How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

[Music] looking for houses that growing weed and I use a heat secret camera to find crops so that can just go in basically when the trucks ready take the door back the trunk suppose they are I’m not sitting right there with the highest level of consumption on the continent no one takes drugs quite like the British this is high society this series where we meet dealers users and manufacturers to find out why the UK is one of the world’s most excessive drug habit [Music] weed is the most popular illegal drug in the UK with the underground economy worth an estimated six billion pounds nearly half of British people support legalizing weed and several police departments across the country have been quietly D prioritizing it but last year when two hundred thousand people signed a petition to legalize cannabis it’s long overdue that we call time on the so-called war on drugs Parliament shut it down completely in fact as the rest of the Western world moves towards legalization the British government seems no closer now than it was half a century ago when people like Lee Harris first started advocating for read at 80 years old he owns London’s oldest hat shop and this year he was running for London Mayor representing the cannabis is safer than alcohol party he told us to find it in Hyde Park on 421 love thank you the annual pilgrimage of the UK starter [Music] hello happy 4/20 one love happy yes this is like your Ramadan or your Christmas yes yes a special month numbers here for the first legalized pot rally in 49 years ago this is part of a long tradition here we are almost saw the century later we’re still campaigning defying unjust laws and thank you lovely one love so is the wheat a lot stronger now than it used to be much stronger that time you got really stoned so you support we legalization oh yeah for sure it’s gotta be done yeah with legal yeah going on few years yeah and once it dad why hasn’t it happened so far even drug dealers will lose out on profit cuz if his legal is being able to be sold in shots ODEs Feliz ain’t gonna be no show is that a good thing no not really why’s that everybody stood up for 420 I can’t fight our you know he’s gonna find his weak let’s see [Music] we are meant to be campaigning not enjoying the sunshine 30-second chill as you can see it means hard at work campaigning in the sunshine on 4/20 in High Park chilling out in the love new spring time we’ll get the votes later well nope they’ll come one love to you and one love right back at yet if the weed smokers of London are organized enough to mobilise a folding table and four tubs of ice cream on 4/20 then surely they’re organized enough to vote for me for mayor oh okay this isn’t mine I just found it I found it I can’t don’t think I can one more than 5,000 stoners attended 4/20 just 20 arrests were made and that sort of made the event a success because even though Lee and his movement seemed destined to remain at the fringe of politics it showed that the police were willing to allow thousands of people to openly use a class-b drug it’s good of you guys to not arrest everyone because you can easily just throw a whole net and you get about a thousand kind of this focused we need a big net when it comes to weed police today are far more concerned with organized crime we’ve come to bury him because we’ve heard about this new trend where row houses are being set up and run by the people you least expect grandmas there’s name to local slang term dropper which means a granny who runs a grow up high thanks for inviting us in this is a lot more homely and cozy and I expected for a grow house thank you are more and more gangs using droppers to grow weed more ruffles and males more grabbers than men droppers Dahlia court the graph is over the prism less like that so grannies are taking over the air business it’s less likely for them to think a woman is a drug grower do you answer to anyone or are you now but I’ll ask anybody at all I just grow its droid silly thumb so can we see your grow house yeah it’s point war oh wow it’s very hot yep Wow somebody smells very welcoming very weedy yes feel like we’re crouching in the middle of a jungle right now how many plants have you got here there’s about 16 in here at the minute yeah so how many of these rooms do you have me personally right now about six six of them yeah okay so you’re running almost a small Empire well you’re being modest if you like to call it that and how strong is this is this skunk this is some you can get different levels from high-grade cheese blue there’s this different naturists yeah well it sounds like why didn’t you enjoy it absolutely yeah I know I do I do we need is how it’s helping me financially episode Don you know you have to do is keep your electric bill down right so how do you do that bring your electric where the meatrix often stop or in Ekta next door to name the a drink door to the next door and both over the room so that the light’s not detected how much is this all worth around the piece quick turnover so 16 grand yeah every 12 weeks and it’s like your main source of income well it’s easy to me now I’m on benefits I’m on disability so three kids one dependents go to you now September so finances may finances of kids and finances