How to turn your dental office goals into team games!

I’m back, I’m Laura from Front Office
Rocks and I am talking about how to build a dream team. This is the fifth
step or the fifth part of the recipe in my opinion of how to build a dream team.
I have hired and fired and built, hired and fired a lot of people and built
teams that I would put up against any dental office to say I have the most
amazing team ever and I’m hoping in these videos that I’m giving you some
tips of how you can build a dream team. If you missed any videos ahead of time
this is an eight part series so make sure that you go back and watch the
first few parts because there’s not just one thing that you can do to build a
dream team. It takes some multiple, multiple steps, multiple things to build
a team but it’s so worth it because you’re gonna enjoy your job and life and
work and and your patients are going to enjoy it more when you do have an
amazing dental team. So this is the fifth one and this one’s about goals and games. So I’ve already talked about leaders I have talked about the team, I’ve talked
about the culture, being right and I’ve talked about everybody, having the right
why, that’s really kind of like the foundation, alright, that is really, that
you, that you have the right people in the right places, that you have the right
energy, the right environment to be able to go to the next level. If you don’t
have the first four steps, which is leadership, the right team, the
right culture and having the why as the forefront of what you’re doing, anything
else after that’s not going to work, it’s just gonna be policy, it’s just gonna be
things written on a piece of paper, it’s just gonna be a Mission Statement on the
wall and it’s not really gonna be impactful. So you need to have those
first four things, now the next thing is goals and I consider goals to be, goals
or games okay, I think that goals are great we all have goals right. We should
all have goals, we should have, write them down but goals sometimes in my mind
feels labor intensive. It feels like oh you know like I know I need to lose ten
pounds and oh I’ve gotta, I gotta try to lose ten
pounds and there’s that goal that’s been hanging over me for, since the holidays
right but games is a different thing. Games are if I can make it to the gym
five times this week I’ll get this as a reward or if I can
only make it to the gym twenty times over the next month, then I’ll do this
for myself or I’ll get by this for myself. So games are more fun. So when I
talk about goals, I actually love to talk about games and games are the ways to
get to the goals or might actually be the the goal that we’re going for but
it’s more fun when you say game. Okay so now let’s talk about this, let’s say why,
let’s first talk about why we need goals or why we need to play games. We could
have an amazing team, an amazing culture, everybody could be, you know, great doctor,
you know we all have our why but if we’re not all working towards the same
goal then we’re gonna go find our own games. We’re gonna, we’re gonna go make up
our own things. If we don’t all want to work toward one thing together, we will
start to work toward things that we think are important and that might be
good and that might be bad and what I mean by that is, maybe let’s say, if we
don’t all have one goal in the dental office then the assistant’s goals or
games might be, you know, focused on trying to save money on, on supplies and so
we’re gonna spend lots of hours looking at supplies and saving five cents on on
gloves and ten cents here which we all want to do right, that’s great if we can
keep our overhead down but what’s our ultimate goal? Maybe it’s about customer
service and patient care and if our assistants are busy trying to save money
they’re not giving the patients necessarily the best customer service
possible. Maybe our hygienist games or goals might
be to you know, who can, I don’t know, diagnose the most Perio which is isn’t
necessarily not part of the bigger game but are we all working towards the same
goal? The negative, which so those are positive things that can be happening
but what’s the goal of the doctor? What’s the goal of the practice? Do these things
that these teams focus on or want to work on, help us reach the big goal?
