How to Write Your Personal Statement for Medicine – Applying to Medical School – The Medic Portal

So the medicine personal statement is a
really big part of your application. It’s the first thing the universities will see
when they look at your application, so it has to be really good and give a good
first impression. Essentially what you should do is get it drafted nice and
early. So show it to doctors, teachers, tutors along your way and along your
journey into applying to medical school as they will be able to give you lots of
helpful advice and tips on how to improve it. It’s essential that your
structure is really good, okay? So that you have that nice introduction, main
body, and conclusion aspect of a personal statement so it’s easier for assessors
to read. It’s important that when you are talking about work experience or any
personal hobbies that you do reflect deeply on what these things mean and how
they’ve obviously given you the skills required to succeed at medical school.

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