How to sanitize your first aid kit

>> MFASCO: Hello and welcome to the MFASCO
Health and Safety Blog. For first-aid supplies to be most effective
it’s imperative to keep your kit clean and sanitized, after all no one wants to use dusty
gauze or outdated ointments. Follow these steps for keeping your first-aid
kit clean and tidy. First, put on protective gloves before you
begin. Clean one shelf at a time, make a point of
checking to see if items are damaged, expired or no longer useable. Then properly clean and sanitize the empty
shelf, remember that people access the first-aid kit when they’re injured. Use a sanitizing spray to ensure it’s safe. When you’re done return all items to their
proper place in the first-aid kit. Make a point of reorganizing any misplaced
items and take note of what items need to be restocked.

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