How to Treat Someone Having a Stroke | First Aid Training

A stroke is very serious and needs to be treated
right away. You’ll commonly see this in elderly people,
but you can see it in all ages, in all walks of life. You want to diagnose it quickly, and you want
to get help quickly. So what is a stroke? A stroke is a stoppage of blood to the brain. It can either be through an obstruction, which
is like a blood clot in the brain, or it can be through hemorrhaging. Something is bleeding out, and you’re not
getting enough blood to the brain. So what will you see? You’ll see numbness. You’ll see tingling. You’ll see vision disturbances. You’ll see trouble speaking, trouble understanding
speech, trouble walking, dizziness, confusion. Sometimes you’ll see a sudden, severe headache
that comes out of nowhere. What are some of the signs that a person displays? Here’s what you can do. You can have the person smile. You can have the person stick out their tongue. You can have the person raise their arms. You can have the person speak to you. With a stroke, you’re going to see one side
crooked. Their tongue will be crooked. Their smile will be crooked. Sometimes they can’t even raise one side of
their face. They’ll have trouble walking and maintaining
balance. You want to get help right away. The faster you get medication, the faster
you get treatment, the better the outcome of a stroke is. Call 911. Tell them, “I think my friend, I think my
family member, I think someone’s having a stroke.” With a stroke, every minute counts. Every minute that you’re in the house, every
minute that you’re in transit to the hospital, and every minute from when you get to the
hospital to when you get to the stroke unit. The faster you can get them treatment, the
better their recovery will be.


  1. lol theres videos about first aid and health, then you see a video of how to twerk at a club. yup they can cause heart attacks if you twerking too much. jk lmao

  2. Please pray for my brother he is dying in the hospital a 7 year old got a stroke which means half his body is num t would mean a lot if u tell your followers to pray for him he is my only brother and he could die and a few minutes

  3.  "Didn't tell us "How to Treat". Do you give aspirin while waiting for 911 to respond?"

    911 ASAP. that is exactly what you do. nothing done to the body will change a thing! neurons die off within only 5 minutes of onset. I.e brain tissue is dying after just 5 minutes.    And you cannot treat without knowing what kind of stroke it is, which takes time off of his/her chance to survive. But if you don't know you may well kill the person by giving them blood thinners (to clear out a clot) if they have a hemorrhage (blood would go thinner, person would bleed more).

    you cannot stop a stroke without medical help. it is in the brain. you cannot give CPR, and nothing to the body will help at all. you only have a matter of time before death, or irreparible damage.

    Usually, by the time the person is at the hospital, the immediate neurons are dead, and they are just trying to save the neurons around it. and when neurons die, they cannot regenerate…

    you need to beat time. Asperin is child's play. that is the point of this video….

  4. My mom had a stroke about an hour ago and got on the ambulance in less than 40 minutes, she was still conscious and remembered our birthdays and wanted to read her newspaper. They said that there will be no complications thanks for all the help.

  5. I had a stroke happen to me and is awful. Im 19 years old so that can happen anyone. I got stabbed 7 times and the blood clot stopped going to my brain so that why i got the stroke. Im lucky to be alive so thats what im thankful for.

  6. does anyone know what the paramedics can do for stroke if anything? or would it be better to drive a stroke or TIA patient to a hospital right away especially if you could get to a hospital around the same time paramedics show up.

  7. My grandpa called 911 while he was having a stroke. Only thing that was damaged were nerves in his hand and a little loss of his balance. We live states away so I am thankful he was able to crawl to the phone and call.

  8. after a lovely day my husband start talkink wear and falling asleep. i ask him to talk more, he talk "drunk" without drinks. i ask him to sit and thats when i call an ambulance. 20 seconds my friends, he has an stroke and he don't know is happening. ready to sleep. i just noticed his talking. take care.

  9. I remember when my mom and I were at my grandmas home about 8 years ago. My mom notices that she was talking really weird and that her face was saggy on one side. She called the ambulance but my grandmother didnt want help, because she didnt know that she was having a stroke. luckily she was forced by the paramedics to come with them. She had her stroke for quite a while before getting treatment. She was diagnosed with dementia about a week later.😔

  10. hlo …my grandfather is of 85 years …he is suffering from blood clotting in brain…from last 3months he is not well…in our family everyone is worried and after treatment he is alright BT now his confusion is not going…he is very much confused….he thinks that we are having two houses he goes in neighbours house and ask him that where us our house …what to do now ??we are very much worried about him …plz help us

  11. I think I'm gonna have a stroke cuz what she said is happening to me
    I can't speak
    Can't understand words sometimes
    Having anxiety attacks
    Dizziness and confusion
    But idk if that's signs of stroke or not

  12. The video is named "How to treat someone…" and it contains a good bit of knowledge for the untrained. But the video is what to watch out for, NOT how to treat! No mention of placing the victim in a recovery position if they are lying on the ground or the body warmth needed to prevent further damage, what about the collar and tie or tight neckline? Good video but it really should have included whats in its headline, that is what someone would google for if they came across a victim!

  13. my mom had a stroke and got surgery she almost died im lucky to have her she cant move her right arm and she is in a wheel chair she can kind of move her right leg it happend in october this comment goes out to my mom i love you

  14. Am 19 years old and my head's skulls being dried in the upper layer……. Please do give info!

  15. many people will have a stroke high blood pressure meds side effects are way too hard to deal with they are unbearable

  16. my dad collapsed in the hallway and was completely unresponsive, he deficated in his sleep and was out for about a minute, i have no idea if this was a stroke, he refused to go to the hosiptal and said, oh i just stood up to fast. now hes throwing up, is this just a sickness or did he have a stroke please someone help

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