my medium formula or either commands because the fumes alone he’s this clue yeah it’s really hot I’m getting high just from the heat in here [Music] so how do you manage to basically bypass all of the criminal gangs I don’t have to worry about criminal gangs I’ve got gang members in every corner of my family okay so I don’t water they’ve got my back okay so it isn’t just a completely innocent operation you do have protection from people who I don’t use them I don’t use them right but I know that they yeah if I was to want to use them whether she’s simply supporting her family or if she’s just the innocent face of a criminal business this Gropper is growing 400,000 pounds worth of weed per year and that kind of money makes us a dangerous game especially in Birmingham recently named the UK’s cannabis capitol where drug dealers have gotten really really good at robbing other drug dealers so how did you jump the idea to use a heat-seeking throne to rob we grow houses I studied the media on my University I’m into technical stuff but we just flat heads together it’s really it’s really clever isn’t it quite a smart way to do it all the way down the road without actually having to walk down the road I mean it looks as suspicious if we’re walking up and down and looking through people’s windows here is the air vent which is showing a large amount of heat coming out of it looking for that heat signal you can see that that Vince but I’m not a feet honey and that’s it got it [Music] is it dangerous to rob people who are growing we it in a sense ports are they gonna do they’re not gonna for this there’s more girls than there are police officers so for every gold is at least one police officer how much time have take lots of stuff and and look for people that grown weed it’s not a mage that a massive crime do you know me chances are that if this house is growing weed which it is possibly isn’t the first time it’s been watched by the police now it’s the case after we get there first or do the police get there first that we don’t it seemeth the police in the UK’s cannabis capital were winning they’re just burned 2.5 million pounds worth of seized weed this is a larger cannabis scene than we usually find in the West Midlands most of them are found in residential streets in the heart of our communities this isn’t just a little bit of cannabis this is serious and organised crime that is funding or the organized crime but even the police don’t agree on weed five police chiefs from other parts of the country have instituted a sort of de facto decriminalization by declaring they’re no longer pursuing the small-scale production in use of cannabis well I wanted to drugs policy for in little Wales which is focusing on minimizing harm and optimizing the benefits of drugs can bring to society if you’re going from weeds public image alone you could be forgiven for thinking it’s legal already in fact some people live like it is UK rapper black the Ripper has made a name for himself by smoking weed in public places you know I’m posting the videos online [Music] pence wanna be the last take I drink a little bit for is my thing what’s the purpose of this van in my van I have a ashtray – I live life is Nicola we just Park up when we Chilean we smoking it says thank of England door panel like this is basically nipple ready yeah in my mind and that’s how lap everywhere and live like his Nico in my head is so legit I don’t realize it’s a closed be imagine that definitely there in the Stone Age in it saying it’s philosophy then an alcohol and cigarettes you could go in on by any time going at flat top what’s behind the name of Dec of England Bank of England we’re in a capital London City just like the Bank of England is and with a dank of England the Bank of England sets interest rates yeah what is the deck of England do Bank of England is a lifestyle first of all every day I wake up I smoke and I get high Bank of England so I do like if you’ve got bear packs Bank of England to kill what I mean but yeah they got the movement as well yet because its army strong what’s the point of this movement we’re just bang in poor and banging in it okay when you smoke in these public places what do you try to show I’m just showing you that first off it’s just a plot and people out oh my gosh that nobody was hurt because I’m not criminal nothing was stolen because I’m not criminal it’s let it just smells for a half an hour it’s not a big deal process that whenever one looks it like it’s totally crazy just feeling what happened why do you think people love weed so much like you wouldn’t get people buying it socks with little bags of cocaine on them you wouldn’t get that midget started around yeah taking MDMA that’s because then things are not from the earth but it is that an older the plant is but it’s in fake it’s been changed by a Mannie but you see the plants even now let our surroundings is nice we don’t understand it because we trapped in a concrete jungle the time but if I didn’t smoke weed I wouldn’t have aspired to have a van like this because this is some hippy but the weed just brings that out of me if I implored you to find one negative thing about weed could you do it of course I’m not I’m not in Danao I’m not like some in denial person weed affects everybody differently that’s