How to Treat Poisoning | First Aid Training

This happens with little kids all the time,
um they get into something, they eat it. Um, they don’t know that it’s not supposed
to be eaten and now you’re you don’t know what to do. You stay calm. Especially with a child because they will
reflect what your emotion is. You want to keep them calm, so you need to
stay calm. Call your Poison Control Center. Um, get as much information as you can. How old is the person? How much do they weigh? Do they have any allergies to any kind of
medication or to food? Uh, do they take any medications right now? Is there any kind of uh illness or condition
they have already? Get the container, if the container is nearby
have it. They may ask you to read what it is and what
is in it. Um, if you’re not quite sure tell them how
you found the person. I found, I found my baby in the bathroom. There’s powder all over the place and there’s
powder on my babies face, I don’t know how much. Talk to them and they will tell you what to
do. Often times people want to uh induce vomiting,
they figure whatever was in is better to come out. Sometimes whatever you swallowed can cause
more damage coming back out. The best medical advice I can give you is
to call poison control, talk to your doctor. Um, it may not be necessary to induce vomiting. There are other things they can do, they can
pump your stomach, there’s other medications, there’s other uh remedies that your doctor
will know about. Um, the best advice I can give you is to call
poison control, call your doctor, and uh follow their instructions.


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