How to Treat an Animal Bite | First Aid Training

The number one bite in America is a dog bite. There are many dogs out there as pets and
sometimes we get in the way of the their mouths. Number one, any infant or child who has a
dog bite needs to be seen by a doctor. Very important they need to be checked out. Anybody who has a bite needs to be evaluated
for skin damage, bone damage, underlying tissue damage, tendon damage, nerve damage, even
if there’s no break in the skin. Number one; get yourself away from the dog. Get you and the person to safety. Number two, if it’s bleeding, stop the bleeding. Put some pressure on the wound with a clean
cloth, with some gauze, and stop the bleeding. Call your doctor, or go to your doctor. You’re going to need to know what type of
animal it was, any kind of markings, any coloring where you were, even if you don’t know what
kind of animal it was. All the information can help your doctor figure
out what the next step is. You especially need to seek medical treatment
if the animal was wild, an animal you don’t know, if the animal was sick or acting in
a way that may be sick, aggressive behavior, be behavior that’s not normal for this dog. If you think the animal might be poisonous
it’s very important to get to the doctor right away to get that checked out. There may be things happening that you don’t
see right away that a doctor can help you with. And that’s what to do in a bite.


  1. You know I thought this vid would be helpful.
    Got bit?
    Go see a doctor.
    REALLY?!? I had no idea…I was just going to let it close up and pray it didn't get infected.

  2. You know … normally when i see ppl comment badly on some crappy howcast vids i would be …mad at ppl for just hating .. but howcast explain to me this what the hell would a person who got bit do? think ppl will just stop the bleeding and thats that? really? i understand you wanna cover more topics but a few of the vids being made now are just nonsense … thats my honest opinion

  3. At least show 20sec for that dog screaming people !
    U people just attract people from thumbnail otherwise ur channel is pussy

  4. Yeah, like the days when they used to teach me how to make tasty pies or how to make green beer for St. Patrick's Day…yeah, I remember those days…

  5. Get away from the animal, pressure on the wound so it stops bleeding, go to the doctor……

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