thank so much we get it good morning happy people so because they're doing fantastic we are doing good here it is Tuesday Monday is behind us Monday was a good day Monday was a productive day I don't know about you guys but I always enjoy Monday's like I get off my weekend and I'm like okay I'm ready to attack and conquer the rest of the week that's that's how I view Mondays I don't really dread them I know a lot of people dread them I actually like look forward to them because I love to accomplish I love to work I love to do all the things fun day today my mom comes home yay we have missed her the kids keep asking when's and then it coming home she is on her way back as we speak she is actually in Seattle um so we're gonna go pick her up today what else do you had going on today well we've been doing school all morning um I'm trying to write out the calendar and whatnot so far I have my meal plan that's that's how far I've gotten I have been working on my own my old calendar how many of you guys do that do you guys plan your week ahead I try to plan my week ahead I started yesterday should have started Sunday but it was Mother's Day and I just wanted to chill and relax um but yeah how many of you guys plan out your week or try to I try it's not a success every time definitely not a success and going fantastic here as you can see we got fuel it's great no one if my baby told you how much it was did you tell you if you didn't tell you how much I'll insert it on the screen this is how much our fuel cost hopefully we won't have to fill up again until winter or vast majority in winter yeah so that is that is kind of our plan we have got to get to the gym I'm war workout clothes this is actually cute let me show you this cute little workout shirt and have fun it's I got an old Navy it's pretty cute it's like comfortable four thumb holes I love thumb holes in clothing my thing we're just gonna continue to plug around for the day got some whiny cranky kids out here I've been doing laundry like crazy Fein I am very behind in the old laundry game I think every towel that we owned was dirty so trying to accomplish that today as well clean all the bedding do all the things get this day rolling we will go get my mom here shortly and yes I hope you guys as day's going crazy I have a visitor today this is one advantage about working close to your home and there's a lot of us trailer is I can get visitors because you come over like all the time don't you sometimes yeah well how you did in your school and I tried to do 100 but I did my best I ended up getting you them all in 90 smells nice that's my girl I think it was like 91 95 and then another 95 or something like that you need to give me five math is the subject she struggles with the most in yeah I used to be doing really good daddy I used to hate but now I love it guys Jeff let's get back in your work daddy's got to get back to his work – see you later yesterday there was Sun and there was rain good to see you guys so my wife actually wanted me to talk about because we've had a lot of questions on health care in Alaska it's sort of my area of not expertise but just something I'm aware of is health clinics and remote villages here so it's actually part of our business we do HVAC controls or heating and ventilation and air conditioning controls in a lot of these remote villages we've got a pretty good system on how to be able to do that work and be able to do it effectively and for a decent cost have done probably who probably 30 maybe 40 clinics and remote villages let me give you that give you an idea here I have some of these places of course I've never been to until we had work there but just a chena health clinic Rubi health clinic chowky sick health clinic Vina ty Kaltag ty onic a monic I mean you uni that's just a few of them that I had just chilling up here a lot of these places like there's a population of less than 200 once you get to a certain point the the government will go in there and and have some grants to be able to have a clinic there and they'll have a rotation for people and different technicians and and doctors to rotate in or even dentists to be able to provide healthcare so to some of these remote villages so there are no hospitals there clinics and you're out there you're not on the road system you the only way you can access is by flights so pretty nice to be able to have that and it's usually there's like a cluster when you go to these remote villages like you'll have a health clinic and it'll be by washeteria is what it's called it's like a public bathrooms showers and being able to wash your clothes washer and dryers there's usually a power plant that's very close to that and then just kind of a nerd thing here so power plants they'll actually run cooling fluid through those generators for the electricity in these places and they'll use that fluid to go heat some of the other buildings around it so I try to keep it fairly close to the power plant because they can get free heat off of their generator definitely good to know that when you're flying into these remote places that you actually you have a place to go to to receive some medical care and we do think it's a little bit different but maybe it's not different so I'll have her talk about that let's go ahead and send you guys over to her here we go one of the things we want to talk to you guys about today is the medical industry I guess you'd call here or medical field what's available here a lot of you have asked like we've done tours in our local area and like what is there a hospital in North Pole no there is no hospital here in North Pole do you have a couple private practitioners that are here in North Pole like maybe three maybe but there is no hospital here if you have like say an allergic reaction or you need medical assistance very quickly you're gonna need to go to like the fire department call megwin one an ambulance comes to you that type of a thing so the closest hospital that we have is going to be about 20 minutes away which is going to be in Fairbanks so in Fairbanks which like I said is about 20 minutes or so away from the North Pole area you have have Fairbanks Urgent Care you have the chief Andrew Isaac's Health Center which primarily that's basically for a lot of Alaskan Natives that are able to go there Fairbanks clinic Fairbanks Public Health Center interior community health center Tanana Valley clinic TVC first care Fairbanks Memorial Hospital US health works Urgent Care STIs immediate care Mountain View I Center Tanana Valley clinic first care West holistic medicine clinic TVC orthopedic and sports medicine interior women's health as the Center for natural medicine Fairbanks clinic there's there's a lot of options in the Fairbanks area know our main like our FMH which is like our main hospital did just become privatized it was under the banner association but they are no longer with banner in June of 2017 Foundation Health Partners became an official member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network so we have actually quite a substantial amount of really high qualified medical professionals here would say that as a whole it is difficult for the medical field to find people to come here and work I know that is kind of some of the areas I have friends that are in the medical field I have worked in like the dental