How to Treat Nose Bleeds – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

(Music plays) When someone is having a nosebleed, your priority is to control the bleed and keep the airway
open. Tell them to sit down, never lie down, and
keep the nose above the heart to help to control the bleeding. Get them to lean forward, never backwards, this ensures that the blood drains out through
the nose rather than the back of the throat, which may block the airway.
Ask the casualty to breathe through their mouth and pinch the soft part of the nose.
You can give them a pad to catch any blood that may drain out.
After 10 minutes, release the pressure, reassess. If the bleed has not stopped, apply the pressure
for a further ten minutes. If the bleeding is severe, or if you have
not managed to control the bleed after 30 minutes, it is time to call for an ambulance.
So remember, get them to sit down leaning forward, pinch the soft part of the nose,
and if necessary call for an ambulance. And that’s how you treat a nosebleed. (Music plays)


  1. you should just ask the person to lie down with their back straight and without the head being elevated and ask them to keep looking up .
    Then ask them (or you yourself ) to apply pressure with there fingers on the part of the nose where you can feel the bone. [ just like when you plug your nose but put pressure where you feel the bone].
    Do this for 10 minutes.
    Then take an ice cube , wrap it in a soft cloth and move it on the skin beside the part of the nose that is bleeding . You have to move the ice on the skin -starting from the end of the eyes till you reach the nostrils. Do this for 5 minutes , this freezes the blood and effectively stops the bleeding .

    I am telling this from my personal experience since i myself have had many nosebleedings since i was 5 . So yeah this technique really helps.

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