How Will Nanotechnology Revolutionize Medicine?

remember went inside the Magic School Bus shrank down and flew into Arnold yeah science is actually doing that the future is now hey their bags a meeting water trace here for dnews thanks for watching giant feats of engineering like space vehicles dams skyscrapers and massive airplanes are complex to be sure but at least the engineers working on them can see what they're working on imagine engineering a pump which is only a single molecule in size yeah it's really hard but a team from Northwestern University did it earlier this year in nature molecules are constantly moving around in our bodies transporting energy oxygen and even information from one place to another this molecular pump is a rudimentary synthetic copy of something nature does all the time the pump uses a dumbbell shaped molecule and a set of positively charged molecular rings sort of like two magnets repelling each other the Rings then provide tiny amounts of energy that the synthetic molecule can use to make a pump ratchet at a predictable rate the problem with nanotechnology has always been powering these itty-bitty little things and realizing that they can harvest energy from nano scale rings is pretty huge or I mean I guess it's kind of small I mean you know I mean they're hoping if they can improve the tech and capture more rings they'd have enough energy to power artificial muscles or even whole nano machines development of nanotechnology has been steadily climbing over the last 40 years with leaps like this things are starting to get a little crazy in 2004 scientists at New York University created a nano bots that bipedally walks on legs 10 nanometers long by adding a molecule called psoralen found in the seeds of celery parsley citrus fruits and the common fig a few years later a study on the future of nano material said that whirling like 20 years maybe 10 years away from a nano sized factory this psoralen molecule lets the nano BOTS walk along a DNA strand the researchers envision this has the beginnings of a nano bot conveyor belt for nano assembly think about like the coolness of a nano sized like car auto factory assembling nanobots for any imaginable purpose the NIH says that nano computers and nanobots could revolutionize them medical industry by creating nanobots which could mechanically reverse plaque buildup in arteries or prepare tissues for cryonics storage repair spinal damage rewrite individual bases in our DNA improve the efficiency of ourselves or map the complicated connections of the mammalian brain some of these things by the way they're already doing and things are moving real fast in this y'all in 1998 researchers hypothetically designed a red blood cell that was 200 times more efficient than our regular red blood cells it was in essence an atomic sized oxygen tank that could fill up in the lungs and then distribute oxygen to the tissues way better than our own cells can if that sounds far-fetched take this one for a spin papers in the journal ACS Nano and physics today among many others from the last couple of years use what researchers are calling DNA origami to carry medication directly to cancer cells DNA origami is essentially a nano engineered barrel that can carry drugs or information to a specific place and then release it nanotechnology is getting better and better and better but you know what else is getting better Toyota Toyota has been doing some tinkering of their own with the TRD line of Toyota trucks enhanced to rule the offroad so what's going to happen to nanotechnology in another 10 years go down into the comments let us know also subscribe so you get more dnews and if you have it yet go nominate us for a Streamy award we would love it it would be great be great for everybody spread that science around thanks for watching we'll see you later


  1. ha ha ha , I never can predict that commercial at the end….. and neither this: (nanotechnology soon will rule this world)

  2. Nanotechnology should be used to cleanse stuck microscopic asbestos fibers from the inner human body this would prevent asbestos related cancers. Asbestos are solid dead stationary objects thus easy for nanorobots to latch onto and remove. Their's lots of asbestos around.

  3. There have been molecular machines for billions of years: Bacteria are basically NanoMachines or NanoBots. We should learn how to control Bacteria and use them. Bacteria and other Microorganisms are awesome, they can produce almost any kind of proteins

  4. I expect in feature human wearable brain memory chips. hope we could cross heart, DNA, body parts don't include diseases. brain chips takes you next level of humanoids

    balance is astral dimension to dreams concepts will break through nano sensors. nano sensors may enter 3rd or 4th dimension.

    take it easy maybe I'm funny.

  5. I want to work for nanotech because I want to figure out a way for organs to regenerate themselves and finding a way for eternal life

  6. Nature has been making nanites for billions of years, they're bacteria, viruses, phages, prions and enzymes. We just need to learn how to modify them for our purposes. Granted, we can create novel versions of nanites but remember nature has had billions of years of development already.

  7. Before you bitch about your upcoming extended life's and no more retirement human slaves if you get bored of living go jump in a fucking volcano or the sun I doubt anything we make can make your human truly indestructible maybe to the extent of you been a undying terminater the liquid one

  8. Nanotechnology could potentially mean that humans could cure most diseases and even make body augumentations possible.

    I could create a nanotechnology that allows me to download information directly into my brain so that means I can learn pretty much anything really fast.

  9. The government doent want to cure anything with nanotechnology if they did they would make no money doctors wouldn't get payed

  10. If we are able to creat nanobots, it would pretty much change the world as we know it. It would grant immortality or at least grow our life expectancy from 75-85 years old, to 300+. It is crazy.

  11. One of the differences between machines and lives is the latter's micro-structure.
    The next epoch-making , AI-centered techs will be able to solve the problems with sustainability , removing the barrier
    between artifacts and natural objects , being friendly to the natural ( including body-internal ) & social environments 💖.–article-history–blog–1–lovelucifer_12266020322

  12. Not much will happen in 10 years. With government regulations it’s so expensive to fund any medical projects

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  14. Global Nanotechnology In Energy Applications Market Research Report 2018-2023

  15. I am sorry but I’m sooo excited about this! As soon as it becomes available I’m going to get these awesome medical robots in my body cuz sorry but I wanna be alive for 2500.


  17. Sir, your too late, with an eyaculación i can créate Many kids…. Making sick people use less.

  18. When Trace mentioned that you could map the brain through nanotech, I got really excited! The research that would come from that!

  19. or they could use them as replacement nerve endings for the spine or an advanced prosthetic I'm just speculating it's possible they could then cover the arm/prosthetic in a synthetic skin that protects the nanobots from outside forces that may cause them to malfunction like radio waves,magnets or stuff in general

  20. I would love to have tiny robots inside me. I've already had tiny lobsters, robots would be way cooler.

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