How to Treat a Black Eye | First Aid Training

A black eye is just the little vessels around
your eye bursting and bruising. So it’s normal to see discoloration. It’s normal to have temporary visual disturbances. It’s normal to get a little swelling. It’s normal to have a headache or a neck ache. Those are all normal. If you have visual disturbances that last
longer than that, if there’s a deformity to the eye or to the face, if there’s any kind
of dizziness or behavior changes then you need to seek medical help. If there’s clear fluid leaking from the ears
or the nose, those are all signs of something that needs to be taken care of by a doctor. So what do you do? Number one you want to get the person away
from any kind of danger. Get to a safe place. You’re gonna want to put some ice on it. You can wrap the ice in a cloth. You can wrap ice in a sandwich bag. You can use frozen peas. Anything that is cold and that you can put
on the eye and can mold to your facial features. You never want to put direct pressure. You don’t want to press on it. You just want it to lay there and cool things
off. You don’t necessarily need a steak or anything
like that. Anything cold will work. You’re gonna want to ice your eye for 15 minutes
every hour and then take it off. And then ice it again for 15 minutes and then
take it off. And you can do that for about a day. If swelling continues for more than 48 hours,
you’re gonna want to talk to your doctor. When you go to sleep, you’re gonna want to
elevate your head that way things can drain and the bruising will go down. You also want to take some over the counter
medication for pain. You want to stay away from something like
aspirin because that’s a blood thinner and that can disturb the bleeding. And that’s what you do for a black eye.


  1. My 8 year old blackened my 6 year olds eye while wrestling on the bed. I'm so scared. Never seen a black eye before. All around the house they're always a constant entanglement of limbs. Go figure…

  2. I had a really bad black eye, cuts and everything. It was really swollen like the size of a baseball, I got the swelling to go down during the night by using coconut oil and Jamaican castor oil. Then the next day I applied witch hazel all day and I went to my local herb store and got COMFREY. I smashed the comfrey down to a past and applied it on my eye. It's been two days since I got the black eye and there is no swelling and the bruising went away 75%.

    Just thought I should leave these tips. Also I didn't apply ice, it was too cold

  3. Really nice night, few drinks, got a date tomorrow, everything is great.
    BANG brick to the face 3 times.
    Fucking typical.

  4. Oh my gosh I have a really bad black eye because I slipped off of my bunk bed, and it's picture day in 4 days. and I just don't know what to do this sucks so bad!!!

  5. Got drunk on whiskey and vodka and begged two people to punch me in the face. One guy about 6'4 and 3 times my weight gave me a nice lil' shiner then his girlfriend took her shot and gave me a slight black eye on the opposite side. I have bleeding in my right eye, in the white of my eye. Don't really know if it's cause for concern but:

    1. Don't drink half a fifth of whiskey accompanied with shots of vodka
    2. Never be around people you're best friends with whilst drinking said half fifth of whiskey accompanied with shots of vodka
    3. Don't beg said friends to punch you in the face
    4. Don't mix dark and light liqours
    5. Black eyes aren't fun

  6. its been 10 yrs since my black eye and i still have blood under the surface of my skin and yesterday my daughter hit me in the left eye and now i have a blood bump (dunno whatelse to call it) AND im pretty sure its gonna b there forever just like my right eye… can i do its not black eye but i have redish/purple below each eye now that wont go away on its own

  7. I got shot with a boom co pistol and I keep seeing a black spot it happened yesterday does anyone know if that is really bad?

  8. I got shot with a boom co pistol and I keep seeing a black spot it happened yesterday does anyone know if that is really bad?

  9. "A little swelling" … I could barely see yesterday because it was swelling so much that it was closing my eye. Idgaf about the bruising I just want the swelling gone.

  10. I hit my younger sister with a baseball bat and gave her a black eye and I’m tryna find treatments before my mother get home 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. first day back sparring at my boxing gym and let’s just say I was rusty lmao. But got a good solid 8 rounds of work in. Definitely don’t miss this pain lol.

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  13. So I fainted and fell onto something which I still don't know what that was and my eye bruised but a day later there was blood around my iris (only on the side of the bruise).
    I was told this should go away normally but also told that I should get the blood removed by a surgery or something
    Did anyone experience this and could maybe help out?
    (The nearest eye doctor that's decent is like two hours away from my home so I'm asking for opinions first)

  14. My mom was mad at me and got a closed umbrella and accidentally clicked the button and it hit her eye…

  15. Learning this because my younger brother is joing my senior school/high school this september and he always gets in fights at school but learning this to protect him bc hes had a black eye before btw he always starts the fights. Even tho i protect him he tells me to hang myself he is mean to me every day

  16. I throwed a paper ball into my friends head. He was so angry that he wanted to get his revenge on me. I thought we were joking. He pulled my shirt I pulled his it was fun…..but then he just pounched me in the face. I got a realy realy black eye. I don't know what to do? I am to scared to tell my mum or my brother.

    Day 2: My eye just got even more black. Is that good or bad?

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