the truth some people smoke one spliff and if that okay I don’t know everyone’s different treat it like you would another thing if you eat aubergine and your body is fudge like you don’t like it you wouldn’t eat again so if you smoke cannabis and it’s not for you and it was clean and you know it’s clean weed and it’s just not for you don’t know smoke it that’s what I’m saying bro what’s good that’s like eat in a tomorrow man oh that’s like when people you carry this year kosis no but you see kind of a psychosis some people were growing crazy and putting crazy chemicals and they’re not flushing it out yeah and they’re selling it on the street so of course they’re gonna be that’s not because of cannabis if it was I’d be ages ago I don’t know man Prime member you asked me I’m so had you black the Ripper proves that you can kind of get away with smoking weed these days in fact cannabis arrests are down 46% since 2010 even though use of the drug has remained roughly the same officially recreational cannabis is as illegal as ever but medical marijuana may be a different matter 58 percent of MPs support legalizing weed for medical use and a government regulatory agency recently decided to classify cannabinoid oils as a medicine which is good news for people like Greg de Hoyt he’s one of an estimated half million people in the UK who use weed as medicine in his case for Crohn’s disease I was about 14 I started getting quite bad digestive problems when I went to university you know smoking cannabis daily doing fine second year my girlfriend’s cousin got diagnosed with cannabis psychosis we decided as a couple we’re gonna stop smoking because that was the right thing to do at the time and I got really really ill like so Oh like I didn’t I just didn’t know there was my medicine after getting diagnosed I literally got given two bags of medication told to read through some leaflets and said they said good luck and when I started taking the medication like it got even worse my nausea started flaring up like man I was vomiting all the time but I’ve gone from going from the toilet 12 times a day to 20 times a day and I twelve times is enough but like 20 literally on the toilet every half an hour of being awake and try and do your university degree doing that it doesn’t work I got to the point where I thought what if cannabis has caused my illness I googled cannabis and Crohn’s and the only information I could find was saying about the benefits of cannabis for Crohn’s and it was like this I’m just gonna smoke weed again I carried on smoking it and then just sort of like did a sort of like check I was like I haven’t been having I think going to the toilet as much recently I’m not getting the same pangs I’m not so anxious or so I’m just gonna stop taking my meds it was like all right yeah fine and that was it from from then on I’ve smoked weed every day and I’ve not had the clear bill of health I’ve had problems but I’ve been so much better for it ultimately as with all things the future of weed will be decided by Parliament but for politicians legalizing drugs is a lot like taking drugs no one wants to be the first person in the party to suggest it except Tim Farron leader of the Liberal Democrats who’s more than happy to pass the Dutchie on the left wing side why is weed still illegal well I think it’s illegal because there is a fear amongst politicians who are very often frankly a pretty shallow and chicken about attacking an issue and dealing with an issue where very often they and they were getting bad tabloid headlines if they do for me all the evidence says that whatever one thinks about cannabis that the regularization of it legalization of it would make more sense in terms of tackling criminality you would tax of course the sale of cannabis and our best guess and this is only for England but our best guess is that we would bring in something like a billion pounds in tax revenue every year and our commitment would be that you spend that money on the National Health Service a lot of people especially my age she smoke weed have problems with psychosis what are your views on that I’m no expert but I’m aware of it it’s basically two chemicals and within cannabis one that can I can potentially create a psychosis one which doesn’t and because the the latter strain is is harder to produce and therefore less available on the street that it being criminalized makes it more likely that you will use strains of cannabis that could potentially lead to mental health problems [Music] we didn’t win the mayoral race but he won over 20,000 votes for the cannabis is safer than alcohol party and for a political party whose name is an entire sentence that’s a pretty good result [Music] meanwhile the police are beginning to turn a blind eye to marijuana users and at least for medicinal cannabis the political climate is ripe for a law change any year now which means people like Gregg might not have to worry about getting arrested for using what to them is a life-saving medicine of course none of that changes the fact that cannabis is still a Class B drug and if users campaigners and even police want to see any real change they’re gonna have to wait for the government to catch up [Music] good strong tobacco nice one and where can I get me some of these beads [Music]


