How to use Interpet Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive

Adding small amounts of salt to a freshwater
aquarium helps fish cope with stress factors like: disease outbreaks, water quality problems
and environmental trauma. Freshwater fish have to invest a lot of energy
keeping their internal fluid salt concentration from being diluted by the influx of water
across their gills. Increasing salt levels in the aquarium reduces the water influx and
releases energy which can be used for dealing with stress and fighting disease. Interpet’s
Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive has a unique formula to reduce physiological stress
and stabilise water quality. For more information on this topic please visit our website. There are three recommended concentrations for Aqualibrium salt Maintaining 0.1% concentration consistently will support your fishes’ immune system
and protect against swings in pH When you know fish are likely to be put in
stressful situations such as a new aquarium, major water changes or adding new fish, a
0.3% concentration will minimise the impacts of stress A 0.9% concentration can be used for the duration of a disease treatment (up to 2 weeks) to
improve recovery. You can use the volume calculator on our website
to help find the exact dose for your aquarium Weigh out your chosen measure A dose of 0.1% or 0.3% can be added in one go. A dose of 0.9% should be gradually added over several days Divide your whole dose by 3
or 4 and add daily to increase the concentration steadily You should only maintain this dose
for a maximum of 2 weeks as high salinity can affect plant growth. Reduce the concentration
by performing small water changes If you want to maintain a low concentration
of 0.1% it is important to re-dose after water changes. You will also need to be aware of
your current dose if you ever need to use a higher concentration for disease treatments.


  1. Hi, I have recently purchased your first aid salt..
    I have added 90g to start as looks like a lot to add.
    Does it dilute in the water as it has sunk to the bottom? Some green colours have come of in the water, is this normal ?
    Many thanks

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