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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of In this video I’ll be going over the coconut
oil benefits, coconut oil uses, and how coconut oil can be used as medicine on a daily basis. And coconut oil has really been used especially
in the tropics for thousands of years for hydration, if you’re talking about coconut
water, for the cooking oil, for the meat, often used in smoothies today. And actually, historically it was used, it
was actually called the tree of life because coconuts fed so many people, you know, fat
is high in calories which can actually be good for giving people energy, quality energy,
which we’ll talk about more in a minute. But here are some fun facts and some things
you’ve got to know about coconut oil before we jump into benefits here. Number one, check this out, over 1,500 medical
studies published in prestigious journals have found that coconut oil is beneficial
for your health. Now, in the past, sometimes it was controversial
because coconut oil contains saturated fat, but the thing you got to know is there’s good
types of fat and there’s bad types of fat. The type of saturated fat that’s found in
coconut oil is often referred to as MCFAs of MCTs, that’s medium-chain triglycerides
or medium-chain fatty acids. And these medium-chain fats are were actually
great for your body to burn as energy and it’s easier to digest. So that’s one of the big benefits here of
coconut oil. It becomes very easy to digest. Another big benefit is it’s not readily stored
as fat. So listen, when you’re consuming other forms
of fat you’re much more likely to store them as body fat. So again, if you’re a person that’s trying
to lose weight, you’ve got an issue like diabetes. You want to keep your blood sugar levels balanced
or just in general, not gaining any type of body fat, this is the ideal fat in oil for
you to use. Also, here’s the great thing about it, it’s
anti-microbial and anti-fungal. You know, a lot of times today, people get
Candida built up in the body or have different types of fungal or bacterial infections. Again, coconut oil, anti-bacterial, in fact. One of the unique properties of coconut milk
in those medium-chain fatty acids is one of those fats that’s called lauric acid. Lauric acid, actually, has some of the same
properties as actually human breast milk and that it’s anti-microbial. So what people have done is sometimes kind
of put it not in the eye but around the eye or on different types of fungal infections
to help fight fungus. Another unique thing about coconut oil is
it’s smaller in size compared to other oils. This is why it’s one of the better oils to
use as a moisturizer on your skin, so great benefits there. And here’s the other big thing, it’s processed
by the liver which means that it is immediately converted to energy rather into body fats. So again, most fats your body has to go through
a 19-step process to break it down and turn it into energy, your body only has to go through
a three-step process to use coconut oil for energy. But now, let’s dive right in and talk about
coconut oil and how you can use this to fight chronic disease. And let me say this as well, when I get into
coconut oil here I want to go over the type of coconut oil you should be buying. When you’re buying coconut oil you want to
buy nonrefined extra virgin olive oil that is certified organic, that’s the type of coconut
oil you want to be buying. First thing here, it fights Alzheimer. Alzheimer’s disease is actually been quoted
as being type 3 diabetes oftentimes it’s related to insulin issues. So here’s the thing, going on something called
the coconut ketogenic diet can help fight Alzheimer’s. In fact, a medical doctor in Florida, a female
medical doctor took care of her husband who had Alzheimer’s and she said, by supplementing
with coconut oil and a ketogenic diet it helped him overcome Alzheimer’s naturally. Think about that, absolutely amazing what
coconut oil in a high fat diet can do for the body. Number two, can lower blood pressure. Here’s the truth, most people are getting
too many carbohydrates and sugars in their diet not near enough fat. Excess sugars and carbohydrates will cause
insulin spikes and can cause inflammation, consuming more fat like coconut oil can actually
keep blood sugar and blood pressure levels balanced on a daily basis. Number three, coconut oil can fight inflammation. You know, there are three types of fats you
want to get more of in your diet. Number one, medium-chain fatty acids like
you’re going to find in coconut oil. Number two, Omega 3 fatty acids, you’ll find
in things like wild caught salmon and chia seeds. And then also you want to get mono unsaturated
fats that are found in things like avocados and almonds. Those are the type of fats you want to be
getting in. All of those have anti-inflammatory properties. Number four, cancer-fighting potential. We know these compounds, lauric acid, capric
acid, and caprylic acid specifically fight off Candida in the body and fungal overgrowth. In fact, some doctors believed that cancer
is in part acts as a fungus in the body and how it can spread and replicate in your system. But, again, overall, fighting cancer, coconut
oil has a potential to especially if you’re following something that’s more of a coconut
ketogenic diet and again, getting plenty of green, leafy vegetables in your diet, and
herbs like turmeric on a daily basis. Number five, can help boost the immune system. This is in part because of how it bounces
out microbes in the body. You know, the health of your microbiome, we
know, is related to every area of your body. Hippocrates was quoted thousands of years
ago saying all disease begins in the gut. Well, 75% of your immune system is located
in your gut, in your digestive tract. Coconut oil, one of my top five foods along
with bone broth that helps boost your immune system and supports digestive health. Number six here, big benefit here of organic
coconut oil is memory and brain function. And, in fact, you’ve heard me referenced the
ketogenic diet several times at this point, coconut oil is a key component of that. And when you’re consuming coconut oil or in
ketosis your body actually starts producing and using something called ketone bodies and
these ketone bodies can actually be good for the brain and help heal the brain. So, again, going on a ketogenic diet in coconut
oil is good for brain function as is using certain essential oils like Rosemary oil. Number seven here, energy and endurance. Now, I, myself have a history of doing triathlons
as do family members and some of the professional athletes I’ve worked with, and whether you’re
a swimmer, a runner, a triathlete, or you just do sports on a regular basis, or maybe
