How To Set Up EMS Hidden Key LOCKBOX | Medical Care Alert

This is your Medical Care Alert lockbox
which allows emergency medical personnel easy access to your home in case there
is an emergency with a lockbox and key in place
EMS won’t have to break down your door in the event that you are unable to let
them in. Let’s review how to set up the lockbox to use with your Medical Care
Alert system. Your lockbox has already been programmed with a code which you
can find in your personal profile paperwork. You can change this code at
any time, but just be sure to call us and let us know what the new code is. Let’s
learn how to setup the combination. Open up your lockbox and you’ll notice a
little switch with a tiny black cap on it. Remove the cap and slide this metal
switch to the up position like this. This allows you to change the lock
combination. Go back to the front and set it to whatever numbers you’d like. again
be sure to write this down and put it somewhere safe just in case you
accidentally forget the combination numbers. Once you’ve done that and go
back inside and flip the little metal switch back to its original down
position and put the tiny black cap back on. Now your new combination is all set.
To release the shackle, flip the silver switch shown here. You’ll notice that the
shackle is large enough to fit most door handles so feel free to lock it outside
one of the doors leading into your home this will make it easy for our EMT
certified agents to enter should there be an emergency. And that covers setup
for the Medical Care Alert lockbox. Now just a few quick reminders. Remember your lockbox is already set up with a code which you could find in your personal
profile paperwork and you are free to change the code but just make sure to
call us and let us know after you change it. Finally be sure to let us know where
your lockbox is located that way during an emergency EMS can easily find it. And
that’s it, we’re all set. Should you have any additional questions consult your
instruction manual and other videos in our library. You can also reach us at
this number website thank you for choosing Medical
Care Alert.

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