field finding people to come here to work until want to live in Alaska so as far as like really specialized zest in the world some of the best in the nation I don't know if you're necessarily gonna find him here in Alaska especially for your general practitioners we have a good good staff here for the military families there is a clinic out on the Eielson Air Force Base so they have a small clinic there then on the Fort Wainwright Base which is um in town like more located in the Fairbanks area they have the Basset Hospital which is funny which actually three of my siblings were born at was that that Basset Hospital so it's an actual hospital facility so you can deliver babies there you can have surgeries there all kinds of stuff we are though being as we are getting ready to expand with the troops coming in from Eielson they are planning on putting a TV see first care in North Pole which is going to be huge so when your kid gets the flu or when your kids just not feeling good or we're near and there's not feeling good and they need to seek medical attention you don't have to drive all the way into Fairbanks it's right down the street which is it's just huge I mean I think that is such a great thing to have and it's just kind of like a peace of mind Alaska is so big technically where we live we don't actually live in the city limits of North Pole okay so we're on the outskirts we're in the borough the borough is huge it's miles and miles Emmaus so there are some people that are still considered in the Fairbanks borough that actually live 45 minutes to an hour away so having that option of being able to seek medical attention closer is a game-changer so we're very excited to see that come in just wanna fill you guys in a little bit or as far as hospitals go in our local area have you know your orthopedic we have your chiropractors we've got your eye clinics and all those type of different things so there's lots of options here so let me comment down below if I've missed anything or if you have any other questions I'd love to answer another thing that I am trying to that I've kind of gotten organized and working on and whatnot is all the medical bills that I've recently encountered and some of you guys have been asking you know what we do being is for business owners well I insurance how does that all work we actually go through a program called Christian healthcare ministries and it's a co-op so basically you pay a monthly amount per month to basically get insurance from these so when you get a bill you take that bill you try to negotiate it as far down as you can because you are considered a self-pay you negotiate that down and then you take that you send it to them and then they analyze it look over it and they give you the money to pay that bill it has worked very very well we've had it for a really long time I actually let's see I went through it with Garrett so when I was pregnant with Garrett we use Christian healthcare and it's been great the link in case any of you guys are in need of a different alternative for insurance we have the gold package and it covers a lot and we pay about $450 a month so just to give you an idea there another thing that we opted to do was AMT Med trans trans by guardian flights so basically if you were ever in need to be medevacked say if you had something serious come up and you needed to be medevac to Seattle or whatnot because you have to remember we're very very far away from anything in the lower 48 so it's very very expensive so we pay a certain amount to be able to have that covered that if we ever needed that we could we could tap into that and they would cover that for us the reason why we kind of did is we actually had a close friend of ours who needed transportation to go to Seattle and it was very quick and it was an emergency we've actually two friends that have gone to and it was very very expensive found this as maybe an alternative praying that we never need it but if we did it's there kind of how we deal with all that right now for all my medical bills I am paying minimum payments on all of them until Christian health care ministries looks over them make sure that everything is qualified good to go but we've been super super happy with it if you do I mean I'm not I'm not trying to sell you on Christian healthcare ministries but if you do use them mention our name of who you heard it from and we get like a month free so that's pretty cool so if you meant if you use it mention our name have be awesome hey I think that's it that's what I wanted to fill you guys in on on how we deal with all of that stuff I'm gonna go to the bank I need to go get some running around my mom is gonna be here in about an hour I need to hurry good you good if I can ask for you to do a separate deposit on each check of each other hi everybody don't know my book bite please well anyway just let that we am just heading to the airport to pick someone up dear so I made it back home mom's unpacking yay she actually brought back something I really want to try it's not necessarily Kido but I did do research in regards to fermented things it actually depletes the carb count or the sugar count it like eats away at like that sugar and cream makes it something different I stopped to research it I'm not speaking good verbage right now but it's sourdough bread I love sourdough bread it is fantastic how wouldn't we had this recipe a long time ago it's been 20 years so oh and I can't remember and it's like huge it's like you toast it with some butter I mean I haven't had bread in a hot minute so maybe it's just like I want some bread but yeah so she brought it back for me from home it's like been through the wringer so I'm gonna go make copies of it got back right from the old Arizona good trip yeah good trip Patricia Pepsi the fam I didn't get to see the fam so she got promoted trying for this promotion for how many years long time long I don't know three or four yeah it's been a while and she did all of the things that she had to do and so now she's promoted so she is here for at least two years two years which is cool which is very cool we're gonna try to slowly course the family to come up one by one my Emily might come and we might come up Isaac's gonna come my little brother little little brother she is 14 14 Jeff orduno you know say mom and dad don't get it twisted so that's her plan so she is gonna maybe try to find another place find an apartment because I'm going to be here awhile I mean we're more than happy to house you for two years mm-hmm but look I mean she's in a room so she kind of wants her own environment her own her own kitchen laundry room their own things you know when she's a grown adult don't I don't blame her for that in that regards but you know you're always could stay here I know I know but I think and with the economy you might not be able to find anything to read this is true oh you know it's day by day so she's looking she might still be here you actually might go look at a place that me and Bert lived in when we were very first married yeah got it tamales going to town check it out I think we're gonna call it a night thank you guys so much for watching what should they do hit the like button down below and subscribe yes girl thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you the next one to get away grandkids [Laughter]