a CrossFit athlete you want to improve your endurance. Now, your body, when you’re doing especially
steady state cardio, your body is sometimes gets in a fat burning zone where you actually
want to make it easy for your body to burn fat for fuel, coconut oil is the ideal oil
and fat for athletes because it’s the type of fat with a medium-chain fats that your
body can use the fastest as fuel. I’ve seen actually a lot of triathletes do
mixtures of like coconut oil, honey, a little bit of sea salt, actually, as their meal replacements. Cyclists are doing this when they’re going
on long distance rides, so it’s great for energy and endurance especially because it
helps blood sugar levels. Number eight, again, I talked about this earlier,
improves digestion. You know, for a lot of people, we’re consuming
foods that can cause bad bacteria and Candida to build up in our guts. You know, an example of this is excess sugar
consumption, hydrogenated oils that are genetically modified. All of those things cause inflammation. If you want to heal your gut you’ve got to
follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Key components of that, bone broth, coconut
oil, and then get some good herbs in your diet like licorice root and ginger root and
peppermint, all of those things can help improve your digestive function. Number nine, eases gallbladder disease. Now, here’s something you need to know. If you or someone you know has had their gallbladder
removed or has fat digestive issues or gallbladder issues, even if somebody starts to get skin
issues really get red lumps on their skin like rosacea that’s caused from improper fat
digestion. And if you’re not digesting fats properly
or have had your gallbladder removed or have liver disease, coconut oil is the ideal oil
because, again, it’s so easy for your body to breakdown versus other fats even things
like olive oil, it’s more work for your body, coconut oil is a better choice for those with
gallbladder and liver issues. Improves skin health, again, it’s a great
natural hydrator of the skin. You know, I love making DIY recipes with coconut
oil, mixing coconut oil with lavender essential oil, using that to moisturize the skin, or
coconut oil, manuka honey, and tea tree oil, rubbing that on the skin and washing it off
for acne, a great natural remedy. Another great benefit of coconut oil it’s
my absolute favorite to do coconut oil pulling. You know, oil pulling has been shown to fight
gum disease. A lot of people don’t know this, but the health
of your mouth actually has been correlated with heart disease and the health of your
entire body. So if you want to fight cavities, if you want
to reduce gingivitis and gum disease, swish around coconut oil in your mouth for 5 to
20 minutes. The ideal way to do this is, hey, take about
one teaspoon or tablespoonful, swish around in your mouth when you’re in the shower, while
you’re taking a shower, once you get out, you know, spit it out, typically not in the
sink, you’re typically want to put it in the garbage because you don’t want to clog up
your sink. But oil pulling has been used for thousands
of years in Ayurvedic medicine to benefit oral health and it’s even more beneficial
than flossing for fighting gum disease. It prevents osteoporosis. Again, the beneficial fats can actually help
with nutrient absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin K2. So again, we want to absorb more of these
coconut oil can help fat soluble vitamin absorption. Number 13, improves type II diabetes. Again, the key of that is balancing insulin. Now, here’s my secret, if you have diabetes
or in general, if you want to lose weight or stay younger longer, here’s the things
you want in every meal. You want to reduce sugar and carb consumption. You want to consume fat, fiber, and protein. Those three things in every meal, and then
some antioxidants like some herbs. You’re doing that every meal those blood sugar
levels are going to be balanced, you’re going to see some great results in diabetes quickly. Number 14, weight loss. Coconut oil for weight loss is really one
of the secret ingredients there. Again, a ketogenic diet or a diet that’s rich
in plants and wild meats, a great way to lose weight fast. I’d say for weight loss, a tablespoon a day,
especially, using it as your main cooking oil or in smoothies the best way to get more
coconut oil. And here are some ways you can use coconut
oil starting right now. Number one, healthy popcorn. Buy some non-GMO certified organic popcorn. Cook it up in a pot like they used to, not
the microwave, on a stove top and pour on some coconut oil and some Himalayan sea salt,
absolutely delicious. Number two, use it as your coffee creamer. Make what I called keto coffee. Coffee, some coconut oil, you can also add
in some ghee or grass-fed butter, delicious in coffee. Smoothie as a nutrient booster. You know, I love doing a smoothie with berries. Bone broth protein powder in coconut oil makes
the perfect morning smoothie that really sustains you and gives you energy throughout the day. Skin moisturizer, again, mixing with essential
oils such a geranium and lavender can help hydrate the skin. Natural makeup remove. Coconut oil pulling as we mentioned. Now, when I do oil pulling, here’s my secret. I use a teaspoon of coconut oil and then I
put several drops of essential oils like myrrh or clover peppermint in as part of my oil
pulling routine. A cellulite solution. Mixing coconut oil with grapefruit essential
oil rubbing it on your skin rigorously or in circle motions and right up and down on
an area where you have cellulite, for two minutes, can be effective at reducing the
appearance of cellulite. Also great for stretch marks. So stretch marks, you’ll want to mix either
coconut oil with juniper oil. And another good one to do it with is frankincense
oil as well. So again, some good oils to do it there for
stretch marks. And also, hey, great to remove gum from your
hair if you have kids and that happens, some good things to do. So remember, look at all of the benefits here
of coconut oil, Alzheimer’s disease, blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, immune system
health, brain function, endurance, digestion, gallbladder disease, skin health, oral health,
osteoporosis, type II diabetes, and weight loss, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t
be getting coconut oil in your diet right now. Again, when buying coconut oil make sure it’s
certified organic and it’s extra virgin coconut oil that’s not refined. You want the real stuff, the good stuff that’s
not processed. Again, it’s great for cooking. It’s great for DIY recipes. Switch out your other cooking oil, use coconut
oil instead throughout the day. And, hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live training
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