Howie Mandel Talks About Living With OCD | 20/20 | ABC News


  1. there are also more types of OCD . what you see here is called contamination OCD . please know and understand that this is NOT the only type .

  2. Gosh this is my life i used to put bandaids on my fingers so people would think i couldn't shake hands thinking my fingers were hurt.
    It's not easy telling people around you who just don't understand and since my dog died it's come back with full force i'm not a believer in taking man made medication i just take vitamins.
    Animals seem to help the ocd which is something i didn't think would but trust me it helped my ocd.

  3. I want if Howie bangs his wife or go down on her. If not he's missing out on one of the joys of life. Lol

  4. Man up Howie, you'll be fine. All the problems in the world and this fucking idiot is afraid to touch a doorknob. 👎 If I was Howie, I would be banging every one of those models on deal or no deal. Let's see if this fake disorder stops him from doing that. Lol

  5. OCD like anarexia and bulimia are demonic any kind of condition where u hear voices is demonic u being tormented by evil spirits if u have one of these get deliverance only Jesus Christ can deliver u u need to go to anexperienced deliverance Christian minister, this is not a joke i'm serious so mockers plz be quiet do not reply because ur replies might cause someone to not seek the deliverance they desperately need ok

  6. i have germ OCD is a roller coaster..I've had times when i literally wished i would be dead because i couldn't bare with it anymore..then gradually i exposed myself to germs..last year i went in a 2 weeks holiday and chose to live in a let's say less clean was absolutely horrible but it also made me realise how clean is my house compared.. i was so happy when i got home thinking it's gonna get better …wrong.It got worse.. i tried some anti anxiety drugs but i gave up on them ..drugs are useless. i still believe i can overcome my ocd and i noticed long periods of time i care about germs less and less..maybe because i am slowly giving up the will to fight . The funny side of it is now i actually walk completely naked around my house in order to not touch anything with my clothes ..i am sure the neighbours are delighted lol.anyway OCD IS NO JOKE!

  7. If they all knew what was in the water…I have OCD but nothing like this. Mind over matter. Force yourself to get over it…what do you have to lose?

  8. I have OCD, and the key to our personal freedom is therapy to directly counteract our obsessions by refusing to compulse. In other words, with specialized coaching and, often medication, we choose to shake those "contaminated" hands, make those "sinful" choices, and not "check" that lock. In the present moment, it feels horrifying, but over time, that resistance becomes a precious habit.

  9. I know what ocd feels like i had it mildly for about 6 months i didnt know what it was but my dad who had it very badly said that i had got it from him i got better but after 3 months of not having it anymore my sister gets it she has it really bad she is on medication unlike i was i had therapy but my sister has had it for 1 year now she is getting better but 2 months ago she couldnt eat take 20 mins to brush her teeth and so on but now she is alot better she still has it but has converted most pf her richuals into smaller ones that most of the time you dont realize ocd has been a big part of my life latley and this is why ive been watching videos like this

  10. I hate the people who take the mick out of mental illnesses like OCD, anxiety and depression. People say they're OCD just because they like things neat and tidy and clean. But that's just being a perfectionist. There's a difference between perfectionist and OCD. OCD is 100x worse. It takes over your entire life. If someone with OCD is triggered by something dirty or untidy, they won't be able to stop thinking about it and obsessing about it.

  11. I have OCD and kids at my school bully me for not touching a door handle because I'm scared of the germs. Some people think OCD is only just wanting everything to be perfect and equal. It's really not. It's a nightmare.

  12. I have ocd and my friends touch my food all the time it makes me uncomfortable so I let them have it I hate germs I'm scared of them things people have touched I don't feel comfortable

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