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I want to know where my future stands I don't think it's that much to ask for me or 67 other million women with pre-existing conditions we have a right to know I started feeling bad in like 2007 it was obviously still my mom's insurance because there was only about 19 this was right when the ACA was going into effect at the time my mom was really worried when I got my lupus diagnosis because she was like you were gonna have to go on Cobra we can't or that makes it the same condition all we could see was like how am I gonna pay for any of this in the future but luckily the pre-existing condition thing wasn't an issue being able to be on my mom's insurance till I was 26 was incredibly helpful was diagnosed with lupus in 2010 gastroparesis which is your stomach is paralyzed basically in 2013 it was diagnosed with a number of blood clots in 2015 I've had two pulmonary embolisms and two DVTs and then I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 the medications my rheumatologists have me on is just so exorbitantly expensive that they give me all the samples that they have because they know medicaid will cover it and and then I'm on an injectable medication to prevent work blood clots that one's incredibly expensive I always dread the cost of any of these going home anymore I don't know how I will afford anything especially with co-pays I'm on xeljanz and I think when it came out I want to say in 2012-2013 it was a new drug and it was only around 15,000 but now it runs upward of 50,000 yeah and it's just a once a day or twice a day pill Plus supplies like I have a line in my chest you can see that actually running running it now because it's custom-made to each person so it gets expensive I'm not proud of this I've had so many experiences in the in hospitals my clinics everywhere with so many good nurses and so many amazing medical professionals in general that that's really kind of inspired me to become a nurse myself I've always been interested in medicine I want to be able to give back without my nutrition without my medications I don't stay in the chance I want to give back I want to have a career and having access to healthcare is the only way I can possibly do that my family doesn't make a ton of money anyways we struggle for pretty much everything and to have health conditions like I have I always feel like I'm draining every last resource and I don't want to do that my whole life like I just I want to be able to have a career where I can survive I need to go I can help my mom I will be contacting my Senator Joe Manchin to make sure he votes no on Brett Kavanaugh and I ask you everyone out there and especially people with pre-existing conditions to contact your senators by phone by email whatever and please ask them to vote no on Brett Kavanaugh if he is not going to print out protect those of us with pre-existing conditions you


  1. people didn't have health care 100 years ago, they didn't need it cause they ate right and were active, now you got fat people that watch over 8-12 hours of entertainment on the screens wethers it be tv shows, video games and browsing

    if you lived a toxic life healthy people should not be forced to pay for your sins

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  3. You can afford to put holes in your face and slide jewelry through them so why should my taxes pay for your conditions?

  4. I feel for her, but it is not the responsibility of any company or individual to reimburse somebody for their bad health.

    Allowing the government to do this on their behalf only introduces corruption into the cost and progress of advanced medicine.

  5. What’s with these ugly feminist always trying to pull off the “Alternative punk look”

    Everyone knows you’re a crazy SJW and NOT alternative punk rock goth.

  6. For illegals? Didn’t watch the video but can see where it’s going. Are you a U.S. tax payer or do you live with your parents?

  7. I’ve dealt with this myself and I find it incomprehensible that an insurance company can refuse to pay for care that is desperately needed. No one *chooses* to live with chronic illness and yet, so many are punished for having one.
    On a side note, I sincerely hope something or someone can offer this woman and her family more help. Is there a GoFundMe?

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