How to Treat Dehydration – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

Dehydration occurs when the amount of
fluids lost from the body is not adequately replaced. It is mainly the result of excessive sweating through sporting activity, hot temperature, or fever, but can be caused by diarrhoea and vomiting. There are four signs of dehydration to
look for: headaches and light headedness, dry mouth, eyes and lips, small amounts of dark urine, and muscle cramps. If someone is dehydrated help them to sit down give them plenty
of water to drink. Giving them an oral rehydration solution
to drink will help replace the salt and other minerals which they’ve lost. You can buy rehydration sachets from the
pharmacy. If they have any painful cramps,
encourage them to rest and then help them stretch and massage the
muscles that hurt. Keep checking how they’re feeling. If they still feel unwell once they’re rehydrated then encourage them to see a doctor
straight away. So remember: when you’re treating dehydration, help them to sit down give them water give them an oral rehydration solution encourage them to see a doctor if it
doesn’t go away. And that’s how we treat dehydration.


  1. Can headaches, lightheaded, dry mouth and lips and muscle cramps also be a sign of too much water/not enough salt? When urine is frequent and very clear but said symptoms become worse with increased water I take.

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