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When bleeding is severe, it can be dramatic
and distressing. If someone’s bleeding isn’t controlled quickly, they may develop a life-threatening condition called shock and they may become unresponsive. Bleeding from the mouth or nose may affect their breathing so try to ensure that the airway is kept clear. An obstucted airway can be a cause for
the casualty to become unresponsive. If the casualty becomes unresponsive at any point,
open the airway and check their breathing and prepare to treat an
unresponsive casualty. To treat someone with a severe bleed, put
gloves on if you have them as this will help to
protect you both from infection. If the wound is covered by clothing, remove or
cut the clothes to uncover the wound. Is there an object in the wound? If there is, don’t pull it out because it may be
acting as a plug to reduce the bleeding. Instead, leave it in and apply pressure
on either side of it to push the edges together. If there is no object in the wound, apply direct pressure on the wound with
your fingers and use a sterile dressing or clean non-fluffy pad to stop the bleeding. If you don’t have a dressing, ask
the casualty to apply direct pressure themselves to stop the bleeding. Jenny, can you apply some pressure for me please. Brilliant, excellent, well done. Ask a helper to call 999 or 112 for
emergency help, or if you’re on your own use a mobile on speakerphone so you
can keep treating the casualty. Tell the emergency services where the bleeding is coming from and the amount of bleeding. The casualty may develop shock, so help them to lie down on a blanket or rug if there is one to protect them from the cold. Raise and support their legs so they
are above the level of their heart. Do not raise the leg if it is injured. Jenny, can I lie you down? I’m just going to raise your legs up, is that OK? Secure the dressing with a bandage that is
firm enough to maintain the pressure but doesn’t cut off the circulation. I’m just going to apply this dressing to your bleed. Can you take your hand away? Can you hold that for me? Excellent. Check the circulation by pressing their nailbed or skin
beyond the bandage for 5 seconds. Release the pressure. If the colour does not return within two seconds, the bandage is too tight. If blood shows through the dressing,
don’t remove it. Just apply a second bandage on top. If blood shows through both dressings, remove them, and apply fresh bandage ensuring there is direct pressure applied at the
point of bleeding. Support the injured part with a sling or bandage, but check circulation every 10 minutes. Keep monitoring the casualty’s level of
response while waiting for help to arrive. So remember, when treating severe
bleeding: wear gloves if available, remove or cut away any clothing from around the wound. Check for objects in the wound but don’t remove them. Apply pressure on either
side of the wound. If there is no object in the wound, use a dressing or pad and apply direct pressure to the wound. Call 999 or 112 for emergency help. Secure the dressing with a bandage. Treat the casualty for shock. Support the injured area. Keep checking their level of response, while waiting for help. And that’s how we treat someone with a severe bleed. If this video has been helpful to you,
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  1. Now do you immediately want to get someone to lay down and raise the legs regardless if you think they are in shock or not? Or is it better to only use this procedure if they appear to have the symptoms of shock?

  2. Hi, I am really interested in becoming a Paramedic, but the problem is that I don't have any science qualification.
    I am currently studying A level course and resetting my English and Maths, but I can also do an adult learner course, like Scienve, but which one shall I do?
    Please help me with it!

  3. This guy is unbelievably relaxing to listen to, All these vids are great, going for my First Aid exam tomorrow in Cork Ireland

  4. Biggest issue I had when a someone cut themselves badly in a public place was other people panicking. A relative made big fuss and demanded that I do lots of different irrelevant and distracting things. Some advice on dealing with that would really help. Telling them to sit down and shut up is just going to make them angry.

  5. Hi I have a question. If i have no dressing and the casualties hands is dirty, should i use her hand to apply pressure on the wound?

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