  1. May I say that the girls look so so pretty with their hair cuts. It is a much prettier length for them both but especially the eldest with her sweet smile and her glasses. Also I know there is so little health care in many places in Canada at the remote villages, and they use internet and skype in between flying out to see the patients there. You all must keep up on your visits since the recent health scare and its just good sense too. Thanks for sharing, its just great to see my online christian family.

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  3. I am in the copper valley 😉 we have crossroads, it has a 24/hr urgent care, and copper river native association. We have clinic in gulkana, copper center, tazlina, and gakona. The clinics are ran by health aides

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  5. The Healthcare system in the US scares me. Here in the UK our healthcare is free, unless you choose to pay private. Here in Wales and up in Scotland our prescriptions are free, they are not free in England.

  6. Happy for Grandma's promotion & hoping the rest of the family will leave the warmth of Arizona and move back to Alaska. Thanks for sharing tip on health insurance. We have the same amount of family members & currently could not afford the cost of yours even though it's very reasonable. I appreciate the info. because I can keep it on the back burner. OPTIONS are always good to have. God Bless.

  7. ? for you Separate Deposits is it easier for bookkeeping. and going back to verify that the deposit was made?

  8. 40 minutes is nothing. I live in Philly and travel to work 45 min every day. So to have a hospital 40 minutes away is nothing. Here the closest hospital is 3 miles away, but it will take good 20 minutes to get there because of the traffic lol

  9. Health care is expensive everywhere! It's crazy 😱
    Thanks for sharing!
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    I have 1 question- Do you ever plan on getting any pets? Just curious haha.
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  15. I'm a nurse moving to North Pole, could you give me the name of provider there one more time please

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