How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite : First Aid if a Pet is Bitten by a Snake

Hi, I’m Ginger Black. I’m a professional snake
handler with Expert Village. Alright, we’ve talked about adults and children being bitten
by venomous snakes. What happens if the family pet’s bitten? Your cat or your dog, something
to that affect. You need to remember that animals are not usually as vulnerable to venom
as humans are. The biggest concern would be infection at the bite location itself. You
may not, in fact, even know that the animal has been bitten. They may limp because their
leg or their foot is sore, but that’s the only indication you may have. When you discover
there’s a problem you can’t diagnose, take your animal to the vet. When they discover
that there has in fact, been a snake bite, they’re probably just going to treat the animal
with an antibiotic and a pain killer. The biggest concern is an infection at the wound
site itself. There are some snakes that would be deadly to your pet, something like a large
Vipered, an Eastern or Western Diamondback, a Timber Rattler. Most things however, are
not going to be a problem, Copperheads, for instance, the thing your dog is most likely
to come across at home. If you have a hunting dog out in the woods, they would be the ones
more likely to come across a more dangerous animal. If you get to the vet and the only
thing that can happen after observing the animal and finding out that the bite is, in
fact, going to be deadly, you veterinarian may just decide to euthanize your animal.
And, you may have to be prepared to deal with that. But, it’s a very slim possibility that
your animal is going to be bitten by one of these animals. Unless your dog’s one to go
out and chase down a snake and harass them and play with them, you’re probably not, you
probably don’t have anything to worry about.


  1. i looked up this video because a friend of mines German Shepard was bitten by two copperheads today and died on the way to the vet, my friend was moving some fire wood and the snakes were under it when he lifted it,the dog approached the snakes and was bitten twice in the face and died, i love snakes but this really upset me, no anger toward the snakes at all though, copperheads are one of the most beautiful reptiles in north america

  2. He hates snakes and kills them when he seems them if they are harmless or not, weeks before this happen i was trying to show him that snakes arent out to get you and the not really as bad as he thinks, then whats happens, 2 copperheads kill his dog! i dont understand.

  3. you people are fuckin retarded, shes saying the shit for a reason dumbasses, obviously if there was anti venom that could be used for dogs the vet would give it to the dog. The thing is most of the anti venom that is made only works on people and not dogs and other types of animals. You people need to stop going so crazy about your beloved pets and pay attention and learn something for a change. How idiotic a person can be really pisses me off!

  4. @PeaveyESP no not really, unless you have an allergy or i just happens to inject an ungodly amout of venom its the least dangerous venomous snake in america. unless you include the hognose on that list

  5. So your advice on how to give first aid for your dog if bitten by a big venomous snake is: be prepared to put the dog down? Great advice, haha.

  6. lol here in Australia we have the most venomous snakes in the world if a Dog or Cat gets bitten by a Eastern Brown snake Second Deadliest snake in the world the dog or cat is going to Die

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