How to Treat Cuts & Scrapes | First Aid Training

If your cut or scrape is bleeding for more
than ten minutes or spurting, you’re gonna want to call 911; you’re gonna need some extra
help with that. If the cut is more than one-fourth inch long
or deep, you’re gonna want to talk to your doctor or seek medical treatment; you may
need stitches for that. So what do you do? Get the person away from any kind of danger;
you’re gonna want to clean the wound. Start by cleaning your own hands Whenever
there is a break in the skin there is a risk for an infection so if your hands are clean
you won’t be spreading infection to this open wound. So you clean it with soap and water; if there’s
any kind of dirt, or grit, or particles, or pebbles, you’re gonna want to get those out. Usually just with a wash cloth; rubbing with
get it out. It doesn’t feel that great but it will get
all that stuff out. You don’t want to leave it in there because
that could lead to infection as well. If you have squeezers, you can wash them in
alcohol and try to pluck all that stuff out. Once everything is clean and there’s no more
grit or dirt or sticks or anything like that you’re gonna want to put some antibiotic ointment
on there and you’re gonna want to wanna cover it up with a bandage. If the bleeding soaks through, just put another
pad or another piece of gauze or another clean cloth on top. Don’t peek through and see what’s going on;
just keep it on top of there and hold it for a good 10 minutes. If the bleeding goes more than 10 minutes
or starts to spurt, you need to call for help right away. You’re gonna want to change the bandage once
a day or whenever it gets wet or it gets dirty just to take sure that no infection, nothing
can get in there to start an infection. If you haven’t had a tetnus shot in a while
or you’re not sure when you’ve had your last tetnus shot, you’re gonna want to talk to
your doctor about getting a booster. Once the wound has been covered and you’ve
been watching it everyday, if you see any signs of infection like puss, redness, swelling,
or people getting the chills or fever or anything that’s out of the ordinary you’re gonna want
to talk to your doctor and see what you can do about that.


  1. I fell down 3 days ago at a pathway, and my palm had small cuts, there was tiny little black particles stuck in the wound which is the size of maybe a quarter of a grain of sand, but no signs of infection so far.

  2. Nah fam if u cut yourself u ties sock above cut and cut off blood to stop pain then u can start cleaning it for no pain 🙂👍

  3. I got triggered while playing basketball so I tried to ram into an opponent but instead tripped and elbow planted on the cement, OUCH

  4. Whipped out riding down a hill on a skateboard. Yes I am a girl. My side is bruised and my elbow, hand, and knees are bleeding and stinging. I also hit my head and almost passed out so my sister had to call my mom to come get us.

  5. I tripped and fell on asphalt today and hurt the front of my lower legs a little but no scrapes , but I did scrape my elbow …

  6. I slid into second and a rock was in the ground and I need to know how to patch it up without it sticking to it

  7. i have something to say for people that may help them
    so if you get a scrape i recommend not using bandages or plasters as it will take longer to heal
    its better letting your scrape getting air around it and it heals faster

  8. I was playing octopus at recess today and slipped and slid across the concrete basketball area. I to big scrapes on my leg. Ouch. Btw the talent show is tomorrow……

  9. Do not call for help RIGHT AWAY if your bleed is spurting, that means it is atrerial and you will likely bleed out waiting for help. Instead apply a tourniquet (if a limb), then call 911, if not a limb, apply pressure and dont wait 10 minutes. Or have someone else call 911

  10. I forgot that there was a curb going onto a sidewalk and tripped on it and feel on my elbow😂😂 it broke my fall😂

  11. If there is dirt or a thorn or something in a half healed wound should you just let it continue healing.
    Usually by the time I'm back at home the cut is half closed.

  12. I didn’t fall off anything….

    I was playing ROBLOX on my pc while the bottom of my rolly chair was soo sharp to cut me 1 inch deep.. now I’m happy because it looked awesome, all the blood ran down my moms leg 😂

  13. Fell off stairs (concrete have a scar on my face cause a needle on their and one scrape on my elbow and a scratch on my elbow and have stitches on my leg.

  14. Mine was caused by tripping and hitting a piece of metal just above waist level on my love handles. Metal that scraped upward couple inches as I fell then made a 1/2 wide by 1/4 deep hole in my side. Debated going to ER but had routine Dr appointment 2 days latter. Insurance pays 90% of doctor. Don’t know about ER but could be 50%.

    Sprayed bactine first aid spray on gauze and wiped around wound to clean. Put triple antibiotic ointment on a 3 inch by 4 inch non stick gauze pad. Secured it Leuko tape which is like athletic tape which was all I had. Went back to work. Added one 3 by 4 gauze pad on top and then a 2nd gauze pad during day as wound bled thru. Next day bought better 2 inch 3m micro pore tape as the Leuko tape was painful to remove. Non stick gauze pads are way to go as you don’t want wound and pad to come together and have to painfully pull apart. Had heard you shouldn’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on an open wound. Don’t know why but maybe it kills cells or interferes with healing. While bathing I left bandage on but replaced it afterwords. Changed bandage twice a day.

    Nurse jumped on me at doctor’s office for waiting 2 days and was all angry but doctor seemed ok. Doctor said only tape top and bottom of pad not all 4 sides as it needs to breath. Said to take bandage off before bathing as it helps to clean it. Also said don’t use alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on it but didn’t say why. Didn’t say how often to change bandage but I assume once or twice daily. Gave me tetanus shot and 10 days of antibiotics.

    Currently a week after initial cut my side isn’t bleeding very much and I can move around allot better but looks all bruised which I assume was caused by the first aid tape in a way like a hickie is formed on ur neck. Currently I’m still alive.

  15. 10 years never shaved I looked in my moms desk saw a shaver and starting shaving my armpit because I hate it as well as my arms and it worked I was happy idk WHY but I also shaved my finger hair and cut it started to bleed uhh I cut my pinky hard too

  16. Its same as mine it simple I fell and at school and nobody helped me and I just ignored it idc about cuts when I fall down

  17. I tripped on my road and cut my knee open and had to go through the whole day with huge cuts all over my knee and I’m dying

  18. I was playing with my friend today when I was walking home from school and I tripped on the concrete sidewalk, and got a scrape on my elbow. I already got it disinfected and such, and now I’m fine. I’m just here to see other ways people did it!

  19. Yall I just fell in the pool on accident at a party rn & scrapped all my legs that’s why I’m here

  20. Soo what do you do if you scrape your skin and go to the pool but enter the pool too?

    I got scraped and it hurts soooo dang much

  21. I was I the pool chased my friend for my slushee back he’s shoe hit my feet I feel and slid on the ground and a big thing of skin came off and it’s white and was bloody what do I do?

  22. I met with an accident one week before and got scratches on my leg and elbow. I Took tetanus injection and done dressing twice . Doctor prescribed pain killer tablet and anti inflammatory tablet for my swelling and pain but my pain has not yet reduced . I'm not able to walk or keep my leg down for more than a minute. I always keep my leg in a raised position to get relieved from the pain. What could be the problem and any solutions ???

  23. What you do in the first hour after getting injured usually sets the stage for how the whole healing process will go. Best to immediately clean the wound (NO ALCOHOL use saline or clean water and soap), place a thin coat of neosporin (with pain relief ointment) or vasaline on the scrape, then cover with a NON-STICK gauze or bandage.

    One big myth people follow is letting the wound get air. Don't do that, it promotes scarring and infection. Wounds heal faster and cleaner in a moist environment. As long as the skin isn't turning white (which means it's retaining too much water) always keep it covered and apply a thin coat of neosporin (with pain killer ointment) 1-2 times a day.

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