Maybe they do right, I’m not saying that, but
maybe they don’t, maybe they’re spending energy doing some of these other things
when really the doctor wants to focus on something else or the team should be
focusing on something else. So not playing the same game, it would kind of be like
playing let’s say playing football if I didn’t understand. If I was a football
player, imagine that if I was a football player and I didn’t understand that we
have to run into our end zone? I just know I have to get the ball to the end
of the, get the ball to the ends of the field. I might grab the ball and run the
wrong way, okay. Funny story, I actually did that once in
basketball but we won’t talk about that, in high school. So I understand kind of
the game but I don’t know which way we’re all going, we want to make sure
everybody on your team is going the same way. On the flip side, what can happen a
lot of times, negatively, is if we don’t have a goal that we’re all working for,
the team, the team plays. People need to play a game, people need to have a goal
right. Well, they might make up goals, they might make up things that in games that
aren’t as positive, it might be more about I’m worried about your, what
you’re not doing to make me look better. Our department is tired of trying to
help their department, you know, the front office is always trying to help the
assistants and now we have a, we have an issue with the assistants because there
are always you know coming in late and going home early and now they’re, the
goal isn’t taking care of the patients. The goal and the game is how the dental
assistants in the front office, you know, can battle it out and not get along or
whatever the case may be, so we need to make sure that we’re very careful that
we’re not letting our team pick their own individual games because sometimes
the games can get not positive and not towards the bigger goal, so we need to know
what’s our goal, where are we going as a team? Where are we going with this
practice? What’s our goal? Are we trying to be comprehensive and bring everything
in-house, that, under one roof? Are we trying to get you know 80% or 90%
reappointment rate? Are we trying to grow the practice and double it in the next
year? Are we trying to double our new patients in the next six months, are we
trying to lower overhead so that we get more of a bonus? Like, what are we
doing right, where are we going? We need to have a place that we’re all going to
and that really really really starts with the leader which we talked about in
the first series or the first video of the series. We need the leader to tell us
where are we going and then we need to design how are we gonna get there. If
your team understands here’s where we want to go and they buy into that, right,
they believe that maybe, maybe your goal is to become paperless, or to become
same-day dentistry or a CADCam or it could be a myriad of things, right, we
need to know what our goal is, then we need to break it down into games and
what does that look like, what do we need to achieve today, tomorrow, this week, this
month, this, six months, this quarter and then let’s play that game right. Let’s
have fun at it, just like I said, like the idea of losing 10 pounds is just, oh, not
fun, but if I can play games and say hey if I go to the gym three or four times a
week, I’ll reward myself on Friday and allow myself to have a cookie or
something right. That’s more fun. I’m like okay, I could do that if, if, we understand
where we’re going and then we break it down into games. The teams gonna have
more fun at it so and there’s more energy around it, so my suggestion to
build a dream team is to give them something to achieve. Give them something
that they’re all working towards together. You know, it doesn’t take one
person on the team. Like I said with like a sports team, it’s not one person on the
team who achieves the goal, it’s the team and the team that works better together
are the ones that win the Super Bowl and the championships and the awards. Same
with your team but they all need to be working towards the same goal and then
individually, we all need to be doing our jobs and we need to be Rock Stars at it
but I suggest to build that dream team, give them a goal, I keep putting up here,
give them a goal, break it down, let them know what the game is, reward them along
the way and it doesn’t have to be big you know, trips or a spa days, it can be
as small as, hey, if we get this done by Friday, doctor’s buying everybody pizza
or if we can get it to this many new patients next month, you know, everybody
gets a $10 Starbucks card. It can be something fun and small but make sure
that we are taking time to set the goal, know what the games are, have everybody
in on the games, make sure everybody’s understands their part of the game and
then have fun when we actually achieve it and if you do that in baby steps,
you’re gonna move towards achieving what you want to achieve for your office and you
have the right leader, team, culture and you play some games and know your why
you’re on the track to really doubling, tripling, whatever you want to do with
your practice. Going paperless, getting more time off, whatever your goals are,
can be done if you actually put them down on paper, you share them with your
team, as a good leader, you communicate you make sure your team’s on board with
them, they all understand the why behind why we’re doing this. This isn’t for
money, this isn’t for fame, this is for really taking care of our patients and
growing our practice so we can help more patients and you’re gonna build an
amazing dream team. So, in the next one, we’re gonna talk about attitudes because
we do work in a dental office, so sometimes it can get stressful and even
if we know our game and we have the right team and we have the right culture,
there are days that we annoy each other, that we need more help, that things just
don’t go well and that’s what we’re gonna talk about in the next one, so make
sure that you’re liking and subscribing. Let me hear what some of your goals and
games are and I would love to hear feedback on this and and how this can
help or is helping you build your dream team or what questions you still have
and I’ll keep addressing them in future videos. So, I hope you guys are enjoying
this. I hope you found the thing that was different and I look forward to,
talking to you guys in the next video.

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