How to treat a Nosebleed – First Aid Tip – Facebook Live Broadcast

Good afternoon Facebook it’s Alistair
and Kelly from a Lazarus training as promised it’s Tuesday it’s two o’clock
in the afternoon UK time so time for us to broadcast to you busy day today and
we’re doing a lot of work on our hostile environments training package that
we’ve got coming soon so we’re only going to do a small broadcast to you today but
interestingly it’s on a topic which has come out because of Facebook Live and
somebody who visits our office the other day had seen these videos going out every
Tuesday and Thursday two o’clock UK time and said “oh what about nosebleeds?” and
their question was they’d been at a party somewhere one of the kids running
around had banged their nose it was bleeding and between the people there
they couldn’t remember which was the best treatment that’s what we’re going
to look at for you now now poor Kelly here has banged her nose or if it was me
probably more likely I’ve been picking my nose but either way she’s got a
nosebleed so what do we actually do well ideally with gloved hands ideally with
some sort of cloth we get them to pinch the soft part their nose squeeze it
*can you just take over squeezing that for me?* so far so good everyone kind of gets that bit
in their head most nosebleeds come from this bit of your nose the septum and so
the idea of pushing the sides against it kind of makes sense direct pressure we
might describe it but the controversial bit, the discussion that these people
having about the little kid who banged his nose was where do we move the person and
I’ll put you out your pain and put Kelly out of her pain as well we’d like you to
lean them forward a little bit yeah why do we lean them forward well why not
backwards if you lean someone backwards the nose connects to the back of the
mouth and it doesn’t go up it goes pretty much straight back and the blood
that’s in this nose goes back into the back of their throat and they have to
swallow it which at the very least is unpleasant but it can have a few little
complications whereas with Kelly in this position now the bloods encouraged to
come forward she’s got pressure on there which will hopefully make it clot and it just
is less unpleasant if nothing else so as I said to you at the beginning of
broadcast today because we’re busy with the hostile stuff that we’re doing
only a very small broadcast but we wanted to keep our promise that on Tuesdays and
Thursdays 2 p.m. UK time we’d be on here broadcasting
some sort of tip to you. If any questions just put them in the comments
or comment on this as the video is going out you can get us on Twitter as well
Lazarus Training so any questions about nosebleeds hopefully not too many,
quite self-explanatory do let us know or if you’ve got other topics you would
like to see coming out on here now because we are a bit condensed on time
using the magic of TV we’re going to pretend some time has moved on we
recommend that you try this for about 10 minutes and when you get to the end of
the 10 minutes you can release the pressure and hopefully a simple clots
formed and the bleedings stopped now it’s not unusual for it to bleed again and so
we can go for a second period of 10 minutes if required if however it
continues to bleed and you enter your third period of 10 minutes then there’s
perhaps something else going on maybe there’s some sort of complication medical
conditions affecting the person’s ability to clot so we need to seek some
sort of medical aid most notably though you can work out what the cause was
someone picking their nose and stuff so tell them not to pick the nose blow
their nose for the next 24 hours this might sound a bit stupid but sometimes
you have to actually encourage them to breathe through their mouth whilst you’re doing all this
otherwise they struggle and they get uncomfortable and actually stop doing it
because of that never really thought it would happen but I’ve seen having a few
times with some of the people that I’ve met often at Rugby Clubs and the like
people maybe don’t think things through as clearly as they could do so treatment of a
nosebleed squeeze it, pad, ideally gloved hand over the pad lean them forward get
them to breathe through their mouth and give it about 10 minutes and the vast vast majority of
the time that’ll solve it for you so there we go Facebook short message to you today
but hopefully we’ve answered the question about what to do about a nosebleed
I will see you again on Thursday two o’clock I with some discussion about some of
the courses we’re running soon and some more First Aid tips I think you’re
healed now Kelly you can let go of that.

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