarily needed

  8. I'll tell you guys a suggestion.
    Instead of using a shampoo thrice/four times a week, use a mixture of gram flour and water. It's a natural cleanser for the hair, and leaves it smooth, and healthy. Using an actual shampoo and conditioner once a week, and using the mixture otherwise, would be really beneficial to keep your hair healthy for a long time. It's a popular choice here in India, especially in the past.

  9. so do you recommend Hair Restoration Laboratories over Nioxin?? thought Nioxin was the best according to you, but you endorse Hair Restoration Laboratories in this video.

  10. A shampoo can't block dht! Many-many misinformations in this video, only finasteride (propecia) can block the dht hormones, if it is taken regularly, and I would advise using topical minoxidil, which also have to be used regularly.

  11. Don’t use anything that inhibits dht it miserably ruined my life stay the hell away from propecia (finasteride) and even saw palmetto look up post finasteride syndrome there’s thousands of other men including myself who suffer from this condition it is truly hell on earth

  12. Great information in a nutshell. Thank you so much. We are exclusive hair regrowth research team and created nice videos for hair regrowth and beauty. Worth watching. By the way, I love the shampoo from Hair Restoration Laboratories, one of the good DHT blocking shampoos

  13. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the only solutions to male pattern baldness BUT can you put a solution/ foam to your scalp and leave it there for at least 4-6 hours 2 times a day for your entire life? OR can you take the risk of putting in danger your sex life with Finasteride? Both options are expensive and you must continue using them FOREVER otherwise your hair will go back to the first stages of your hair loss.

  14. For $20 for a bottle of that shampoo, it had better be effective.
    I still have super thick hair, but I'm worried I will lose it one day lmao

  15. I’m gonna stick with Nioxin. The products look interesting but shipping is just as much as the products despite the cost reduction and sign up 10% discount. Some interesting points Robin good vid as always

  16. I’ve been using Nioxin like you have mentioned before and I have definitely seen an improvement in my hair. Also happy Easter robin.

  17. Wrong. You can buy finasteride from online pharmacies. I've been getting mine from medexpress (£15 per 28 tabs), after answering a few questions on their site. Professional, discreet and next day delivery. I was at the very beginning of hair loss (late 30's), with some thinning at the very front and crown. After 7months, big improvement, no extra loss and hair looks much more dense. Also was getting adult acne, which subsided. Had none of the sides that some worry about either.

  18. Do you know if these products of hair restoration, or nioxin treatments should be used if necessary when you are at age 18+ ? Or does age doesnt have any effect on when you start using it to take care of hair?

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