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Flax seed powder Very good for skin, hair It has no taste in it You can eat it as such also Or you can make it a powder, store in fridge You can add this powder in daily cooking like gravy, soup,roti flour etc Check my “Curry leaf-Flax seed dosa” video If u soak it in water, it will become cloggy, so you cant make a powder out of that Keep it in sunlight for few hours Then you can make it a powder in a mixer Store this powder in a dry odourless container in fridge You can aslo dry roast it, store in fridge & eat it as such Dry roast in kadai for few mins You can eat this as such or sprinkle some seeds in any dish It will start popping as shown Turn off & transfer to a dry vessel After it cools down , transfer to a dry , odourless container One can consume 1-2 tea spoon per day For eg, in chapathi dough for 2 persons, you can add flax seed powder -4 teaspoons Powder the sundried flax seed as shown It will be a bit coarse powder Store in fridge in a dry container You can see good difference in skin,hair when taken regularly for months Check my ” Curry leaves-Flax seed dosa ” video Hope this video log was useful 🙂 Try, share & send me feedback


  1. hi mam this flax seed powder I use only in chapatti . whether we can use in what type of poriyal or gravy.

  2. hi mam really useful. i tried ur khasa khasa milk powder. but instead of khasa khasa i used flax seed b'coz khaskhas is illegal in dubai. tastes awsome. thnks for sharing useful. keep it up.
    ur oats buttermilk is very useful and i m carrying 4 work. very filling. keep it up & thnks.
    try to include weight loss recipies pl.

  3. it's really good food mam…. it will be useful to get pregnant soon…for girls its very healthy food

  4. TKS alot for this tips I'm looking forward of tis flax seed tips like to look forward more information of health tips tks mama love you

  5. mam kadai weight irukkardha vanganuma illati weightless a irukkardha choose pandrathu nu oru video post pandringala please…
    we will feel glad if u solve the above problem…
    Thank you

  6. hi mam….it was very useful msg..sure I follow this.plz post how to do koloukatai by using hands ..tia

  7. mam i will usually eat this as raw.but after seeing this video i am regularly using this powder in most of my dishes thank you

  8. flax seed ah fry panale athula eruka health benefits poidum so pls don't fry…. grind directly and take daily in ur food

  9. Flax seed apdiye sapta digestion aagadhu so powder pannithan sapdanum and one more roast panna koodadhu… Madam oru vishayatha Nalla therinjitu podunga illana podadhinga so many people are watching this k..

  10. ஆளி விதை சூடுபடுத்தினால் அது குப்பை. எந்தவிதத்திலும் ஆளிவிதையை சூடுபடத்தக்கூடாது.

  11. Mam na etha fridge la vekala .one week ah velia than vechu eruken box store. Atha sapdala mam plss sollunga

  12. Please make a video how to use it on daily basis apart from chapathi and dosa. How to use in gravies. It's very useful if you guide.

  13. Heat pannama powder panalama?apdi pannum pothu athu soft ah varala…oru mari rough ah tan varuthu…thn milk la mix panalum dilute aaga matuthu yen?

  14. ஆளி விதைகளை சூடுபடுத்த கூடாது அப்பரம் அதை அப்படியே அரைத்து அரை மணி நேரம் முடியும் முன்பு சாப்பிட வேண்டும் இல்லை என்றால் அதில் எண்ணெய் கசிய ஆரம்பித்து விடும் வறுத்து சாப்பிட்டால் எந்த பயனும் இல்லை

  15. ஆளி விதயை சூடுப்படுத்தினாள்
    அதில் இருக்கும் (Omega 3) முற்றிலும் கழிந்துவிடும் அதனால் எக்காரனத்திர்கும் ஆளி விதயை சூடுப்படுத்த வேண்டாம்

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