How to Treat a Human Bite | First Aid Training

How to treat a human bite. Number one, get yourself away from any danger. Safety is key, you have to be safe in order
to help the person who had a human bite. Number two, you want to clean the wound. Soap and water is good, mild soap and water. If there’s bleeding you want to stop the bleeding. You want to get a clean cloth or some gauze
and apply pressure to the wound. You need to look for infection. If there’s puss, redness, chills and fever,
anything like that, you need to seek medical help. You also need to be careful because a bite
can injure underlying tissue, such as the bone, the nerves, the tendons. Things that you don’t see on the surface. So you want to keep that in your mind when
you are taking care of someone who has a human bite.


  1. Everybody in the audience is an idiot this is seriously helpful whether it be domestic violence, a dirty fight on the street or even an accidental incident in bed with a partner even toddlers bite. Please educate yourselves

  2. In future something will happen ? Someone bite me in my thumb! I am really worry about this! Little bit pain in stomach

  3. my sister got bit by our little brother because they were fighting and my little brother had enough and bit her real hard now that my sister has a human bite I’ve been searching to all the web and youtube please pray for my sister so she could survive..

  4. i got bitten by my friend an human mouth has bacteria so it's possible it can lead to infenction unless if you do something about it

  5. This is all very good information, and it is very helpful information. However, I don’t think I quite understand why somebody would bite somebody else to a point where they would break the skin, or need to be moved to a safer place. I’ve bitten somebody before, but it was only in a playful manner, and even then I barely bit down. I didn’t come anywhere near breaking the skin, or even leaving any sort of Mark.

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