How to Stop Being a Control Freak + The Instant Anxiety Fix (Featuring Coach Red Pill)

right now I tell you what I'm not even remotely in the mood to shoot video I'm not inspired I'm not like lubricated I'm not I got nothing going for me right now don't wait around to feel like you want to do something if you decide that you want to do something for whatever reason because it's important to you on a personal level or maybe because you're gonna make money out of it it doesn't matter why but when you decide to do something when you you know put on the big boy pants and decide this I'm gonna go for this so I figure I just talk to the camera for a little bit for about five minutes see what we can get going but I'm not expecting much and I'm gonna do it well when that happens when you make that decision grind it out if you want to become a great social connector right a networker right if you want to have great skills and so far social dynamics how many how you're gonna do that unless you've got this thing on your side this fun learning frame right if you don't have the fun learning from let's say you're out there and you're just operating on the world like you did normally right you're out in a nightclub right where you're out in a bar you're out in a restaurant whatever it is whatever the situation is and you see all these all these people aren't you're just strangers right they're just strangers looking to bite your head off and in your and your Freda actually going up and talking to any of them because my goodness there might be having a bad day and they might just take that out on you right right there's constant state of worry I can't tolerate worry I don't have time for it dude no no I I don't have any time for worry anxiety social pressure any of that crap in my life anymore so what do I do I'm gonna go talk to that guy right there and I'm gonna see if he's got a connection for me a referral for me I'm gonna go talk to that girl right there and see if she's busy on Saturday night because I don't know I just want to have some fun I want to talk to that group of people over there cuz they look like they're having a good time and I don't like people having a good time without me I'm gonna go in there and insert myself in that situation how can I do this how could I have the freedom to just insert myself in all these scenarios well simple my ethos is this world here is my social playground and therefore I have the right to insert myself in any situation I want because after all what's the worst-case scenario I'm either gonna get what I want or I'm gonna learn I'm gonna learn how to do it better next step every single freedom principle from here on out that liberates you from another situation where you were overwhelmed with angst always loops back to fun learning phrase freedom principle number one so tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids or just put it in a journal and look at it a lot freedom principle number two anytime that I feel overwhelmed by worry anxiety fear I take a deep breath exhale I look at what it is in that situation that I can control what are the variables that I can control what are the situation what are variables that are within my direct control and how many of them do I have the reins over oh oh oh not many at all I'm trying to control that I'll come over here that has about 10 or 15 different people in it I'm trying to control and I'll come over here that has six or seven people in it right I'm trying to control I'll come over here that has a whole lot of traffic in it a whole lot of bad weather in it a whole lot of people running late in it a whole lot of people not showing up on time in it well what list sounds like I'm bleeding energy left right and center right as of today when you adopt freedom principle number two you look at every situation in which you had been bleeding energy worry anxiety fears okay describe it however you want insert your creative description here right whatever it is you're gonna look at that situation you're say a mind control the variables that outcome if not you were going to boom let that baggage you go right you're gonna realize when you start doing this just how much how much heavy baggage you've been carrying around that you didn't need to be carrying around that did not belong to you and you will have the freedom in that moment to set that baggage down and walk away what the hell man give me a little time to adjust I've also been making movies for three months they I know they still suck they still suck but not as bad as they sucked originally you see how they get progressively better yeah just like you're gonna get progressively better your confidence is gonna get progressively stronger right your column is getting progressively cooler give me like Fonzie with that fucking gay leather jacket is

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