How to Treat a Blister | First Aid Training

All right, how to treat a blister. When you get small friction blisters ,like
from your running shoes, or from working out, or even small, like little burn blisters,
you kind of want to leave them alone. Let them heal on their own. If your blister does burst, you just want
to clean it. Mild soap and water. You’re going to want to put some antibiotic
ointment on it. You’re going to want to cover it with a bandage. And you’re going to want to watch for signs
of infection. Excessive pus, redness, swelling, fever, chills,
muscle aches, anything like that. Change the bandage once a day, or more often
if it gets dirty or if it gets wet. And that’s what you do with a small blister,
either from friction or from a small, minor burn.


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