How to Use your First Aid Kit & Contents – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

In an emergency situation, you may need to act quickly so it’s important that you’re familiar with
your first aid kit to know what to use for different injuries. All workplaces, leisure centres, homes and
cars should have a first aid kit. Plasters for small cuts and grazes. A wound dressing – it’s a sterile pad attached to a bandage. They’re for larger cuts to apply pressure to
stop the bleeding. They’re easy and quick to apply in an emergency. Roller bandages are long, thin bandages rolled up. They’re used to hold dressings in place, to
apply pressure and stop bleeding. You can also use them to hold ice packs
in place to reduce the swelling. A triangular bandage is a large triangular-shaped piece of cloth. It can be used as a bandage. Also it can be used as a dressing if it’s sterile to cover a large wound or burn. Disposable gloves reduce the risk of infection between you and the casualty. Always wear
them, if you have them, when dressing a wound. Also use them when dealing with any bodily fluid or waste. Face shields, or pocket masks, can be used to reduce infection when giving rescue breaths. Alcohol-free cleansing wipes are used to clean the skin around the wound. Gauze swabs can be used as dressings padding or swabs to clean around the
wound. Sticky or adhesive tape is used to hold dressings in place or to secure the loose ends of bandages. Scissors are used to cut somebody’s clothing
so that you can get to the wound. They can also be used to cut sticky tape to
the required length. Some other common items that might be
useful are cling film or clean plastic bags for
dressing burns and scalds. Use alcohol gel to clean your hands
if you don’t have any water. A blanket, survival bag, torch, and
whistle are useful for helping people outdoors. A warning triangle and a high-visibility
jacket are useful in the car for dealing with road accidents. So remember: make sure you have a first aid kit and make sure you know how to use it.


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