  1. It's not the fact that weed's illegal that's the problem – it's the fact the law has too soft sentences and isn't enforced properly. Cannabis should only be legal, on prescription, for genuine medical purposes, and using it should carry high sentences which should be vigorously enforced. Remove the demand, wreck the supply. Then go after any dealers who are still dealing it.

  2. The government make things like this illegal when they are the ones making money off it. They don't want the competition. Drugs, human trafficking you name it they are behind it.

  3. yes, very smart to invite vice to your illegal grow room while stealing electricity, what a smart old lady.

  4. Lol black and many people are only smoking tobacco looking like weed joints the only time he smoked it is in private…. Remember that folks

  5. Why do we like drugs? because were all depressed
    also im all for legalizing marijuana but that guy who smokes in public shouldnt do it whne driving

  6. These bastards are dead people walking that go round robbing grower's, when they get chopped up, it's their problem.

  7. stupid cow at 3:05 doesn't even answer the question and starts defending the rights of drug dealers
    Interviewer – "Why hasn't it [ legalisation ] happened yet?"
    Cow – "Even drug dealers will lose out on profit!"

  8. I totally support legalization, but I think there needs to be regulation on what kind of cannabis is sold. Modern cannabis sold as drug atm is very high on THC while CBD is very low. CBD is the component that actually protects brain from potential adverse effects of THC.

  9. This guy has gotta be the coolest guy ever he’s 80 years old celebrating 420 😂😂😂😂🤣👍🏽

  10. Guys just found a website selling uk legal weed!!! Check it out just got mine actually pretty good!

  11. This pathetic mong of a interviewer, ruining Black The Rippers high and spitting shit like “cannabis psychosis”. You fucking cretin.

  12. Im MAGA and most ppl I know that are MAGA smoke weed, fuck Republicans, let the left and right agree we should smoke weed, Trump made CBD legal and thats a start.

  13. I can see why the protests are failing. Look at how much trash they are leaving while they are doing it. At least do it right.

  14. Eat green smocking green stay clean 😁 doper but cannabis is the best thing that drinking alcohol 💀

  15. Why almost every criminal I see in UK or any part of Europe,
    Most of them are blacks ?
    Can't they earn money the right way

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    And NOT NEED Cannabis❗️
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  17. I think cocaine is the number drug in UK. There’s a crazy blasé attitude towards cocaine in the UK

  18. granny u let me down u said grow it dry it sell it u missed the curing 🙁 1 of the most important parts and most peeps skip it :((

  19. i did the math and if everyone in the entire world smoked weed heavily, 132,000 people would develop psychosis. for reference over 300,000 people die every year of cigarettes, and no where near everyone smokes cigarettes… so why the fuck is weed illegal. shit dont make any sense. 0 people have died from weed.

    3 MILLION people die every year from harmful use of alcohol (80,000 direct deaths from the substance itself).

    I am very patriotic and love England and Great Britain (despite it’s flaws) but parliament is in a world of it’s own. theyre fucking clueless.

  20. you got no idea how progressive and good are things gouing there compared to finland and sweden cannabis acttivity is on childs shoes like couple sad peace and loving hippies are trying to move this ahead amongs theas suit and tie psycopaths

  21. At least medical cannabis is now legal in the UK, now it's the doctors who are failing us*.😢

    *Unless you go private and can afford £250 consultations, plus £1,000 a month for the prescription.

  22. It's easy to forget they're are still places where you can't just walk into a shop and choose from dozens of different varieties. I've forgotten what it is like to buy from a shady guy who might or might not have shit weed, and worry about getting caught by police

  23. This is ridiculous, let people take what they want, any drug if they feel for it, BUT! With laws about the age ur allowd to use an outher regulations to keep you from causing problems for others,

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  25. Hmmm weed laws are failing… I wonder what could possibly be done to fix it……. maybe legalizing it? nah the EU would never allow that

  26. everyone needs to back the cbd flowers smoke them in public get the public used to it and things will change for skunk and thc

  27. In my opinion, the cops are just there to please the other half of people who don't support weed and they only made those arrests to show that they are at least trying

  28. Need to make my bread? Fuck off you tax fraud thief! I hope it does get legalised to get rid of parasites like you.

  29. Health expert commenting and he doesn’t know it’s THC and CBD. Neither of which are to blame unless there are predisposed issues.

  30. @6:22 The old lady doesn't have a clue about cannabis. She says you have different grades called Skunk, Cheese and Blue (assuming she means blue cheese), these are nothing more than old school strains (which most people are already aware of) and not particulary strong ones either…Cheese and Skunk are usually around just 15-17 percent THC. This is a perfect clip of how backward some british people are in regards to cannabis, this habit of calling strong weed Skunk needs to fucking stop, its factually incorrect and embarrassing, Skunk is a medium strength strain from the bloody 70s! Learn your canna history for gods sake! Smh🤦‍♂️🤬😡

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