How to stock the perfect first aid kit

Hi I’m Kim and I’m Michael and today
we’re going to show you how to put together your first aid
kit for traveling. Now, Kim and I have traveled a lot and we
actually do take first-aid kits with us when we go. Today we’re going to run
through two examples of how we made it our own and then hope that you can take
these ideas to make it your own. So I like to take a lot of road trips.
Sometimes I’ll get from point A to point B on my motorcycle, or I’ll go on a quick
day hike with my nieces and nephews. What’s in this bag are basic items that
I’ll need in case of a small scratch or a quick emergency, and I know that along
the way I can always stop that a pharmacy or a hospital is needed. In this standard first aid kit I have: bandages surgical tape tweezers scissors gauze wrap an ACE bandage antibacterial cream liquid bandages butterfly clips alcohol pads pain relief medication antihistamine cream loperamide tablets inhaler nasal spray prescription medications contact solution and
contacts and most importantly,
my health insurance card. And my kit you can see
is a little bit bigger because this is an example of maybe going overseas for
an extended backpacking trip, somewhere where you’re farther away from medical
health there’s a little bit more comprehensive care in the case. With this larger kit, I’ve packed: hydration packets anti-diarrheal medicine decongestant probiotics medicine for pain or fever antihistamine anti motion sickness
medication cough suppressant antacid cough drops antifungal and antibacterial
ointments antibacterial hand wipes liquid bandage bandages gauze scissors tweezers ACE bandage and butterfly bandages mole skins for blisters prescription medicines first-aid quick reference card insect repellent hand sanitizer hydrocortisone cream and don’t forget to bring
your health insurance card.

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