How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite : First Aid Tools for Poisonous Snakes Attack

Hi, I’m Ginger Black. I’m a professional snake
handler with Expert Village. If you’re someone who’s likely to encounter a venomous snake,
there are a few things you might want to keep on hand. One is a snake hook. That’s something
you can use to move the snake out of your way so you are not in the danger zone. Another
item would be a pair of shears, so you can cut away a pants leg or a sleeve on a shirt
to get to a bite area. A third item would be something you can cut metal with to cut
away rings, bracelets, any other constricting item that may be on your body. Compression
bandages are good depending upon the type of venom that you’ve come in contact with.
And finally a Sawyer extractor. It is the safest method for removing venom that has
been injected. So, if you’re someone who has children who are likely to play in the woods,
you work somewhere that you come across venomous animals on a regular basis, these are some
items you might want to keep on hand.


  1. These videos move a little slow to be helping me in a serious emergency! What's next?!! COME ON!!!

  2. Not enough information on the different types of snakes and how to treat the injury based on the type of snake.

  3. I live i Australia and we have the most venomous wildlife in the world. Never have I ever heard someone here endorse a venom extracter. It does not work- the lymphatic system uses body movement to circulate.

    Instead we use the Pressure Immobolisation Technique. It works by buying you time to get to a hospital for the antivenom. I have never heard of someone dying who has used this method properly.

  4. If I type strip dance in you tube search bar, there will be endless list but if I am looking for some thing helpful and educational, all I can find are these fucking 1 minute videos which contains intodocution for half of their length..alas

  5. do u know of a good video for children ages 2-6 to teach them what to do if they see a snake, etc. ???

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