How to Stop Bleeding | First Aid Training

How to stop bleeding. Bleeding can be anywhere from minor to major. We’ll start with minor. Say you’re with family, friends, or with kids. Someone runs around the house and knocks themself
into the corner of a table, and they start to bleed. What do you do? Wash your hands. Any time there’s a break in the skin there’s
a risk for infection. So, get the person to come with you. Wash your hands. Wash off any blood that’s on the person. Then get a clean cloth, a clean towel, even
gauze if you have it in your first aid kit, put it on top of where it’s bleeding and hold
it there. Put some pressure on it like you’re giving
a good firm handshake. Hold it there for as long as you need to. Ten minutes is good. If this starts to spurt or it doesnt’ stop
bleeding after ten minutes you need to get some medical help. You can call 911 to ask what they suggest. You can call the doctor. You can call the instacare. But, really, if it’s spurting or taking more
than ten minutes to stop bleeding you need to get some help. Now, if it’s major, again, if you can, wash
your hands. Number two, if it’s big bleeding like that
you want to call for help. So, get someone around there to call 911,
or if you have your phone with you call 911. Get help as soon as you can. Next thing you can do if you happen to have
anything that can protect your hands, do it. If you just happen to have your first aid
kit with you and you have gloves you can wear gloves on your hands. If you happen to have any kind of plastic,
plastic bag, or maybe a sandwich bag that you have with you, you can use that to protect
your hands as well. Then you need to find something to stop the
bleeding. A cloth. If you have a jacket with you you can use
that. The cleaner the better. You want to put pressure on wherever that
wound is. Now, if it is an abdomen or there are organs
sticking out you don’t want to push those organs back. You don’t want to disturb anything. Just press around it and try to stop the bleeding
as best you can. But, most importantly, keep the person safe,
keep yourself safe, keep pressure on the wound, and call for help.


  1. when i was in 5th grade i read this in the back of my science book. the minor part not thr major!! that would be grusem!! XP

  2. Say you are with some friends on a sleigh dragged by a car, then you crash and cut yourself on the tigh in the corner of a CONCRETE roadblock and fly some feet in the air..(me).. and the cut looks like a deep stab how the hell do i stop that lol

  3. Just one small but nevertheless very important point here, if you happen to be in the UK the # to call for the emergencies is 999 NOT repeat NOT 911. This is definitely NOT because we're trying to be damn obstinate, it stems back to the days of the old "Dial" type telephones if you were in a smoke filled environment you simply felt around the dial for the finger stop at the bottom put one finger in the end hole the in the dial this is the "0" and one finger in the hole next to it this is the "9". Take your finger out of the end hole and used the remaining finger to dial 999. EVen though the vast majority of phones in the UK be they home phones public phones of cell phones are press button phones we continue to use "999" to call emergency services.

  4. Why is there that much emphasis on vague, non-sterile technique and almost none on how to actually stop bleeding? This video is unhelpful.

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