How to Study Medicine in English in Italy

hi my name is Erica campano and I'm a student of Medicine in English at the University of Milan Italy hoping to work someday for Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross I'm also a blogger at med school I – I'm here to tell you about studying medicine English and Italy if you're an English speaker who wants to study medicine the International medical schools at Italian public universities are a new option that you may wish to consider the following medical schools offer english-language MD degrees the universities of Milan pavía and Bari as well as two universities in Rome and to Naples these degrees are taught by many of the same professors who teach at the equivalent Italian language medical programs but at the international schools instruction is entirely in English you are required to learn Italian once you arrive but you do not need to speak Italian to get in the academic quality of at least some of these universities is outstanding the University of Milan for example has been ranked seventh best in Europe for biomedical sciences I personally have studied in the past at Stanford Columbia and the University of Paris Sorbonne CTA and the quality of teaching and research in Milan is comparable these med schools are very inexpensive tuition ranges between about six hundred and four thousand euros a year that's seven hundred and forty three hundred dollars and is scaled to your financial resources this is because Italian university education is free or nearly free for everyone the fees are the same for international students as for Italians and the schools are not-for-profit the philosophy behind the English language md programs in italy is democratic to try to give access to a Western quality medical education to students from all over the world in my class of 47 students we have 22 nationalities represented from Taiwan to Thailand determine I half us American and half German to get into these programs you need to pass an admissions exam called the I'm at the international medical admissions test it examines your knowledge of biology chemistry physics and math as well as your ability to read and analyze English you can take this test at centers all over the world your chances of passing the exam depend on how competitive the University you apply to is and whether or not you're an EU citizen you're on that score is basically the only admissions criteria you don't need to interview or submit essays although you do have to have completed a certain amount of schooling depending on the country you come from these med schools are about seven years old the first one was started in popiah in 2009 Milan and the others join in in about 2010 the courses are six years long which includes four years of clinical education after graduation you can apply to residences all over the world including in Italy in many cases you may be able to skip the first year of residency entirely so if you want to get an MD be in an international environment and do not want to pay the very high fees at most universities in the english-speaking world you may wish to consider studying in Italy to learn more visit the websites of the individual universities the I'm at page of the University of Cambridge who writes the exam or med school IT

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